Very cute pair of cast iron pineapple bookends. Pineapples traditionally mean welcome and good hospitality in cerain parts of the world and in particular Florida, Mexico and the famous pineapple dance also Hawaii and a Scottish manor house with giant iron pineapple roof. Made from cast iron. 14x9cm

Piña is a fine high quality sheer textile hand woven from pineapple leaf fiber in the Philippines worn as a formal shirt particularly for weddings by men. Also woven into women's dresses with large bouffant sleeves with embroidery used for napery and is Spanish for pineapple.

Piña features in an excellent contemporary musical Here Lies Love with musical score David Byrne and Fat Boy Slim an off Broadway play. The audience takes part in the dancing as the cast parade dance act sing on several stages including a cat walk in a disco setting with film footage.

Briefly the musical traces the rise and fall of the wealthy dictator Ferdinand Marcos through focusing on the role of his wife Imelda Marcos their excesses and eventual ousting by the people the musical includes the highly suspicious assassination of the would be new leader the popular Begnino Aquino whose wife then became the new leader by vote. The play with Filipino cast uses tragi-comedy irony et al devices to reveal the excesses of the Marcos' the ignorance of Imelda the Vanities of Dictators and their wives Puppet Governments and leaders who cave in to billionaires and the powerful. Allusions to the musical Evita with Imelda on stage pronouncing how the people love her and she believes that.

No shoes involved other than great dancing a respectful approach given that farmers lost their livelihoods to foreign corporations civilian population swindled whilst the Marcos entourage with international cohorts collected billions sent soldiers to the war in Vietnam partied and the people remained deeply poor. Fantastic. Still issues in the Philipnnes though it is a remarkable emerging economy which is trying to maintain care of the Spratly and surrounding isles nobody is watching out it seems!

Enjoyment of being fantastic is different to Vanity. The plainest can be the vainest and is something best forgettin' and get on with joie de vivre that means to enjoy life rambunctiously without harmin' somethin' governments institutions the unsavory and rulers are suspicious of in ordinary citizens. Clothes and hair on the most despotic and most vain are usually the most meticulous neatest and the cleanest they take great care to remove themselves from other people and suffering its difficult folks don't really have to worry buy a skull to remind yourself.

 Press twice to get full screen! HOLY KITSCH! always has Felix.


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