Fast and Feast Mexican Ceramic Plate

Fast and Feast Mexican Ceramic Plate

Hand made Mexican ceramic plate. Created entirely in Mexico using a traditional free style technique making every plate a unique organic work of art. The high quality lead free glaze is used to create a collage of patterns according to maker's inclinations. The glaze is generous and pigments are of good depth. The glazes vary through transparent to strongly tactile with delightful bumps. 28 cm This kind of ceramic is now listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage.

This Mexican plate is ideal for the Holy Kitsch! Fast & Feast DietĀ Plan. Healthy foods tend to look best on these plates. Colouful fruit and vegetables, edible flowers eg nasturtium, hibiscus, zucchini flowers, lean meats, fish, whole grains. Artificial neon colours and greasy heavy sauces and gravies not so good. Ruins the look. If you are very fortunate your fruit veg and meats are free range organic and non genetically modified.Ā 

When fasting you can hang the plate on the wall and meditate on the good life. There are hanging spaces on the back of the plate for a wire or coir.

Mariachi Music press fast forward to jump to get other works very danceable and lively.


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