Single, pair or a flamboyance of 10  or more plastic flamingos name your number. Free of packaging bar the recycled materials we use to post. Also available in sparkly.

Stalky head 85cm height including legs or snaking head 60cm height please select. Artist director John Waters as seen on Holy Kitsch! Infamy Page visiting Holy Kitsch! included flamingos in his movie Pink Flamingos starring artist Divine. Pink flamingos and Holy Kitsch! have been synonymous since our inception and we started the craze here as we have done with so much in Oz as we are artists.

If you do tire of these lovely flamingos give to a friend or simply place in your recycle bin they then become fluffy poly fill for our cushions!

Flamingos live in riparian zones. These provide a buffer zone from inland to the sea marsh lands are important grounds of a vast diversity of species for the matrix of living beings that then become larger ocean dwelling fish. All parts of the eco-system need to flourish from micro to huge if we are to continue to have both beauty and food and of course we can obtain energy in an ethical manner e.g. solar underground thermal geysers as in New Zealand  tidal and wind. When the water is polluted with oil spills as in Nigeria or with nutrient rich run off as in the Philippines and the Gulf of Mexico now containing toxic red algal bloom and an over abundance of jelly fish then diverse sea animals expire bird life expires fish disappear beauty and diversity and we all will expire too soon!

The pearling industry relies on unpolluted waters as do fisheries mussels prawns and oyster farms. It's a closed system in scientific terms. The only thing that escapes off this globe are certain wave lengths eg light radio the entire planet including atmosphere same as the sea is sealed what is converted to CO2 stays there unless enough trees to convert it to oxygen what goes into the ocean stays there it can sink to the bottom or float to the top it will not disappear it can change form it can evaporate as water and come down as rain tiny fish have been known to be sucked into clouds in weather systems. If atmosphere is too heavy with pollutants and too much concrete on ground the albedo rises ie high reflected heat making for a very hot unhealthy micro climate in cities. Pollution rains onto Earth with the rain its called acid rain.

This figure from Mexico c100BC appears to Holy Kitsch! as if a diver. He is weighted down guess straps are leather though easily rubber as Mexicans already knew how to process rubber kept it a secret how to solidify they made it into soccer balls and South America was where Spain found out about its existence. The shelly things on waist could be for storing collected sea food or most likely sand on diving to be emptied when coming up for air then the figure can readily float with little effort with the additional buoyancy of the shells he is secure with the plait round his neck tied to the boat above he wears weights on his wrists for a lengthy dive and nose plugs.

Was reading about knotted string counters from the ancients Peru used in their old grain and food silos was thinking similar system to Pacific Islands where knotted strings are used to map the currents. They must knot them closely together for where the waves have a short wave length further apart for longer troughs other currents etc and for direction interesting and fantastic way to navigate other than stars maybe they used them with the stars as well?

Holy Kitsch! aims to select gifts for a sustainable future with employment to produce beauty and art with heart these flamingos make for fantastic plant stakes and added flamboyance indoors and out for your Soul.


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