Free shipping due to size on this exquisite purse mirror hand painted on the reverse of the glass in Peru. Frida Kahlo is much revered through South America. 5x7cm Fits in a wallet or purse.

Here she portrays herself as a wounded deer suffering. There are various levels to the symbols Frida employs. The suffering of the deer represents The Passion though she is unable to represent herself as Jesus.

As well in Mexican slang deer same as a rabbit is the equivalent to using the term pussy by English speakers so she has added humour she does portray a male deer (unless its a reindeer as it has antlers so ambiguity in there then there is St Sebastian a handsome youth who was martyred). Frida was witty and enjoyed adding layers it’s up to the viewer to discover or add their meanings Frida includes moodiness we all own that unless we have other problems. Most Mexicans would understand this painting quite readily plus the other layers and enjoy it on various levels as well as feeling along with Frida. 

Why are they shooting the feral deer in Oz forests and leaving them dead? Whilst people continue to clear land and graze cattle. Free range is better for all than feedlot except for paw trees the ranchers could sell deer and leave the forest alone. If they run out of feral deer no worries as they will graze anywhere. Venison is considered a luxury in certain nations the meat could be exported they are huge deer it is sad and Locals are concerned there are so many that someone will shoot them instead of the deer as the deer nudge closer to settled territories.

Deer like cattle are grass processors Bill Mollison says a mixed diet is best for humans and Earth the deer we must be still kindly towards as they have no voice at all and still have feelings all sentient creatures do so animals and plants are dependent on our wisdom, prayers do not help when it comes to food management, beauty and forests.  

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