Holy Kitsch! special mission artist made mind blowing monumental skull hand-carved domestic buffalo. Truly enormous carved horns. The finest art and best craftsmanship available world wide fair trade. Comes with mother of pearl polish when seen in the bone in real life! Awesome wedding gift or wedding decoration especially hot when back lit.

Ibis are another symbol of souls, here depicted as twin souls, the art work like all Holy Kitsch! carries dialogues and culture.

Below find a recipe for ox-tail soup a traditional fare at Christmas in Mexico this is the Holy Kitsch! version. 

Holy Kitsch! OXX Tale Soup

1 free range ox-tale order from your local butcher fresh is best

beef stock or any stock left over from cooking veg plain water will also do as the tail has good flavor filter water if you live in a nation of toxic chemical run off in water.

Aim organic vegetables better for you better for the planet celery 3 sticks, 3 heirloom dark purple carrots if available otherwise the hybridized orange carrots broad beans say about a cup with skins 3 pars-nips or so 2 leeks sliced lemon myrtle leaves freshly picked, 2 potatoes.

natural salt sea salt if you live inland or in the mountains otherwise local pink salt is nice, freshly ground black pepper, grated nutmeg, freshly picked marjoram as it is easy to grow on a ledge, sliced fresh chilli to float on the top, your choice.

Organic carrots look particularly fantastic really gnarly and misshapen.

GM food is not great for small farmers as it infects healthy crops. GM are inoculated with mixed genes other than the vegetable type even animal genes aaarrgh so are mutant. They are high in sugar and have been manufactured so toxic chemicals can be used rather than rotating crops and planting diversity. 

Huge mono-species crops encourage pests so Bill Mollison approach to diversity is best. That is we can eat meat in moderate quantities as grazing animals eat grass that we cannot digest.


Simmer the tail in broth with the salt pepper, marjoram and nutmeg lemon myrtle leaves for about 3-4 hours or in a pressure cooker is quick. Skim off any fat on top of the broth, bad for cholesterol, do not put the fat down the drain. You can add the white part of the leeks in the early stages.  Add the veg in the last 20 minutes sliced. You can add the celery and some of the carrot poatato and pars-nip earlier for better flavor just they go mushier your choice. Holy Kitsch! does. With the broad beans just leave them in the shell and cut into 2cm lengths they need to go in last so they stay bright green and crisp if you are really keen you can separate the shells out and put the shells in earlier. Float sliced chilli on top of each bowl of soup your choice.

Voila! Serve in a Holy Kitsch! ceramic bowl with lit Holy Kitsch! bone skull in the room for mood.

Picture of the artist Gus peace symbol Japanese use this commonly it is kawaii means cute for fun same as a kid! Gus is married and they have a son at school and a little girl. Him and his wife share the business.





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