Holy Kitsch deals in wall floor and ceiling sized schemes we re arrange replace and re-accessorize your dream area for you make your affair truly world shattering.
Holy Kitsch! can outfit your space with numerous deathly wares and chilling art works light up with simmering Frida wares
In our arsenal we include include Day of the Dead skulls masterly framed prints directly or not onto your walls Frida-fy your do.
For accents Holy Kitsch! carries a range of luxe framed Holy Kitsch! giclée prints limited edition on Coventry paper olde world printes and Day of Dead Elvis busts for use on the pillars. Add a Mexican throw and really add spice to your affair.
Holy Kitsch! was there in the Green Room when Tarantino was in Australia Holy Kitsch! starred and famed stamp displayed on screen.
Make your event fly.
Gifts are a changing procession selected wares we always keep in stock. Our gallery is in store only its truly awesome we are the only artist hang out in this bleak nation.
A huge proportion of Holy Kitsch! quality wares are expertly hand made so expect variations between unique pieces depending on the maker's mood some are amazingly intricate and well treasured in Mexico as well as abroad.
One thing we can assure you Holy Kitsch! gifts are actually better in reality than on line as they were created as quality works in themselves. Holy Kitsch! gift shops for quality first and ensure we trade fairly to all those involved in the process and practices good ethics we aim Green.
Sustainable: Holy Kitsch! pays for Green energy are Green Gay wheel chair refugee and breast feeding friendly. 100% of wares are bio-degradable recyclable or collectible cushion inners are fluffy white re-cycled polyester and we recycle price tags. Holy Kiitsch! uses Bendigo Bank they are Green and entrepreneur friendly outside of the corporate world already well catered.
Holy Kitsch! freights in recycled materials and loot arrives in re-cycled wrapping scary newspapers and boxes also utilize paperless receipt system Vend and gift wraps in purchased re-cycled with rap. Our carbon foot print is low we purchase newly recycled loo paper cane paper or use water and the sole car for business is now owned by Pei Noni uses legs and public transport Phillip a car scooter and legas. Holy Kitsch! is fantastic for joie de vivre.
Community Care: Holy Kitsch! is overwhelmed by our fartistic and intelligent patrons and acknowledge your positive patronage to our ethical endangered arts community and Green friendly efforts. Of course all large corporations support loudly more than one charity they must!
Still we are so small we assist small local charities eg the Girls and Boys Brigade Surry Hills local schools small theater Wayside Chapel we focus on humanitarian issues and Green issues. By buying art we are  supporting endangered art which means a paid living some gifts are currently thought of as mere souvenirs and there is much to be said for a souvenir
Holy Kitsch! accepts local and overseas credit cards and Amex no additional charges. Holy Kitsch! re-cycle raps the booty for on-line orders and in-store for travelers.
To ensure you receive your parcel we post insured and large items we use a courier. Nevertheless the system is fallible.
If your item has zero postage please contact same if it sounds too high. It will be between $10.00 and $30.00 unless it is a truly hefty order then we email you!  GST is included. We pay tax and GST as we are a genuine retailer unlike online stores who manage to avoid all their tax obligations and pay zero tax and do not have to abide by Australian laws as we have a very lazy government..
We keep our beautiful and one of a kind professional art and craft wares at level prices and pay numerous people ethically so we are unable to offer free postage. The alternative would be for us to raise prices fierecly. Holy Kitsch! employs an entourage of professionals that we are enabled to pay ensuring a good future for a community with breadth who have employment paid correctly. 
Holy Kitsch! endeavors to have your wares sent out within one working week. We send you tracking numbers so you do not have to fret about the loot. Further we pride ourselves on solid packaging.
Holy Kitsch! freights international 
Free postage can only be offered by people sourcing suspiciously too cheaply illegally dumping product ie selling under priced so an overseas competitor can zap all competition then in turn control selling price afterwards it is illegal but the government is careless here or sellers offering quite high end. 
Shipping is higher than monopolies with hob nail boots demanding enormous discounts from shipping agents so they in turn need to make up the price elsewhere ie the less well off ie Holy Kitsch! It is highly suspicious on all levels to have free shipping on very cheap items what did the item cost zero with slaves that is horrible?