Holy Kitsch designs wall floor and ceiling sized events. We can design accessorise all your major or smaller conferences, weddings, office parties, baby showers, Day of the Dead, Easter parties Xmas celebrations and more.
We are often called on to do accessorize weddings and Frida Kahlo themes are always faves we can include special order ever lasting floral garlands, email us and we can discuss your arrangements. Holy Kitsch! specialises in Mexican themed weddings and Till Death Us Do Part weddings . One half of Holy Kitsch! used Holy Kitsch! Chinese lanterns and festive flags at his wedding plus random other especially chosen pieces as a suggestion to our patrons as to possibilities.
Conferences require another look, we can tailor a look to suit your needs. You can even hire to you Zoltan even with Noni or one of our staff in a sparkly costume if you want!!
Other wares to consider are the bull skulls with lighting behind them, good for a cowboy theme, wedding as a fertility symbol and symbol of robust love or a witchy night out. We also have our giant tin skulls. Meet and discuss what theme you prefer. 
 For accents Holy Kitsch! carries a range of luxe framed Holy Kitsch! giclée prints limited edition on archival paper, olde world printes, Day of Dead Elvis busts would be great for a pirate and wench themed night for example. Add a Mexican throw and really add spice to whatever affair you are planning
Gifts are a changing procession selected wares we always keep in stock. Our gallery is in store only its truly awesome we are the only artist hang out to be seen in.
A huge proportion of Holy Kitsch! quality wares are expertly hand made so expect variations between unique pieces depending on the maker's mood some are amazingly intricate and well treasured in Mexico as well as abroad.
One thing we can assure you Holy Kitsch! gifts are actually better in reality than on line as they were created as quality works in themselves regardless of how they might look in an Instagram photo. Holy Kitsch! gift shops for quality first and ensure we trade fairly to all those involved in the process. We practice good ethics we aim Green.
Sustainable: Holy Kitsch! aims Green meaning what is possible for our store. Holy Kitsch! gifts are free of packaging and we freight in re-cycled materials. We use recycled polyester fill in our cushions. We avoid using plastic bags where possible though do re-cycle them. Most Mexican wooden wares are from re-cycled timber. Our flamingos talk Green and if you tire of them ensure you place them in the plastics re-cycle bin so they become cushion inners instead! We pay for Green Energy.
Community Care: Holy Kitsch! is overwhelmed by our fartistic and intelligent patrons and acknowledge your positive patronage to our ethical endangered arts community and Green friendly efforts.
Noni has given talks to students, you are welcome any time to make an appointment for school groups, it ain't always pitch perfect. We are truly blown away by, for example, high school students showing us your efforts on art works relating to Kahlo or Day of the Dead and wish you well. Wow such a compliment to our beautiful store we have had so much love back it is true.
We share quite random news on Face Book keeping you informed on world events, concerns and the Arts icluding our add on opinions to make it more interesting as Holy Kitsch! enjoys communication. We subscribe to news media so we can share it and read it ourselves to stay informed. This feeds into the store so you know you can have a topical and intelligent conversation if rather random. We are avid watchers of movies both at the cinema and on-line, both in a random fashion.
We focus on humanitarian issues, the Arts and Green issues on FaceBook and on site. By buying our art wares you we are assisting in  supporting culturally endangered art, a paid living for many and a reason we dislike competing on price alone. When prices are slashed everybody in the chain of selling loses including the artists, it is dreadful to watch an already poor vendor anywhere on the globe being bargained down further by a very wealthy tourist or local so it is a delicate juggling act all sides. Some gifts are currently thought of as mere souvenirs and there is much to be said for a souvenir so we avoid categorisation where possible. 
Holy Kitsch! accepts local and overseas credit cards and Amex. 
To ensure you receive your parcel we post insured and large items we use a courier. Nevertheless the system is fallible.
If your item has zero postage please contact same if it sounds too high. It will start at $10.00. If it is a truly hefty order and shipping has been calculated too low we shall email you same if shipping sounds too high for multiple items, difficult to adjust correctly on a computer calculator alone, GST is included. We pay tax and GST as we are a genuine retailer and residents we are unable to avoid tax.
We keep our beautiful and one of a kind professional art and craft wares at level prices and pay numerous people ethically so we are unable to offer free postage. The alternative would be for us to raise prices fierecly. Holy Kitsch! employs an entourage of professionals ensuring a good future for a community with breadth who have paid employment. 
Holy Kitsch! endeavors to have your wares sent out within one working week if there are hitches like waiting for new stock we will let you know. As our goodies have to come from a long distance at times things do not arrive when we want them or the makers might not have completed them yet as most wares are not mass produced we have to wait for them to be finished by hand. We send you tracking numbers so you do not have to fret about the loot. Further we pride ourselves on solid packaging.

Holy Kitsch! freights internationally