Mexican hand made copper work displaying painting Frida Kahlo unwinding after abortion actually picture is cropped. The full painting has a tiny chihuahua at the corner of the picture. The chihuahua has nothing to do with Frida and is entirely separate. Here we see Frida wearing jewellery echoing her spine. Her jewellery echoes the collars worn by slaves shipped to Mexico via the Philippines in the past the iron collars so called heretics and witches forced to wear before being burned at the stake or tortured to death disemboweled aaarrgh and more Spanish Inquisition and Frida chained to her own biology and the pain from her horrendous accident. Besides the necklace is decorative. 

Footnote: Kahlo was fortunate to have the abortion at USA Ford Hospital as poor Mexican women then faced worse. She was in correspondence and in a  passionate affair with a man in New York. Her life resembles that of a contemporary woman. The man she was having an affair with loved her avante guarde vacquera appearance heart and soul and did so until the day he died secreting Frida's love letters away.

Imagined Diaolgue: Round these parts we call the cops the fuzz. Frida is lookin' border town style pictur'n herself relax'n on alert an' alarm in case of the coppers arriv'n. 'er fan snaps Frida sez: pssst Diego sotto voce harmonika pleats 'n skirts a'shuffl'n hey corazon I think its the fuzz grab the booty we'll do a runner. Off stage the pooch is heard yap'n'. Quick we'll do the bolt c'mon holy fire just vamos be outta town before the radical right be lynch'n us for bein' Lefties for Truth for Justice for Revolution aaarrgh!



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