Indigenous Mexican woman taking on the spirit of a mythical coyote. 25cm Beautifully hand made Mexican artist made wood painted figurine. Coyotes are mythic with all Mexicans and Amerindians they are known as tricksters and helpers. In Nahuatal it is coyotl another name is song dog for it's yipping howling whining lonesome haunting maniacal and blood-curdling song at night on the prairie a keening vocal. In human form they can move people invisibly across borders the advice being never allow the coyote out of your sight aaargh! this and other qualities an inspiration to the crazy Road Runner cartoon. It is said Don Quixote was inspiration for the Road Runner anyhow all is mixed up and back to front in it!  Cartoon is comic interlude! Fantastic illustrations in in both Mexico and USA they have strong histories of excellent draftsmanship Mexican indigenous recorded their history in written and pictorial format as a series of small cartoon images. Road runner birds can run as fast as 42 kph are really fast on foot. Press twice for full screen and turn phone around if on phone! Esc for escape!

Check out the jacarandas and finely balanced landscape in cartoon strip above.

Figure: mural by artist Edgar Sanera who has shown in Berlin different feel seriously talking about the 43 disappeared student teachers aaarrgh! hailing from the school Ayotzinapa Mexico where students also paint murals on the walls. Holy Kitsch! presents Mexican 3D female Holy Kitsch! version of mythic tales of strength sculptural. Masks are used in numerous mythic cultures including the Ancients to take on the spirit of an animal in that mask. Holy Kitsch! version sees a female who stands her ground with a peaceful strength against misfortune or terror and greeting good fortune that comes her way. Coyote was the bringer of fire and here she wears for cover a rebozo patterned with a mantle of fire the shawl wrapped around her patterned in cacti with the land as a border at her coyote feet with toenails aaarrgh! firmly planted on the ground so that the woman wears the land around abouts her as a Holy Kitsch! manteau that covers her baby or luggage as you will see there is a an outward curve both sides. This figure to be included in Holy Kitsch! version of Antigone. She tilts her face on one side.

Note: Holy Kitsch! is a supporter of low impact vehicles including bicycles and asylum for refugees.

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