Elegant black and silver Mexican Lucha Libre wrestler mask. Authentic wrestling mask of superior quality for comfort wear and durability. Adult head size with lacing at the back. Quality construction with fine complex sewing so that the fantastico decorations stay attached. This work takes great skill by the crafts person.


Academy awarded artist film director Mexican Alejandro González Iñárritu that is an indigenous name uses a mask for his actor talking with the expected deep voice looks backstage at the art of theater with a continuously following camera long takes as camera follows actors the real audience feeling as truly being a part of the action as being in a Mexican version of the Spanish painter Velasquez las Meninas the artist looks out showing what he views the world changing as he looks we reflected in the mirror someone else walking out backstage the canvas of the people reflected behind him or us one imagines that one is debated as is the mirror.

The hero in the film is a man though easily a woman in a changing world he appears Mexican end of the film all the set does even though talking Hollywood staged Broadway and the young blonde woman looks like Lexie gone Mexican. The hero inhabits a space that continues on a loop. Us the audience and the people outside the theater in the film see the world is changing seen in the diversity outside the theater and the ahem type casting corny ignore ham and obvious within a soap opera and we know the actors just stand in for some thing as they are acting and the filmed audience looks old fashioned actually ghosts camera takes are panoramic the rôles truly obvious as was the lingering product placement what was that well guess a drink?? Note central last century exactly placed home wares and visit Holy Kitsch! stores for a match. Then there is the ticking clock left hand speaker marking time! A funny movie about the art and craft of theater an actor feeling as if cast aside and past it recognizable to those in the movie business and beyond difficult to like. An intelligent movie for all.

Photo of the director Alejandro González Iñárritu receiving Academy Award.

Ancient alighting to planet Earth on abstracted wings


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