Whale bookends cast iron. Add an ocean vibe to your home. 21x10 cm full length head and tail!

Plate: vaquita with beautiful face tangled in illegal net from the Gulf of Mexico only 97 of the small porpoises remain Greenpeace Mexico is fighting for their survival.

Points: nets with which shrimp are caught enormous unseen from the surface really really massive oil spill from broken oil rig depletion of fresh water run off USA due to dams the increase in nutrient rich run off USA farms plus pesticides causing the Gulf to be inhospitable to numerous life forms it is already over fished illegal fishing for rare indigenous to the Gulf only totoaba fish bladders popular in USA with an undercover name and in China Vietnam with the brainless and stupid select mega wealthy for bad medicine Holy Kitsch! knows normal Chinese who are fantastic who would prefer vaquitas lived and who just eat ordinary fish totoaba bladders are eaten in Mexico as well they are breeding them for table if that is your thing problem is how do you know if they are legal ones why not just ban them stuff the people who darn well want to eat the bladders madness?

The hunting for totoaba continues vaquitas caught in the net. The Gulf of Mexico needs agreement between nations to protect Earth's future Greenpeace did a marvelous job The Gulf of Mexico needs ocean guardians with teeth paid for by all nations with interests in the health of the Gulf and from the insurance pay out from the oil spill for a future that retains food beauty and diversity. Holy Kitsch! suggestion ban all fishing in Gulf of Mexico until fish populations shrimp and vacates begin to return to healthy levels or future generations will only have sludge to eat!

Update: The President of Mexico set a two-year ban on on the destructive fishing practices that threaten the vaquita and says is using drones to protect the area bravo! Still more is needed prohibit all fishing and educate farmers on better alternatives to chemicals big corporations will be unhappy but something very strong must be done to save the future for all on Earth!

Buy one of our whale bookends they look truly amazing even as an ornament in your garden we need diversity of decor in our homes also to make our domestic space feel like home and so we all stay in interesting creative work you can keep this for future generations.

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