Spangled with gold blue this fibreglass and concrete alpaca with gold hooves is a fabulous addition to a groovy household. Easy to clean. Can be used as a footrest, in the hall as an introductory piece or as it is waterproof outdoors at your front entrance A refreshing change from nude statues or guardian lions. Great as a toddlers seat. 57 cm from toe to head. 

The company that we buy from is Green friendly as well they ensure the factory they use in China is a fair work place with proper working conditions  

Alpacas are smaller than llamas though members of the same family. They are also related to camels hence the same toe as a camel it has only two toes on which to stand. Camel toes are cute and nobody should feel bad about a camel toe that is normal anatomy.

Alpacas use body language to communicate with each other as well as spitting and a series of odd noises. They are also known for bouncing! Their fur is used for apparel and is sought after. They hail from South America. They have a split upper lip each side of which they can move independently, cool! All camels have this ability.

Buy one and get the second for only $95 making for a cute pair, they do work best as pairs.

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