Artist made shoulder bag by Zapatista women hand woven chunky shoulder bag in cotton with traditioanl iconography. This is declaration Zapatista women:

  1. Women, regardless of their race, creed, color or political affiliation, have the right to participate in the revolutionary struggle in any way that their desire and capacity determine.
  2. Women have the right to work and receive a fair salary.
  3. Women have the right to decide the number of children they have and care for.
  4. Women have the right to participate in the matters of the community and hold office if they are free and democratically elected.
  5. Women and their children have the right to Primary Attention in their health and nutrition.
  6. Women have the right to an education.
  7. Women have the right to choose their partner and are not obliged to enter into marriage.
  8. Women have the right to be free of violence from both relatives and strangers
These carry totes  are woven as a sustainable living by women displaced from their traditional farms and means of survival due to a Free Trade Agreement with USA 1994 meaning huge corporations planting GM corn were enabled to take over land and living leaving the poor even poorer share holders First World uncaring as the enormously wealthy wage earning CEOs.

About the Zapatista quote from Dissent mag: The extraordinarily complex and rich history of political discussion and organizing in Chiapas produced something genuinely original a new leftist language and vision negotiation about what it means to be Indian within a larger Mexican nation discussion about new forms of democracy and an inventiveness regarding civil society exemplified by the convention in the jungle by the Zapatistas’ national consulta, in which they asked people around the nation to comment and vote by the accords on Indian autonomy hammered out with government negotiators in 1996 The new vision includes public debate deeply rooted in popular cultural idioms in the language of rock and roll and its progeny.

This is an ethical ware. Comes with zippered closure and roomy enough to sling across both shoulders. Length from top of strap to base of bag 95cm Width 31cm A generous comfortable size.

Plate 1: from dragon page

Here is a fun game it is Chinese! To get a fuller feel read dragon page just for rounding out to make it more fun sort of story like! It is called Who is the Killer aaaaargh! no arrrgh! in title.

You have to have a group of friends and or family with you. Each person is given an identical piece of paper with one reading killer one judge the others just say innocent. It is difficult to explain the fun of the game or how it works til you try it! The judge orders everybody to close their eyes he watches what everybody does. Now the killer can open his eyes as only one is the killer he has to kill somebody by either pointing or miming but it has to be in utter silence so nobody else knows who it was except the judge who witnessed it. Everybody has to guess who the killer is after the judge says everybody open their eyes he also says who has been killed. That  person is out. Everybody guesses who was the killer the person killed can guess as well I think! If the majority is correct as the judge already witnessed the scene he she knows then a new lot of paper is handed out with one person killed I do not think they can return to life! If they are wrong the judge says you are wrong and everybody closes their eyes again and another is killed by the same person. The trick is for the killer to also not sound like the killer and not to laugh. Sounds mad but more fun when you play it good for a wet day and you can keep it going for awhile! Email if you are unsure or wish to add further comments as to how it is played!

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