Belgique cotton  jacquard weave Cat With a Pearl Earring, finest quality long fibre length cotton making for durability tightly woven in the traditional machine method invented by Jacquard in Belgium and on which later computing technology was based. Nice tonally and no floating threads that will snag. 45x45 cm no fill though can do so on request.

    This image is after Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer and most likely the model his daughter or servant as he had 11 living children (15 altogether) and with his wife would have been a crowded sensory filled house (plus a mother-in-law she owned it and was wealthy, had left her husband) even if the terrace was spacious in its time (others in the middle class did choose less kids eg 3) poorer women usually had to work and chose less children if possible. A doting father going by the gentle intelligent and swashbuckling manner in which he painted his family.

    The cushion designer changed the earring to a black pearl more in keeping with the nationality Vermeer was aiming to portray. The cat is what happens to you if you reside here long term.

    The Netherlands was a huge trading nation with busy ports and exploration. Though Vermeer would know little of the subjugation (it was largely a little bit later though Holland had vast numbers of slaves in Brazil, he must have seen some) of many Indonesians, the slave trade is an enormous topic he would have witnessed the numerous nationalities of the traders, servants and their families generally. You often see hints from artists of major concern on this matter.

    Besides which there were always Africans living in Europe, people moved around as now we know by historical paintings a complex topic and as to link Getty's grandson btw had his ear cut off by kidnappers wanting a ransom. Getty was super stingy (he claimed otherwise) and refused his son was eventually released sans ear and an emotional wreck and physical wreck they all mistook him for a pangolin (ie black) sorry for him as he faced numerous difficulties in life afterwards RIP he was an artist so Left Wing-ish and was suss to his family and more so became a martyr. The museum is awesome and a positive outcome for all.

    Solange, Beyoncé's sister has gone avante guarde. Her group performed this site specific work at the expansive Getty LA so you see them looking out from balconies again looking into the distance here using each other for support. The work delineated the space of the museum and relationship to each other making it appear as a giant ship from which they were landing. Did not see live or hear it so this is what I gleaned from it. Vermeer usually included the subject of trade in his works and painting was his trade, he portrays inquiry, the Arts science knowledge literacy as well reflecting the Enlightenment which sadly is in reverse atm here.

    That period as always there was ignorance and violence around yet he does not admonish he empowers. You see carpets from other lands, maps on the wall, a geographer, intriguing vignettes reflecting on a world he saw all about him and what arrived from beyond.

    He has portrayed his daughter as being moslem Middle Eastern he used lapis for his blues so she might even be from Afghanistan. He has purposely made the pearl large as this is a painting it is what is called a baroque pearl pertinent to the baroque period. She actually might have a pony tail in fashion now eg Ariane Grande? Maybe vermeer had witnessed the bonang an instrument from the gamelan of the Spice Islands.

    The work is a Tronie, a character painting rather than an actual portrait and different again to genre painting. Vermeer always manages to catch a moment in time as being fleeting and life precious the paintings readily relates back to the viewer. Btw in Bali birthdays are not celebrated rather a person's age has more to do with how they manifest as an adult as to life in generally HK was told and appears to be so  

    Vermeer loved how light caught surfaces and although we do not know what his model wore he reflects on the fine fabrics that were traded. She looks all kind of sleepy-like yet startled by the light (Renoir caught that sleepy dreamy look in women everything is for sale in a Renoir). Vermeer's paintings are reflective and full of reflections.

    They are architectural too. He utilises the box method of one point perspective which gives the artist the opportunity to add things for fun like a map on the wall or an open window with a disappearing point, the creator becomes inventive in the same way building your own architectural model makes you invent differently to the swishing on a computer all OK. The many points of reflection and lines are a reflection of perspective methodology. He had time, that is truly important if you wish to create worries me as I believe time is running out though I do not want a zillion pictures left behind me want more than current that is for certain its a tragic loss for all.

    Money helps and a good painter could earn a decent living necessary for such a large family, visual arts have always held pre eminence in all cultures till recently many religions have used restrictions on visual imagery leading to abstraction most art is anyhow.

    Some nations are more word-ish than visual though art came first, Instagram photos are different to placing in an art context a la Richard Prince who looks at the unnerving aspects of Instagram and certain ads and they are odd!!

    Vermeer will even display beautifully crafted glass windows. He might have used a camera obscura as an addition still his results are far stronger than most of his contemporaries who had the same tools at hand if they wished to utilise them. Vermeer did not aim to replicate. He is sneaky and manages to smuggle in knowledge.

    The cushion designer has not created a replica of this painting rather it is a contemporary and amusing post-colonial conversation and cats are cute. Perhaps both are repeating the bon mot Pearls Before Swine an amusing pendant.

    He would have barely any works remaining just some on Shiz's computer who has been kidnapped and he would have been vilified.

    Unlike Holy Kitsch! all galleries require an enormous CV if you need to show up so if art has been your life time project and trade here it does not matter a fig as a lack of appropriate lists counts for nothing they are unused to genuine visual artists here, there is zero framework and why Holy Kitsch! wants to do the new museum MINI.

    Holy Kitsch! used common sense and never asked any artists in residence about their CV, maybe they all knew how to hustle? Same when buying, as if!

    Vermeer forgot to copy Holy Kitsch! or steal from her that is the usual practice Local everybody she has known has including ex boyfriends and her own mother RIP and late sisters RIP though I miss them her remaining niece refuses to speak and the State gave her half of the minuscule remains of the estate despite the dreadful financial straits Noni was in from studying, hi Chenoa!

    She has given away absolutely thousands accidentally sometimes and is now struggling one of the reasons Australia is now in a recession she ran out of money to give away to all the other Australians.

    She worked incredibly hard at Holy Kitsch! so she could travel in style to Mexico rather than back pack so loses points on that one as well for lack of suffering she prefers to pay people in the countries she visits and prefers comfort most of the time with some room service and a restaurant if possible. She has stayed in losmens and guesthouses in the past it varies, HK was never the "hanging out with a group" kind of person.

    Vermeer just enters various rooms like he is allowed well everybody Local knows you enter an office very politely then you crawl on the floor same if you need a gallery for your art or institution. Academies use thumbscrews so you can prove Humility is Present as they all belong to new-ish cult-ish religions that only like a very particular kind of art, banning imagery thus stymieing intellectual inquiry or difference.

    Noni worked incredibly hard at Holy Kitsch! so she could have a good life as we all should though no possible suitors as she was not humble enough, plying your trade is unusual here usually you have to network with galleries/players starting at leaving school and crawl with a cross on your back meaning you are not self employed though better than nothing, different to the usual hustling found in other nations as it is still officers and prisoners here, sorry Shiz things might improve.

    You must have zeee artist's statement zo they can discover zee artists trade secretz zame with zee Doctorate zzey want it all in black and white zzoo Holy Kitsch! revealed zome tradez zecretz now she is endangered.

    Mexican wares are beautiful cultural carriers, they are not aboriginal (nothing against aboriginal art love it) though instead barely recognised globally except sold by usual hotch potch ordinary retailers though other artists and couturiers, ask Damien Hirst he has a house in Mexico and created the skull with diamonds, know it is strong and referenced it.

    Vermeer forgot to show the angst for starters and does not display deep humility/hostility towards his viewers and patrons. He does not arise from a rural family nor a typical suburban Ozzie home so he is disabled in talking about that kind of plain and backyards and gum trees and damned red bricks and fibro houses or cozy pictures of darn terrace houses they are nice can be chilly.

    He omitted to say how great it is being a guy and showing off his usual mode of transport (a horse?) thy used horse drawn sleighs in winter olden days HK saw a pic of it and it was not from Mars.

    He is original. He omitted the schmaltz and being populist. His work is a predecessor of Soutine so is just WRONG. He is not populist and on TV always funny to watch those.

    He omitted to state what a great Dutchman he was and good Nationalist or talk about how he lived in the best country in the world. He empowered his subjects in depiction highly unusual here unless you see them winning a medal for sports they have to be "battlers" or because the rules say they must.

    He omitted to show the fabulous landscapes and produce of Holland including Gouda and his house is not quite humble enough. He does not appear as if he called his colonial masters Her and His Majesties and politely wait in an endless queue. He did not celebrate returned soldiers. He is too proud. There are no precedents in other nations so that discounts his approach entirely as he is original.

    He questions hierarchies He does not dress in a conservative manner whilst painting rather he is dressed to the nines when he portrays himself (does he have to dash out for the milk? On his horse or sleigh?) He is not attempting levitation badly. He does not do photo real paintings and he loves the tiny detail of how people make things. He is not exhorting me to meditate then have kids

    He does not show the gloomy weather of Holland, he is obviously not a good Dutch citizen at all nor a well behaved colonial who could even trace their lineage to the first Dutchman on Dutch soil to arrive by sailing boat on Dutch soil as Adam and Eve arose in Africa.

    Vermeer did omit beautiful batiks, spices, gamelan music, rain forests and more though those cultures still exist and most prefer a variety of cultures.

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