What is Holy Kitsch!?

Holy Kitsch! shelters endangered artist's and artisan wares, texts and their souls

Holy Kitsch! Is non fattening

Holy Kitsch! Is accepting, relatively

Holy Kitsch! does not body shame

Holy Kitsch does not wealth shame you, rich or broke that's OK so long as you are the good ie Holy Kitsch!ers

Holy Kitsch! does not steal souls

Holy Kitsch! can cost less than brunch or the same as dining out or more

Holy Kitsch! really does come with love from the artists and artista/owner

Holy Kitsch! is better than click bait 

Holy Kitsch! comes with good vibes

Holy Kitsch! pays for Green Energy

Holy Kitsch! is not looking for the newest best thing by being lazy and looking at Holy Kitsch! for clues

Holy Kitsch! bestows blessings

Holy Kitsch! uses logical pricing

Holy Kitsch! aims sustainable where possible

Holy Kitsch! does not use a bottom line (or top line) on price, rather Holy Kitsch! likes to live in First World conditions and sell creative wares at a broad price range so she, Holy survives too

Holy Kitsch! shares the love, ahem love does not have to have a $ sign though your shopping with Holy Kitsch! rather than nasty copy cat competitors certainly lifts Holy Kitsch! spirits restoring faith in humanity

Holy Kitsch! carries kulture

Holy Kitsch! is community and sharing though if you are a solo kind of person that is still OK 

Holy Kitsch! remains art even if nasty chain stores and others copy they can never hope to be Holy Kitsch!

Holy Kitsch! does not require endangered species to die out

Holy Kitsch! supports endangered artisans and values their art with logical pricing and does not devalue with ugly bargain basement prices a scourge on humanity especially artists and artisans it’s unethical

Holy Kitsch! knows the difference between a good art ware and just another boring second rate ware the entire world already has one of and then copied

Holy Kitsch! is inclusive

Holy Kitsch! testimonials

I tried Holy Kitsch! and felt happy for the first time in ages

I tried Holy Kitsch! and was so glad I was not beige or biscuit-ish as to the inner me

I tried Holy Kitsch! and would have gladly paid double rather than go to that really nasty store up the main road who do not care about trrrue Holy Kitsch! and trade on Holy fame 

My family grew up on Holy Kitsch!

I bought at Holy Kitsch! as Holy Kitsch! has to pay rent.

I want Holy Kitsch! to be able to eat good fresh organic vegetables, farmed free range beasts and fowl, non polluted fish and healthy food in general. I am happy if all of us can afford yearly holidays including HK who deserves some reward in life and that HK has a decent drawing room in her tardis so I decided not to shop with the big corporates on-line and off where possible

I work for really great people so I bought them something Holy Kitsch!

I am totally broke and still found something at Holy Kitsch!

I work for corporate bullies with exceedingly rich CEOs so I shopped at Holy Kitsch! as Holy Kitsch! is a small company that pays everybody properly and whose company is readily looked up on the web besides Holy Kitsch! deserves the money more than the mega rich corporates they already own everything on the planet there are exceptions

I shopped with Holy Kitsch! as I believe in a democracy and so does Holy Kitsch!

I shopped with Holy Kitsch! as Holy Kitsch! is not corrupt

I shopped with Holy Kitsch! as Holy Kitsch! is not lazy and nor am I most of the time

I shopped at Holy Kitsch! as Holy Kitsch! supports artisans in unknown nations

I always know I will find good quality at Holy Kitsch!

Holy Kitch! talks

I walked into Holy Kitsch! and experienced a Holy epiphany.

I bought from Holy Kitsch! because I have faith in Holy Kitsch!