As everyone mostly knows Holy Kitsch! is an artist initiative begun by the meeting of the interplanetary fields of two highly qualified artists and architects of vision Noni a professional Fine Artist and Phillip a professional Graphic Designer. We achieved this amazing feat all by ourselves. Our wares go well beyond the interesting they carry with them cultural knowledge. The narratives Holy Kitsch! wares and ephemeral gifts carry are voices sharing vital knowledge and cultural histories as we are the avante guarde. Beyond the corporate world of mass produced nastiness Holy Kitsch! shines. 

Our arrival truly changed all other gift and cultural retail stores. Everybody knows Holy Kitsch! in this nation wherever we shop people know Holy Kitsch! we are famous. 

We do have graphic design services in store and are working on the project ©La Grevilia Museum. Noni is very protective of this as major governing bodies here have a bad habit of taking ideas away from Holy Kitsch! as we lack the influence and position. already Holy Kitsch! city walks inspired many other city walks sadly none bothered to mention us, trail blazers on discovering unknown sides of sydney for tourists and locals.

Holy Kitsch! not only has cultured wares for sale we also have for your enjoyment Zoltan the Fortune Teller an anatomical model and one old cash register we need to think of re-installing the antique phone. We are a living installation and an amazing work of art a complete experience when you visit our store. Patrons love browsing to shop as we are so fabo and they often are fortunate to engage in idle chit chat

Our organic approach to the store works well for us and our customers who rarely act like consumers, more like guests being people as we are as well when we shop! Btw Holy Kitsch! truly pays an army of necessary people we are of enormous benefit to the community.