Magnificent jacquard cushion comes with recycled from plastic fluffy white polyester inner, made in Belgium. 

The complex jacquard loom was invented by M. Jacquard of Belgium. With this luxurious process of weaving extremely complex and fine patterns could be woven with nuance as if embroidered or as a carpet like appearance. It was a precursor for modern computer technology. 

This high end cushion was made ethically in Belgium. The weaving is extra fine with no floating threads that would snag. The high thread count heavy cotton is made from cotton fibre with a long fibre length giving strength, non pilling, dirt resistance, hole resistance and natural lustre. High quality cotton uses way less pesticides and way less water, it is kind.

Btw high thread count is not the only indicator of a good textile as there are textiles that require a loose weave for style or practicality eg muslin, netting, lace. It’s better again when textiles are well designed. The twist of the yarn is also an important component as any knitter would know.

Belgium has a raft of fair work labour laws and 4 weeks annual leave, they are allowed collective bargaining. In its unemployment statistics it includes people who work part time who in fact need full time work (underemployed) which is a fairer way to count employment figures though self-employed  

The EU ihas a working paper on the "Gig Economy" to ensure contract workers especially down the lower end of the spectrum eg bicycle couriers etc have their rights protected such as sickness and Super payments and they are not underpaid.

Belgium is part of the EU meaning they take in migrants and refugees and adhere, for example, on the importation of safe electronic goods that conform to EU principles on the environment and recycling. Belgium does not charge for using roads 😀

The cat depicted is from the 1800s in her Sunday best. In this era highly cinched waists with a bustle at the back was worn to give a curved back and cute bum.

I have wondered if this was not a reflection of envy of the shapliness of the poor female slaves transported to the America’s from Africa. 

A cushion for the modern era with humour! 45 cm x45 cm comes with a locally produced inner made from fluffy white polyester that is recycled from plastic bottles.  The two are of the same composition. 

Do not accept imitations an issue Holy Kitsch! has faced in the past. 

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