Super cute bunny bookends. Made from cast iron. 15.5x13x8cm

Rupert Bunny was an Australian painter accepted by the French Academy who painted summery perfumed colonial semi-nudes for the deathly leisurely around the same era as Degas Cassat Laurencin and Manet who rather were of the avante guarde. Bunny's nudes tend to look like war victims for some strange reason all bandaged arms cut short they are kind of OK some sensuality there just sort of middle of the road for people who live in grand terraces and mansions who knows??. For Holy Kitsch! framed works you will just have to visit they are lively bold intriguing riveting meditative and certain ones refer to the twenties era include nudity.

Interestingly rabbit in Mexican slang has a meaning to do with a woman like some cat or something aargh! and can also mean a female deer or even a kangaroo making Rupert Bunny's name rather surprising did he speak Spanish?? It is contextual. Frida Kahlo depicted herself as a wounded deer which contains the concept of The Passion amongst other readings deers are quite iconic and have religious connotations in Mexico.

In Aztec Mexico it was the rabbit in the moon rather than the man in the moon.


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