High strand and bead count exclusive commission to Holy Kitsch! only pink flamingo bamboo complexly painted designer curtain. Hand made hand created hand painted each single bamboo bead is hand painted right around especially for Holy Kitsch! by Marie's working studio!  200x90cm That is a standard sized door and most doors really are this size on the Planet. Pleasant shuffling sound in a breeze. 

See how the flamingos wade in water so as able to fish. This is a scholarly development of Monet's water lilies and the water quality has vastly improved post eutrification enabling aquatic animals to live as the oxygen is abundant. The clean water is unchoked by nutrient rich run off and rampant weed growth that can cause hypoxia ie dissolved oxygen depletion.

Definition Eutrophic: Waters soils or habitats that are high in nutrients in aquatic systems associated with wide swings in dissolved oxygen concentrations and frequent algal blooms. Committee on Environment and Natural Resources 2000.

Eurtrification can be witnessed in water systems with high levels of nutrient run off including phosphates depleting wild life and fish levels and quality of life on Earth. The water system is a closed system what goes into it stays there it is not going to outer space even the rain is acid in the cities if you put toxins in the rivers it kills the the river same as the human body.

Toxic waste dumping into water systems occurs more frequently in developing nations unable to prevent multi nationals and smaller companies with muscle doing exactly what they wish without regulation. Even in USA there is a famous Cuyahoga REM sang a song about it so highly polluted with toxic sludge and oil it has in fact caught fire on several occasions and was responsible for a bigger action on environmental issues USA. Damming rivers also causes problems of sluggish polluted water dams age and become dangerous diversity works extremely well.

Quote: The combination of human population growth urbanization and agricultural and industrial expansion is causing unprecedented and alarming rates of nutrient over-enrichment and accelerated plant growth in receiving waters worldwide. The increasing levels of nitrogen and phosphorus are of particular concern because an excess of these two nutrients promotes accelerated production of plant-based organic matter or eutrophication to the extent that excessive production including harmful algal blooms contributes to the expansion of marine dead zones and leads to the destruction of fisheries habitat Eutrophication is toxic. Ignorance can exist on all levels of society through to the very wealthy and very poor. The planet cannot afford to support ignorance and it needs to be continually challenged. We can still trade, have energy, make stuff and have a diverse future.

Remember too you are body of water a water based system take good care of it treat your body well eat good food!

Thanking you for your fantastic patronage you are meteoric for a fantastico future. 

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