Frida's Wounded Deer

Frida's Wounded Deer

Purse mirror hand painted on the reverse of the glass in Peru. Frida Kahlo is much revered through South America and now the globe. 5x7cm Fits in a wallet or purse.

Here she portrays herself as a wounded deer suffering. There are various levels to the symbols Frida employs. The suffering of the deer represents The Passion though obviously she is unable to represent herself as Jesus, perhaps more like the Passion of the Virgin.

As well in Mexican slang deer same as a rabbit is the equivalent to using the term "pussy" by English speakers so she has added humour she does portray a male deer (unless it is a reindeer as it has antlers so ambiguity in there then there is St Sebastian a handsome youth who was martyred). Frida was witty and enjoyed adding layers it’s up to the viewer to discover or add their meanings Frida includes moodiness we all can share. Most Mexicans would understand this painting quite readily including the layers and feeling along with Frida. 

Frida often referenced in painting style the tin retablos Mexicans painted as a way to say thanks when a prayer has been answered. They are votive paintings and can be quite raw. Frida Kahlo was suffering badly at this stage from an operation that was not really correcting her back issues.


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