Here we have a designer lacquered non toxic poison apple displaying Moorish influences. Very intricate painted design utilizing a traditional lacquer technique practiced for centuries in Mexico now with a fresh contemporary interpretation. The process of layers of lacquer paint to obtain good gloss depth and resilience is difficult and requires the use of insect lacquer. Mexicans have traditionally eaten insects as a source of protein, grasshoppers taste fantastic fried with chillies so guess this is how they discovered other properties of these insects.

Each fruit comes with a different shaped and fitted lid according to artist's mood. Different colors. They are made from tiny gourds. The size of a small sized apple or small tomato they vary.

Fantastic to store your Holy Kitsch! skeleton earrings before you retire at night or your Holy Kitsch! skull key ring. What a delicate surprising gift for Three Kings Day.

Apple bobbing is a Hallowe'en game you can use this one and use yur gums if aged or lips 'stead o' teeth. Either float the apple in a bowl o' water or hang one from string.  The winners gets to store thine apples under pillow signifying hopes of a future lover. When using real apples try to choose organic from a trusted purveyor and non cold storage for crispness the environment and health.

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