Hand crafted Mexican tin picture. Hand impressed tin then hand painted. They show the different cards of the popular lottery card game played in households in Mexico a family and social game of chance. The tin pictures are used as decoration on the walls along with other keepsakes icons decorations particularly for a home shrine same as a spirit house.

Each card has meaning as to archetypes and familiar village and town animals and people.

The card game icons and style originated in Italy the symbols on these tin plates were designed by a printing business in Mexico in the 19th century. People use the pictures rather than the numbers when playing also a fun way to learn basic Spanish the person calling the cards makes a charade of the card called or a poem the numbers are ignored.

Tin making is an extension of the extremely intricate silver and gold making in Mexico prior to the Spanish arriving. Indigenous Mexicans used the lost wax method and that takes enormous skill. Tin since then was found to be very easy to work by comparison by hand and great economically to use for celebrations, shrines, churches, the home public places schools etc.


Not all can arrive to Australia by plane as the visa requirements are so strict and the red tape so extreme so that although families and others want to desperately make a new life where they are not in danger from being killed or totally marginalised and in abject poverty they decide to use other means to arrive here to escape their extreme situations like a boat, so they have to hire somebody who can get them to a new nation like Australia. Same as when Jewish people escaped Germany and surrounds WW2. It is a seeming lottery where you are born and the nations you can enter if you are a refugee.

Nationally there is appalling racism with new and extreme methods to ban non British people entering the nation.

This nation takes way less refugees than any other developed nation politicians try to divert peoples attention by saying they are after people smugglers that is a red herring how else are you going to get here if desperate duh? You would try all means to escape the devastation and heinous conditions in much of Africa and war torn Middle East! Politicians are just hiding their nasty racism that is shared by many who live here unfortunately for all.

As an afterword once here most people here are very welcoming and this is becoming thank goodness a diverse nation.


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