Swaying Hula girls for your dashboard. Adheres from base to your dashboard. Variety available. Raffia skirts. Male Hulas available too look on site. Sold individually.10-12cm height. Bring the romance of  the islands back home.

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 Holy Kitsch! news on the Pacific

Currently all Pacific Islands are endangered from global warming causing a rise in ocean levels drowning these low level islands with the populations clinging to the edges on some volcanic islands, on others they are just on low level atolls, the populations have  nowhere to go. 

Another sensitive issue is various vested interests believe there is oil under the precious uninhabited atolls. Whether still wild or degraded they desperately need to be preserved as wildlife habitat as the Pacific Ocean is in concept like Frida's bath. A beautiful and bountiful food and wild life reserve for our future if we look after it properly rather than think of it as a bottomless pit, those resources can regenerate if we begin to take careand actually most of know that already, trade continues we just need to think. Holy Kitsch! plastics are re-cycled into cushion filler for example.



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