Bright Painted Protective Hand or Hamsa  Mexico

Bright Painted Protective Hand or Hamsa Mexico

Mexican artisan hand crafted wooden hand painted with added vintage protective charms! Hands are traditionally a symbol of creativity and protection as known through Europe UK Nth Africa Middle East, India, Indonesia, Tibet unsure where else though trade has spread the concept globally and hands are usually thought of as healing.

In Europe Middle East and North Africa it is called the Hand of Fatima. When a hand is raised in this position it can mean "no problems" as well though unsure on that one as to Mexico. Made in Mexico. 22 x 12cm

Miracle charms are used in Italy, Spain, Eastern Europe, Greece Mexico and Latin America to support a request for help or to focus on an area of health, family, roof over your head, security or love and lend blessings for you and loved ones. 

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