Black Friday Dolly Special
Black Friday Dolly Special Black Friday Dolly Special Black Friday Dolly Special Black Friday Dolly Special Black Friday Dolly Special

Black Friday Dolly Special

Beautifully crafted Anneke doll crafted in Spain limited edition and collectible. Comes with her own new clothes and bloomers. She has a hairnet which needs to be removed when the child or adult is given the doll. Here you see her resting on Holy Kitsch! cushions she fell asleep then woke up in surprise.

As you can see this dolly is cute and innocent as she is a dolly!

The Wretched War Damien Hirst bought by Scottish Museum, he has created a series of these bronze and steel sculptures referencing early investigative anatomy drawings, life and death, cybertrons, multiple layers to his work, he has sculpted foetuses a la DaVinci. This has a Scottish warrior feel to it, Goth in the contemporary sense very Holy Kitsch! We had the sixties anatomical model he has done something similar we put on a fantastic show all remember 

Holy Kitsch! truly used the word Uber as in Uber Cool to describe an overseas mag that publicised us and not long after Uber used that name this keeps happening so H. Kitsch! is not totally insane she is not imagining this phenomena I bet the same power brokers are reading this now to assist Boris Johnson and Trump and the New Right in Europe are they in fact the new KKK even though HK jokes that they be.

There used to be a famous comedian who would light his farts he was French?! Is that gaslighting as well?  I used to even like Benny Hill his jokes so bad they are good, who cares if someone is being Benny Hill everyone has done Benny Hill jokes male female and trans!

PS: Gaslighting is accusing the other party of doing exactly or close to what you are doing so nobody will notice you are the really sinister person. 

eg: Trump says Hilary Clinton emails are connected with Russia or #anybodyatall to cover that he is has strong ties to Russia, mega billionaires and is crook 

 Perfection and taxonomies were huge with Hitler everybody had to fit a category as the regime became nastier each cat-egory was then easier to single out. He was adept at encouraging women to have many children for the country it was a big rally call as he ensured others were marginalised and exterminated. The art like here was highly controlled by those in power so numerous artists became refugees they eschewed the populism promoted.

Gaslighting: Morrison saying you are racist if you criticise an MP who is Chinese for having totally obvious links with Chinese govt and making her own racist comments.



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