Handmade artist silk Chinese lantern. These lanterns have a naturally shabby chic styling with a coating made to an ancient recipe utilising barks and plants to create the glue on the exterior of each lantern. This methodology has been handed down through generations of the family of artist lantern makers. A delightful gift for recipients to keep and hand down to generations.

Each silk lantern is delicately calligraphically painted with differing flowers and including contemporary symbols to bring blessings to your household so each one is different according to the mood and season of the artist. Folds flat. 15 watt bulb can be attached after threading wiring and attaching fixture. The family is only able to produce a certain number per month so Holy Kitsch! is lucky to obtain a stock of them. Fair Trade.

These lanterns display a delightful joy in nature and careful realization of the flowers displaying the signature brush work of each artist. Scripted symbols are for luck of course interestingly some have outlines on the script.

As used in Baz Luuuuurrrrrrhmnan's Australia and in New York film short on Ralph Lauuurrrren range 2015 in store.

Lanterns and candles are lit in front of images of the departed to guide their souls during Halloween in China called Teng Chieh.


Lanterns are paraded and used in Chinese New Year and Chinese Valentines Day. Chinese Lantern Day is held at the end of the Lunar New Year celebrations when it is full moon. It roughly coincides with Valentines Day February 14. Traditionally folks all go outdoors with their lanterns lending an opportunity for new liaisons amongst the romantic so that this day can be equated to Valentines Day. As this period marks the mid point between Winter and the Spring equinox on the Northern half of the Planet it also celebrates fertility and more daylight.

In Japan lanterns are used in Obon Japanese Day of the Dead August.

On the 4th Saturday in July in the pueblo of Tsushima in Japan a 500 year old festival is still celebrated traditionally with boats floating on the harbour each with 365 glowing lanterns to stave off summer plagues it is said.

As in the past there are jugglers hawkers entertainers food and an opportunity to mingle. Japan Mexico Korea and China have long shared paper making secrets possibly springing from Mexico. Historians always forget that people have been using boats to trade and migrate since being able to build something to float historians frequently appear to only examine land routes and have their own biases so forget to look at how people move about the planet and why aside from enforced.

Colours are: Duvet White, Scream Green, Flamingo Pink, Rock Melon, Strange Orange and Mellow Yellow. Small 34 cm,  Large 54 cm. Comes with a red tassel. Shapes are pear, hexagonal and melon. Note preference.

Mexican hand made ceramic chillies. Each chilli can be detached for gifts or as arrangement hanging in your dining and kitchen area.

A delight filled art piece quite lengthy when you see it real life fantastic history of brush work and characters with brush work illustrations beautifully thought through difficult to figure from short except see the full version at LACMA Los Angeles Asian Pavilion!

This work is amzing you can watch it in entirety LACMA Asian section LA USA beautiful hand drawing calligraphy through out with a narrative.

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