Noni with the infamous director and artist John Waters.
This is such an awesome clock like winding up the computer we hope it works for you all in the pursuit of love in your life time.
Gemma Urban on a flying visit to Sydney and friend of Holy Kitsch! Noni last saw her in Paris. Some of her awesome photogrpahs have been published in a book about the art of French conversation made with a lot of ♥️ and many wonderful ideas on communication, language & life by Fanny Auger. Gems is now living in Portugal. 
Gem's parents were the people who ran Urban Cinefile for twenty years, they recently sadly wound it up. Look it up for reviews on movies of the past twenty years, they knew the cinematic world well, trail blazers.
Hey Shiz who was doing a residency at Holy Kitsch! was  looking melancholic hmm really dreaming actually after school we were listening to Beach House Depression Cherry. Shiz is an awesome Gemini, there are good and bad in all star signes none of the signs are bad in themselves and bad people can be any star sign. Shiz has since graduated from school and is now on her gap year wow we are all growing up!
Below is Paula Crevoshay in a typical fashionable Mexican top. She designs spectacular jewellery and when she holds a party has been known to feature Frida Kahlo, a fave artist of hers. 

Interesting Thought
Do you know Vermeer had a mad brother he had put into the insane asylum and a huge family 13 kids all possible models in a small terrace house, can you imagine the noise the smells the chaos? Holy Kitsch! thinks he used 1 point perspective not difficult just fiddly he may have used a camera obscura for reference. If you do something in perspective its fun to add stuff to the drawing with new disappearing points like his open windows maps etc then you invent a theatrical space. The thought would not occur from a photo as it is a flat copy you become way less inventive you lose the dynamics.
In perspective one ends up with lines criss-crossing all over the surface Vermeer reflects that process in the lace and carpets he almost tells you outright his process he uses reflection a lot talks about the very active trade environment he inhabited that is way more universal than his contemporaries as they were not "for" the elite rather he managed to robustly include universal themes on vitality fresher ways of seeing outside of the mainstream, as with Van Gogh. He is awesome his work is full of mirrors. Perhaps Hockney enjoyed having a lend of an entire generation of painters their loss. Hockney does know how to draw and it is not a stingy or mean line either, quite relaxed and considered. Vermeer must have been totally obsessive he looked outward to an expanding world view there is for example the African and Turkish trade represented in Girl with Pearl Earring deliberately faked ever so large such an illusionist!

Holy Kitsch! caught Mexrissey when they were in town they do fantastic covers of Morrissey everybody in love their instrumentation spectacular we felt the music.

Further on darned specifics: How depressing are fun youth focused events at art galleries events and beyond I mean what awesome teen aarrgh! or troubled angry or disturbed youth is going to join in or enter a fun youth focused event??? or family fun?? If something is aimed at youth or family or elderly it is not awesome already does not even pass as geeky!! We do allow troubled and disturbed depressed weird awesome and angry if relatively polite youth and family even so called mature into Holy Kitsch! even untroubled and un bleak un weird and non youth as we are un youthist! we are Holy Kitsch! We also ignore demographers phew and patrons do not resemble alphabet soup readily fitting a category as they love Holy Kitsch! right here right now siglo 21

Holy Kitsch! School of Arts graduate artist ballerina Nina below who resembles Anne Frank PM says anyhow a ballet dancer entire life found the commercial side a bad fit and too tiny in line up they disliked her traditional make up well Nina you forgot to use lip liner. 

An earlier incarnation of Nina's moves she learned! In fact this is Markova you can see the personality she introduced to the dance and almost clumsy kicks with a kind of cuteness fantastica am certain quite small and look at those scissor moves aaarrgh! There is another dancer supposed to be technically better Danilova yet her moves lack this personality certain Nina can go this path if she chose maybe USA. Ginny would like moves as well.

Update on below picture starring artist Princess Jessica Mauboy visited Holy Kitsch! 10/10/15 looking super coy and cute. Her new hairstyle looks fantastic since below style. Hmm recent partially tailored outfit interesting what tailor does she see????

Holy Kitsch! paid a visit to the Castles you see two of the artist family working using mind blowing brush work as if illuminating a biblical text re tracing stories as a Chinese calligrapher describing a world. These artists work in a different manner to other contemporary Mexican artists who participate also in the Global Art Discussion and trade all important and speak about their cultures in different ways these artists are very much respected. A former Democrat President USA has purchased from their studio. Hmm thick eyelashes a fashion on Earth at the moment. This is a courtyard area a pleasant place to work if your town is not too high up in the mountains as it is breezy and warm enough.

This is Holy Kitsch artist trader Cristina always welcoming said I can stay in their apartment in town next time thanx Christina. She hails from the town Diego Rivera born and has been expanding her galleries as Mexican art rises in value. Had time for brunch she and her husband are dieting. Cristina has lost weight her husband does enjoy food he says his weight has gone down he is quite funny. Processed carbohydrates with non wholemeal non traditional corn are a major issue in Mexico so numerous have weight issues though naturally curvy is usual Mexico way. High sugar GM corn, sweets then the oil fattening! Fast food not totally enormous issue Mexico just loves their take out food from street vendors everywhere and the delicious fried chicken yum! 

Belly Dancing artist Amy dropped by the other day on way to work tried out our new genuine vintage sixties fortune telling machine Zoltan hear your fortune each star sign. Only problem is Leo sign still not up and working. You can catch Amy around Enmore one place she appears with style good moves and back bends!


Holy Kitsch!School of Arts artist Jorge looking to side at youthful driver with the thick dark long eyelashes zero English lol steered clear too much gossip. The driver bought a couple of works from Isabel as blown away by her artistry. The artist Isabel is artist Jorge's mother. Holy Kitsch! makes such a fast visit day trip nerves jangled. Isabel and NONI! worked flamingo candle holders together and the Klingons we purchase the Vaqueros Charros Trees of Life and NONI! \(*_*)/brought along a new model that fell apart as when went to the art store 3 days before leaving Sydney really sick with flu plus art store only had Fimo incorrect material for a fine maquette with armature then ended up sketching sent paintings. Bought fruit in town then darn it saw the red dragon fruit afterwards too rushed.

Isabel now has flowering plants on her window sill they look really pretty and I really like the outdoor garden seat a nice place to while away time.


The professional Holy Kitsch! scholar Tilo in sharp white business shirt actually fits nicely ensuring all feel good about themselves in New York.
Tilo hails from Brooklyn hope she is doing OK there as Brooklyn we are told is being overtaken with mega rents with residents small stores and artists having to move on though she might even be one of the new residents who knows \(*_*)/ she is the key keeper Manhattan its called chicken coop tactics hmm tassels Tilo changed her haircut since last time heading to manage Manhattan. A true star. Hmm nothing since sending the Holy Kitsch! stickers did Tilo keep the lot there were really only a few? Tilo, the name in Spanish is the linden flower or lime flower tree, makes for a good cup of tea with friends nice being named after a flower.

This is Holy Kitsch! artist and scholar Joseph a Mexpat been with us for awhile makes on commission works for Holy Kitsch! He is married to a working wife a teacher with a little girl who they are busy teaching in the Arts of the Aztec warrior. Hmm Joseph has lost weight pity running late to Hammer Museum that was a rush.

A drawing Holy Kitsch! saw Ukraine Museum New York avante guarde around Art Deco period for experimental theatrical play you can still see the traditional costume of the Ukraine and attitude in this it's cute those flowers have traveled the world through Afghanistan China Thailand Mexico Vietnam. Malevich said art depicting nature resembles something alive as much as skirts resemble a woman. He was a Suprematist famous for the Black Square. Holy Kitsch! saw amazing inspirational historical dresses Chapultepec.
Painting: A Sinister Figure Lurks in the Shadows: Ramos.
Museum in New York Soho
Holy Kitsch! was allowed in for zero as Guest of the Gallery as she was undecided on what exactly the criteria was for student or mature citizen just wondered so they gave below guest of gallery ticket.


Photo Below: Artist John Waters

Moving Image: Artist John Waters Pope of Trash timely advice still youthful and attractive unable to follow all yer advice there squire still aiming high! There is poignancy and strong undercurrents to John Waters he is a complex and unusual person and really makes Holy Kitsch! laugh. John Waters is a Taurean making him determined like his star sign a bull with horns. Venus which is Aphrodite his ruling goddess is of love erotic and romance is there too. His element is earth so that is a more difficult mix with air signs e.g. Gemini is air earth needs air though air can go without earth still get on OK as contrast can work. Daniel Johns and Jack Nicholson were born on John Waters birthday. Taurean metal is copper aaarrgh!

Photo: Artist Pope of Trash John Waters officially anointing Noni, Queen of Kitsch! c 2011 Holy Kitsch! shoot for the stars. Artist John Waters 2015 exhibited new works C Type photo prints one in which he has turned into a central last century composition doll aaargh! Fantastico!

Council: Why do they continue to plant pestilential plane trees more suited to the damp and drear miasmas of old Blighty there are zillions of species of trees on Earth thousands of indigenous trees from which to choose what about Illawarra Flame Trees??

Dj Plater on black strip press arrow.


Nowhere on Earth do they have ear splitting bleepers on garbage trucks so loud they are trying to notify folks on adjoining mountain like the whistling language of the Turkish mountain folk. In Manhattan they use small machinery well buffered noise and never drill or do road work at 3 and 4 in the morning outside your window as they do so here it is positively medieval! The roads Dept here have more power than God.

Nominated for a Grammy blues and psychedelia artist Nai Palm pilgrim to Holy Kitsch! as a Bedouin sailing across dunes with fire a Mayan on foot carrying fire a Zapatista woman over mountains trailing fire heart on fire sounds like bluesy cool deep emerald green opal stone fire looks like fire. Nai Palm plays live venues diminished due to early hotel closures in inner city only so drunks go elsewhere or hang around in large groups. Nai Palm is a part of Hiatus Kaiyote.

Napalm: a gel with petroleum it adheres to human skin in explosive fire used by USA against Vietnamese Cambodians and Laotians USA '61 to '71 primarily. Early sixties to seventies USA had a Right Wing paranoid government backed by big business and a right wing media as did and still does Australia the war effect was to strengthen SE Asia's resolve the secret war waged by USA across borders caused the creation of Pol Pot and his army in Cambodia waging genocide revealed to the world by journalist John Pilger Pol Pot and his Year Zero aarrgh! policies thence overthrown. My Lai massacre Vietnam revealed to world by USA journalist Seymour Hersh. Photo below massacre after burning with napalm and victims. Scenarios similar people experience due to war in Middle East and Africa so urgent unable to wait for bureaucracy to clear them at an office and wait endlessly amongst the dead whilst officials decide if they are allowed to gain a passport as a refugee ticking boxes answering tests whilst officials are demanding huge amounts of money and bribes.

Agent Orange: a herbicide used in Vietnam "61-'71 USA and allies to kill forests crops maim people led to birth defects manufacturers Monsanto and Dow Chemicals Monsanto makes Roundup weed killer herbicide. There were Vietnamese differences between the Vietnamese they were worsened Buddhist monks set themselves on fire to protest the American invasion and war. Genocide is beyond borders always finds a place somewhere.

Nai Palm has played in New York traveled to Central Australia with Hiatus Kaiyote and dedicated to an aboriginal friend in the central Australian desert somewhere!!

Nai Palm from the band Hiatus Kaiyote bought a fan and looks super chilled Melbourne based. The USA does reward imagination originality and talent. 

Below image of toddler statue Ancient Mayan over 2000 years old well observed in fired clay. See how robust this figure is very lively happy healthy and clever child beautifully realised figure. This figure would have been a very complex delicate task to make and fire in clay and a relationship in form to the Hello Dolly paper mache figures.


Scott Angus is an awesome artist and amigo of Holy Kitsch! he identifies as gay. We all met when he studied his Masters Holy Kitsch! had recently left an incomplete degree in Landscape Architecture toward more art Holy Kitsch! being complex in thought and action faced enormous obstacles. Scott's show opened in USA he is an American citizen. USA as in UK France Mexico Italy all culturally developed nations people understand complexity and mystery in art and art and culture is valued.

Scott possesses a deep understanding of and strong ethics in art and life. Cashier is one of the soldiers in the exhibit a woman who posed as a man and was a soldier in the Civil War. When he went to a Veteran's home they discovered him to be female and transferred him to a mental home in a strait jacket then a dress. His former buddies were outraged he died before any change and he was given a respectful burial in uniform organized and attended by his fellow soldiers.

Scott has stated his objective is to create humanitarian art that empowers, engages and educates society on important issues of equality focusing on trans gender issues with a connection to St. Louis and the Civil War in wild days.

As a side comment he also likes those muscular Ancient Roman statues male hmm think outside his art practice. NONI! far prefers the more humane Greek statues. Interestingly the Ancient Assyrian male figures always carried hand bags.

Below we find a zoomed in image of Prof. Scott Angus at the Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St Louis USA. He is now published and reviewed by Mat Jarvis art historian.

Note: Pumpkins aaarrgh!

Scott is deeply saddened about the racism uncovered recently in St Louis about the white policeman Darren Wilson killing of the unarmed black teenager Michael Brown the policeman being found not guilty. Certain press is side long racist in USA.

Here you see an image of a poster for the event with fantastic photos and an image of Prof. Scott Angus with Pastor Mullins in church in what appears like a Holy modernist setting sort of Dr. Who. Evil eyes help in being thrown overly by Vanity placing undue focus and in protection from Evil and Wrath





Two musical artists the Sydney Festival came gift shopping to Holy Kitsch! Mikelangelo on the left plays music he composed for a recreation of a well whimsical illustrative work by artist Kit Williams Masquerade Sydney Opera House sans girlfriend. He sings with a country burr live venues around town that are still alive early hotel closures an issue talking here responsible outlets. Sxip Shirey aaarrgh! on right hails from New York City is known underground as is Mikelangelo. Sxip was backing LIMBO at the Spiegeltent with brass, electronics, hip-hop and club beats Sxip aaargh! uses a diverse approach to electro-funk industrial flutes bull horn harmonicas regurgitated Music Box Triple extended Penny Whistles and glass bowls with red marbles situational. Note: On the left is a pompadour.

ndustrial Flutes, Bullhorn Harmonicas, Regurgitated Music Box, Triple Extended Pennywhistls, Miniature Hand Bell Choir, Obnoxiophone, Glass Bowls With Red Marbles, human beat box and a clutch of curious objects.  - See more at:
ndustrial Flutes, Bullhorn Harmonicas, Regurgitated Music Box, Triple Extended Pennywhistls, Miniature Hand Bell Choir, Obnoxiophone, Glass Bowls With Red Marbles, human beat box and a clutch of curious objects.  - See more at:
ndustrial Flutes, Bullhorn Harmonicas, Regurgitated Music Box, Triple Extended Pennywhistls, Miniature Hand Bell Choir, Obnoxiophone, Glass Bowls With Red Marbles, human beat box and a clutch of curious objects.  - See more at:
played Industrial Flutes, Bullhorn Harmonicas, Regurgitated Music Box, Triple Extended Pennywhistls, Miniature Hand Bell Choir, Obnoxiophone, Glass Bowls With Red Marbles, human beat box and a clutch of curious objects.  - See more at:
played Industrial Flutes, Bullhorn Harmonicas, Regurgitated Music Box, Triple Extended Pennywhistls, Miniature Hand Bell Choir, Obnoxiophone, Glass Bowls With Red Marbles, human beat box and a clutch of curious objects.  - See more at:

Film bite:

Prof. Charlie Teo has a pretty radical family who seem to take after Papa who was in helmet disguise btw he rides some kind of bike. They all appear to have holy cranium affinities. Teo operates on brains so good everybody knows him takes on the hard cases. Thanks ABC for photo.


Artist Captain Ruin! Escapologist and dare devil performer rocked in nabbed a visual feast only at Holy Kitsch! Accept nada less.