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Ring my bell heart with red velvet pouch. Chimes sweetly when shaken. Perfect gift for your inamorata or inamrarato. Made in Germany nickel plated. 6x7x2cm 

Beltane Lá Bealtaine is an Irish May Day Festival marking the bringing of the herds out to pasture. Tree worship as in may-pole dancing and Trees of Life may flowers and marigolds are some of the flora given respect for regenerative powers when Spring rises.

Bell Book and Candle means excommunication from the church !

Bell Jar was a famed novel by Sylvia Plath

Her poetry is thoughtful sad and witty beautifully written with fantastic imagery. She was stuck in a period of history when people labelled women neurotic and you know what most everybody is these days.

Pavlov was an early psuedo-psychologist did extremely cruel experiments and operations on dogs all to discover something everybody knows already about behavior in people. He lacked humanity. He is remembered for how dogs would respond to a sound of a bell for food though he did far nastier experiments. Holy Kitsch! thinks he would be called a behaviorist.

Certain medicals interested in human behavior mistreat animals cats are popular in experiments only to discover that animals like people become very distressed when under duress or disabled from fully expressing their being in life.

Holy Kitsch! once owned tropical fish even certain fish get distressed if school fish lose their school they hide when fish see you approach they know it is feed time so they do have a memory! You also have to keep their water very clean and filtered or they catch diseases and die same as fish in rivers and oceans.

The original Martin Luther King speech USA 1963 vintage still relevant

Beautifully orated and poetic too.






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