A fave artist and friend we feature on Holy Kitsch! Prof. Scott Angus!The sites Scott describes are a collaborative effort. Scott is primarily a photographer though more than that his work is rich in history, these are subtle sites shown in the book, they are lonely and quiet spaces, sad too. Scott includes burial mounds of Indians and a rudimentarily marked slave burial site. Scott himself is basically extroverted and a fabulous Scorpio they just get bad press, I call him a feminist he knew Hilary Clinton years ago. Here you see Scott has chosen not to talk about dogs and sheep rather this is road trip-like or a calendar, the photography certainly not the clear black and white vistas of the seventies as Scott is looking at different meanings here and veins of thought, care and grief at the past and present he includes time. 
One drawing Noni made of Scott he kinda looked out of the Shining though a very solid work, I think I was thinking of a recent news story besides Da Vinci often looks like The Shining the other drawing Noni drew of Scott was sort of after Rosemary's Baby I think :).
Thank you all of the Ozzie art community for your continued support and thank you to all other festive and cultural events that continue to support Holy Kitsch!
Below Mexican girl celebrating her Quinceañera 15th birthday an important date to make her passage into womanhood Mexico She's a Woman thanks Laura Nyro song looking toward her future thug free. We all wish her future Green friendly in a Mexico free of corruption and drug wars with numerous choices and she is applauded in her life time and finds true love and happiness.
You  get to wear an ante bellum dress beaded sequined here in flamingo pink.  Note darn guys texting typical the utility driving past is a likely a ranchero.
Tubular Bells.
Pic of space ship arriv'n' an earlier apparition in an El Greco whereby the boy discovers light a cold fire cinnibar and painting he appears as Hermes the messenger here ready to zap the poor girl. Scott thinks Vulcan is in the El Greco!!
Thanks Marc Knobloch for fantastic photo news as it happens.
Holy Kitsch! wishes Quinceañera felicidades for a fantastica future diverse with informed decent choices in front of her and she can continue to express her culture herself the way she chooses.
Mexico retains strong cultural traditions in the face of modernity and crooks. Issues for women one church being very Fred Nile grossly exaggerated poster in this same town scare mongering. There are activists for women's rights.
Vista same town except it was really difficult as using a felt pen the paper a serviette. This town due to NONI! vagueness made a mistake on length of stay so departure date was one day later than had booked. Turned out the day NONI! departed to USA same day El Chapo notorious drug baron escaped through a tunnel from jail unbeknownst to NONI! held up forever Texas airport USA with her loudly accusing officials of being racists as they let the Korean plane passengers through first but who is to say El Chapo was not on Korean flight somehow???? Lost the drawing blue glasses already stolen down Mexico way.


Artist Anselmo belongs to an artist collective in Mexico. Works well for all as they are able to trade a range from the everyday to high end and more on their own terms they have their own gallery. Anselmo can get the blues.

The artist Tony makes fantastico art skulls!! His wife Marta also an artist he is already teaching his children the art of the skull and he has painted a Holy Kitsch! bisque Elvis head we sold it Tony hope to see you soon.
Below a Holy Kitsch! School of Arts crafternoon  project  by NONI! and Izzy displayin' how to make House of Holy Kitsch! sugar skulls 2012. Holy Kitsch! uses icing sugar and plenty of cream of tartar. We stock skulls as year round gifts. You can use an icing sugar bag to decorate these with frills more resilient.

Below Holy Kitsch! School of Arts graduates artist St Alex and artist actor Izzy Holy Kitsch! was struck by amazing similarities between them and Holy icon. The picture os of Frida feeling alienated. Izzy appeared in a play in Short and Sweet has already appeared in Puberty Blues and shone.

St Alex is now based in Berlin this will see his opportunities vastly improved he happens to identify as gay which is no problem either city.

Izzy sings fantastico. Good acting jobs Dead Mans Gulch rare fortunately her father is from USA so she visits LA. Izzy seen other day at Pressed Juices with a French roll in her hair also looked Sound of Music silver screen hair liked her after work shawl.

Izzy star sign is Cancer the crab they do always side step and avoid a head on approach though along with other Cancers Holy Kitsch! has known they can be direct eg Artemesia Gentileschi was a Cancer. Their planet is the waxing and waning moon seen in the lights and darks of Artemesia which explains the Cancerian temperament as a tidal flow of energy. The Cancerian symbol is the crab based on Karkinos the Greek word for Cancer a giant crab that harassed Hercules toe during his fight with the Hydra. The crab eventually ended hurled into space traced out by the stars. Holy Kitsch! says the most suitable stone for a Cancer is a pearl their element is water. Tom Cruise and Ernest Hemingway are Cancers. Hemingway had a very old fashioned concept of hunting in the present we can use it as metaphor of human struggle and probably always meant that way the book on the Old Man and the Sea appears to be so anyhow it was a good fiction read.

Quote New Yorker re Hemingway Cecil the Lion and people who say being too sentimental in face of wars human deathsBut let us not mock too much: the instincts and habits that make us extend our circles of compassion outward, however irrationally, are the ones that bring us closer to something like a shared natural morality. Rest in peace, Cecil.


Afterword: Noni was chatting with Camilla re: air con repair guy Pressed Juices and Noni said well he looked cute Camilla said he's only 16 Noni!!! though Noni was certain he looked way more mature. Camilla was wearing scallops and yesterday she wore a scalloped wrap hrrrmph! And who is Tom?? Returning from her Melbooourrrrrne jaunt then lunchin' at Doyles Camilla who is a nutritionist last seen carry'n' her fruity version of pavlova avoiding the Xmas pav wars had joined the Flowing White Brigade perhaps temporary.

Drawing c 2002 raw just scribbling really!

 Lexie transforming into Central Last Century Composition Doll

News Update: Lexie's play Speaking Freely won first prize Short and Sweet Festival of short plays Factory Theater Enmore. Good work Lex. In a play same gig was Holy Kitsch! graduate artist actor Izzy.

Lexie has avoided becoming a miner football wife property developer wife and was disinterested in becoming a clerk.

Holy Kitsch!  School of Arts graduate artist Lexie has transformed into a central last century composition doll at back of store and already attacked by Screaming Mimi  Lexie looks fantastico in Holy Kitsch! hand made skull necklace zero force used by HK next to emergency wall phone. Lexie usually looks thoughtful rather than stunned and bears a strange resemblance to the artist comedian Amy Schumer Lexie disagrees she always does also resembles actress in Birdman did she sneak off to act? Lexie specializes in arm wrestling and is excellent at noting detail being fantastic at attention to detail ahem different to noting features at the top of all job criteria in this nation. Lexie already has a Bachelor of Media Screen Sound UNSW directed movies acted curated film worked as alternate journo though good at form filling will really get Lexie places.

Holy Kitsch! Scool of Arts Manual directive: use Lexie example and keep HK emails in a special folder.

Below film bite: Installations.


Hmm has Lexie been making animated movies in store? Holy Kitsch! recognizes that wire twigs are everywhere the fire and ground looks like HK tissue.

Presenting Holy Kitsch! School of Arts artist graduate Alice Moldovan wearing her mother's amber beads. Since graduating from Feminist Studies University of Sydney thence Holy Kitsch! School of Arts went to TAFE now a mornings radio producer ABC at Alice Springs. When at Holy Kitsch! School of Arts this gal already had a good knowledge of small dog breeds it was our hay days so frantic Alice madly learning how to stamp bags in prayer position listening to current music and identifying songs on the radio. Note sausage curls :).
Teresa Selma a wickedly famous performance star Mexico this is how Noni of Holy Kitsch saw her skin tight translucent black dress with a leotard underneath sexy in fantastic shape great acting Noni unable to understand obviously cheeky witty observations accompanied by a debonair performer on an old electric standing piano, you know with the plastic keys and electronic backing keys, very retro you could hear her accompanist clunk on the keys and he would make all these strange character faces in reaction to her singing and repartee. The audience was quite mixed with groovy young to groovy elderly even hip stars and the plain we all loved the performance and thanked the director in person the theater intimate. Backed by a folding wooden screen with a mirror showing her back view arrggh! The women all so various and strong in character in Mexico particularly when more mature. In Mexico Noni sees many mature age women who genuinely shine at their very best. In Mexico because of the various ethnic and cultural groups you see awesome hairstyles and make up expressed differently in different regions on the women and men. At Holy Kitsch! our customer base has always been diverse we see you as Millennials.
The Veronicas visited in disguise Noni has fame blindness. The Veronicas small in stature cute. Veronicas are based LA music keeps improving with age. Remember if clothes fit you badly it is either a bad cut wrong design. Your size must look nice on you whether you are Isabella Shiz  Quinceañera Isabel or otherwise! You do not have to fit the clothes!!


Shaman: Holy Kitsch! artist shaman Cecelia from the Sierra Madre makes the most amazing yarn paintings and bead work sculptures she may work on park Holy Kitsch! is aiming for a collaboration. Cecilia is a living treasure of Mexico.  Married and with a young school age boy has made a stunning work on her story have seen others attempt to do similar but Cecelia's works beat the lot. A truly amazing Holy Kitsch! star.

Cecelia's yarn painting of el halcón he is on fire the most fleet footed of all the hunter birds on the planet and huge as he hovers as a roof or her Self numerous readings as this is a self portrait I think maybe her husband in the corner or Jesus sometimes she adds crosses. A genius work of art.

Falcons traditionally used for hunting in Mexico particularly with the indigenous in the mountains and used as a symbol on other levels including a spirit symbol of Cecelia and of her self she just says its my story this is way beyond knitting or Decorative Arts it has a strong voice and is about culture, her family and herself. She completeed this after her uncle Miguel passed away he was the former master shaman artist in this extended family and friends. A remembered comment of Cecelia's when she spotted Noni with a mesh market bag was "are you going hunting"? :)


Above Cecelia's Story mind blowing


Holy Kitsch! graduate artist Isabella who earned a Duke of Edinburgh medal is a big time reader. Her hair turns green when she bleaches it and her mouth fills with blood when she eats rocket. In store she dressed with art of the Holy Kitsch! here you see her á la casual as she is in a car park avoiding Russian spies with Viennese accents. Isabella carries with her facsimile aarrgh! of Holy Kitsch! graduation in hand! Isabella arrived at Holy Kitsch! and forgot resumé she remembered it later nevertheless Holy Kitsch! used fantastic intellect and we talked awhile about fave books. Isabella faced regular challenges of public transport running late cat was sick causing extreme punctuality issue stumbled on Town Hall Station steps glandular fever so arriving at all was a major issue.
Photo: Sig. Furolo

Below are members of Hollywood Undead. Maybe the below guys are about to slice huevos?? They played at a festival emptied the store over weekend though Holy Kitsch! attracts a diversity might have been the heat.

This is Lucy a professional model gifted with great beauty Lucy had shopped previously then Holy Kitsch! forgot reason being some kind of ensorcelling going down. Lucy scarpered with boyfriend had casual air going down just then an amigo back in town a gay Scouser blew in attempting to sneak in on Infamy. Lucy bought a major purchase so used Holy Kitsch! lay-by. An excellent choice when there is something in Holy Kitsch! for which you are aiming higher.


Robin Wright Penn after filming with Naomi Watts here in Oz loved our gallery so much she purchased several framed works and remembered her friends with gifts from Holy Kitsch! Holy Kitsch! saw Robin on 6/6/2014 again in secret location involved in another new film. She was trying to re-gain another Soul after last encounter.

The fantastica scholar Judy Barouch nee Kolman writes on what ails ye also a writer for eons on architecture Judy keeps within a huge storehouse of knowledge loves her Holy Kitsch! flamingos should go global her partner in life is Geoff McBean premier photo artist Sydney. Hmm good work on the photo of Stevie Wright.


Image: student next to Holy Kitsch!mobile Big Pretty her and fellow students on a photo assignment from Whitehouse College and chose Big Pretty! This is Ashleigh.

Scott Angus is an awsome artist and friend of Holy Kitsch! We all met when he studied his Masters Holy Kitsch! had recently left an incomplete degree in Landscape Architecture returned to yet more Art studies local and Holy Kitsch! being complex in thought and action faced enormous obstacles. Scott's show re-opening at new locale in USA he is an American citizen. Fortunately in USA as in UK France


 Akual-Chels professional fashion model hails Sweden. Ahem note pom-pom hair. Pom poms on shoulder are just part of the usual weird going down.  Akual-Chels bought a fantastic Holy Kitsch! Ned Kelly limited edition work by the Tiny Tim legendary singer RIP in Day of the Dead imagery artist and a Holy Kitsch! secret charm. 

"You look great as well" :) replied beautifully infamous Irish model Thalia Heffernan who dropped by this late August day before returning home to Ireland. She bought a cute sustainably framed deluxe limited edition Holy Kitsch! skeleton print on cotton rag archival paper. Thalia looking moodily strong. Her name refers to a tropical marshland plant through which flamingos and people might well wade. Thalia is also one of the Three Graces and is the Greek muse of pastoral poetry and comedy. BTW there is a guy from a well known boy band in the UK who is known to have Thalia on his mind.
A fave image of Holy Kitsch! showing the famed Mexican wrestler Santo with who might be Bozo who was a clown in Mexico and later copy righted by a fast food chain in USA in a new bizarre form! Holy Kitsch! sells true Mexican wrestler masks. They have nice stitching and are washable. To be a traditional clown in Mexico is considered an honorable profession as it is in the random universes depthless and beyond. Sometimes clowns are women there. 


 Convention of Clowns Mexico City 2015 AFP photo/Alfredo Estrella.Printed for educational purposes for students of Holy Kitsch! School of Arts

 Holy Kitsch! Mexican gifts, Mexican bunting, sugar skulls, Peruvian objéts, Day of the Dead  and art wares suit all celebrations of note.The cast and crew had finished up filming of Modern Family and said they were having a festive voo-doo or was it hoo-doo party and Holy Kitsch! home decor suited the occasion perfectly.  Image: Jean Deering Davis.


Jesinta Campbell, model and former Miss Australia hurries out with Holy Kitsch! cushions and picture see bagged booty ahem cushions pictured. Captured by paparazzi in vintage chambray and faux animal print shoes. First she cases Holy Kitsch! store Surry Hills nonchalantly assesses wares then escapes. Once outdoors shielded herself from further public gaze in sunglasses.

Noni was on her Holy Kitsch! walking tour re-tracing familiar tracks ran into Morris Robinson at secret location ahem AGNSW. He is well known in the States for his bass voice in opera a former sportsman. Here out of costume and would certainly look fantastic in one of our Holy Kitsch! artist created Day of the Dead cute skeleton tee shirts by the Tiny Tim late songster of skeleton artist tee shirts figuratively speaking the term is kawaii in Japanese for the look. Noni disheveled as it was a day off and just slipped out aaargh. Morris's costume for the The Magic Flute at the Opera is a work of art. Morris has a love of Gospel music.


This is a Xmas song from Morris Robinson.


Sydney Festival famous circus performers from Limbo at The Spiegeltent dropped by Holy Kitsch! out of costume sans make up. Holy Kitsch already caught their performance. Holy Kitsch! also noted that after the photo was taken Holy Kitsch! a manifestation from NONI! living space had appeared behind Helen's head it is Spirit of Tarantula arrgh! 

This song relates to above and below aaarrgh!

Multiple award winning artist professional international erotic dancing star Miss Summer Raine chose some pretty cute wares from Holy Kitsch! including a pink flamingo.  This is Summer sans make-up with Noni from Holy Kitsch! Summer took the fantastic photo at Holy Kitsch! Surry Hills. Thanks Summer. BTW Summer's hair looks normal was just a snapshot solar flare. Summer has her hair properly styled for show-time along with good make up artistry.


Holy Kitsch! was visited by a mysterious Lizzy Caplan. Her interesting companion bought a wondrous ware very possibly for Lizzy who was desperately trying to hide her identity but luckily Izzy spotted her! She is a drainer in the True Blood Vampire series eek accounts for Gothic looks aarrrgh! Much skilled hand worked set pieces, many traditional musicians employed, polaroids with blood and majority was shot on location in the Deep Swampy South of the USA. Werewolves and numerous other paranormals abound.

Hugo Weaving miraculously reappears on Holy Kitsch! Infamy page. He had made a prior miracle visit and purchased a miracle then Holy Kitsch! manifested as our main site image on Google.

A dealer in ghouls artist Tony from the band Allensworth. That's why he arrived at HolyKitsch! Wicked eh?

Dawn French artist comedian looking ghoulish in disguise visited Holy Kitsch! to buy some trinkets. What a wonderful grin:)

International model author Saint Tara Moss alighted on a wondrous gift from the multiplicity that is Holy Kitsch! Aside from St Tara's literary think Gothic Horror fame St Tara Moss is a UNICEF ambassador UNICEF patron of breastfeeding as well an ambassador for the deaf and blind. Much ado with fans in Holy Kitsch! going berserk. Tara is very tall and Holy Kitsch! was nervous and smaller.


This guy kicks ass in his '50s suit when he is on-stage. Muso, Dion Hirini. He is appearedin the Etta James tribute, the Opera House.
Louis from Hungarian metal outfit Coredea decided to replace a plain white tee shirt to a robot tee shirt from Holy Kitsch! for his most recent gig. I mean how many metal outfits are Hungarian?? Maybe tons, ahem sorry!

With Billie Proffitt for a name you just have to be in the Infamy Page of Holy Kitsch! Especially seeing as you brought in so much Californian sunshine and goodness! All Holy Kitsch! can say is that was some hot booty Billie was taking home. To see what Holy Kitsch! is talking about you'all will just have to drop on by! Billie apart from other movies appeared in The Dead Undead another great Hollywood star.

One of their technicians from Alexisonfire bought a bone ware from Holy Kitsch! today. Holy Kitsch! knows the others snuck in as well and bought other wares! Little do they know about their unknown connections to someone Holy Kitsch! knows. Maybe Holy Kitsch! will tell on them to Lexie 

 Don't Panic! Item on Holy Kitsch! featured in v. cool Brit mag. Is it Holy Kitsch's wonderful hand made crafts and collectibles or Holy Kitsch's splendid gallery?



The Mighty Boosh already knew we do not allow food and alcohol in store so they zombied out got skullified bought something really weird think zombie psycho shower scene as booty and bought a fab pic from Holy Kitsch! Surry Hills! 


It's Complex! Surry Hills has been nominated number 23 in 50 Most Stylish Neighborhoods in the World by the dudes at aforementioned urbane New York magazine on line and Holy Kitsch was granted a special mention Holy Kitsch!

Veteran Walkley Award winning journalist Joseph Catanzaro felt right at home at Holy Kitsch! though his taste ran more with humor with a light hearted encylcopædiac print and something off the wall! His tattoos are fantastic.

Kasey Chambers loved shopping live at Holy Kitsch and found a Yalala cross off the wall truly with chorus amongst other Holy Kitsch! booty and her baby daughter rocks! This is an early pic still relevant you can see Kasey thinking the music through.


The makers of the cinematic outing Wolverine decided they could do with some ephemera from Holy Kitsch! After rifling through quite a bit, what they found was ephemera. They must have known we are Wolverine friendly from our Wolverine deluxe limited edition Day of the Dead screen prints on Coventry paper.


John Butler regularly uses Holy Kitsch! images and props on stage, check it out!



Our tribal jewellery, sacred hearts and skeletons recently starred in a Romance Was Born styled feature Showmance  in Grazia magazine May 7th during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2012. Our jewellery looks spectacular and the girls couldn't get Roger our skeleton doll off their lap... Bad skel! 



The Pope of Trash artist John Waters officially anointing Noni, Queen of Kitsch!