Mexican Tin Hand

Mexican Tin Hand

Mexican tin protective hand with love. Hands from the Middle East to throughout Europe India and Pakistan are deemed protective in this manner amongst Christians, Jews and Muslims, they are good as talismen and ward off bad luck and the evil eye. Often the middle is marked by an eye, stigmata or in this case a heart as protection 15 x 8.5 Free postage!!

The Hand of Fatima is often invoked for protection. Fatima is mentioned in the Koran. Another connection is the mudras of Buddha. Here the hand in the upright position is saying in a loose fashion “no worries” or reassurance. All ways of meaning are nice 👍 an auspicious ornament for anywhere in your hacienda. Very nice on the door.

As for the symbol of a hand Oz does not use this as we use poor signage and poor buildings. The cheapest is always considered the best and the plainer the better then make the user pay so that everything looks the same including us which is really difficult to do if you are not.

Everybody gets lost in Oz to make the individual feel stupid, this is due to the visually challenged admin (nothing against admin they just are not trained visually) and govt who design all the boxes and signage. For example if you are working at the slaughterhouse south of Sydney and are a desperate foreign worker with little English your Google app may omit to tell you there is a sign saying STOP at the crossroads. This person driving has yet to learn that calligraphy so is unaware the sign says STOP and drives right through and a fatality results.

Why not change STOP into a stop hand signal with a gloved hand and STOP then written underneath?? Oh no we cannot do that here we always damn well use a STOP sign, no pretty pictures.

One fellow student once commented to Holy Kitsch! at Landscape Architecture why did HK get top marks they are just pretty pictures (in the broad sense they had technical rigour). Well why was the other student bothering studying at all?? Yet this is the preferred outcome, a good technical skill and non thinking not saying throw out the technical as that is useful. Being boring levels the playing field so huge numbers of boring architects graduate and you can blame them for Minimalism, they are all good at admin. The inventive are soon weeded out using this process and why Dad left the CSIRO when he did even though they are nowadays better and more inventive than having no CSIRO which has almost occurred as they were just getting too damned inventive so govt almost ceased funding as being inventive and supported by govt is considered too interesting.


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