As everyone mostly knows Holy Kitsch! is an artist initiative begun by the meeting of the interplanetary fields of two highly qualified artists and architects of note Noni who is also a performance artist and Phillip. We achieved this amazing feat all by ourselves. Our wares go well beyond merely interesting objects they carry with them cultural knowledge and cultural capital. The narratives Holy Kitsch! wares and ephemeral gifts carry are voices carrying vital knowledge and cultural histories sharing underground knowledge. They reach well beyond and outside the corporate world of mass produced nastiness and reach beyond decorative craft though that is in there too, souvenir art can often be super cute, Warhol knew that as did other Pop artists and Damien Hirst of the famed souvenir diamond skull has located a house in Mexico, he would be very familiar with their Day of the Dead skulls!

Our arrival on Enmore Road truly changed the entire nature of Enmore Road. Real Estate agents were able to see how retail stores were now more eagerly sought and new smaller cafes opened. Everybody knows what a draw card Holy Kitsch! is on Enmore Road as we have become the gateway to the rest of the road. People waiting at the opposite bus stop and people in the buses and cars at the lights all know our cute lights at night time as we are indeed a land mark people even visit us from Perth.

When a member of Holy Kitsch! goes anywhere in town all know us and we are well loved and this is in spite of a quite concerted effort by certain lazy and jealous factions to bring discredit to our lovely store, web site, people and brand, ahem, they were trolls. We truly love our store and our fans and the love is returned.

Holy Kitsch! not only has cultured wares for sale we also have for your enjoyment Zoltan the Fortune Teller a huge American Indian statue an anatomical model and two old cash registers we need to think of re-installing the antique phone. We are a living installation and an amazing work of art in entirety and operation people love browzing we hope they return the love and purchase.

Sorry about the tags on our store we simply do not have the finances to restore the paint work and the Landlord and local council no help on public vandalism.

We follow in the foot steps though not as a replica by any means of the Yellow House in Kings Cross the Factory by Warhol and Tracey Emin's store before she made her littered bed. We are truly unique as we are not just the store as installation but a crazy kind of web site as well. Nobody had seen anything like us when we opened though many attempted denigration destruction and dreadful tactics to undermine our credibility and reputation even trolls they did not succeed and Holy Kitsch! continues to shine in a bleak water though Noni was extremely rattled long term still on recovery mode.

We are more than a store we are an institution even though our government unlike all other First World countries refuses to tax the internet or enforce the same transparency laws onto them to which we must abide. They do focus on a couple of large corporations and that is it. We cannot match their aggressive marketing and just as well. Actually the net needs to be more heavily taxed and retail barely at all as retail contributes so much more employment and jobs to the economy and btw even Singapore taxes the net Australia is way behind developed nations on this knowing that some on-line companies will not like us pointing this out though we are small fry.

An undermining of all kinds of businesses has been occurring for a lengthy period nationwide due to governments here refusing to recognise changes in the trading market since the net and for some odd reason we now see a proliferation of businesses that are unlicensed and unmonitored making almost no contribution to our communities in wealth or jobs. People are forced to believe they are consumers only rather than real humans so we are feeling all depressed about that.

People are forced to believe that as so called consumers driving prices down ever more is good. Well it has a bad effect on the economy overall. In fact the more overheads in place the healthier the economy as more people are employed and paid. Driving prices down can be a ploy by lazy governments so that very large corporations can pay way less to employees so that forces farmers, for example, to accept almost nil, it forces people to buy cheap and questionable goods and people to shop on tax free sites with cruel labor practices and a lack of transparency, money can even be laundered.

Welfare is a good thing as it prevents people from stealing and is a safety net for us all it is only Third World countries that lack welfare so Holy Kitsch! does not see healthy trade environment and a healthy welfare system being at odds. We like doing business and the majority like to work, besides who wants a bare living?

Intelligent businesses that produce highly refined and engineered products already went out of business years ago here as no protection existed in particular for high quality and specialised manufactue as you see for example in the EU where imported bicylces attract a 40% tax. Rather then less cyclists in fact more people cycle in the EU than here.

As to protectionism for example towards retail stores and manufacturing industries protectionism has existed since the year dot and needs to be considered desperately by government or we shall end up in the same position as India with a very poor underclass only tiny self managed businesses whilst a very few at the top make a lot more, no offence to India but that is what a free market looks like without regulation. 

Protectionism means that science and invention and the Arts is enabled to be developed with high quality output and creates huge wealth and diversity in jobs. Imagine if you had a football game with no rules it would be awful and pretty dull after a time yet that is what neo-liberals or whatever the free traders call themselves these days, they usually do not support medical assistance by the government neither do free marketeers support intelligent Arts either. BTW intelligent art can appeal to rich and poor alike it need not be populist at all. Actually street people are better at spotting high end art than the people in the middle or on Boards. Noni is looking forward to the Grevillia Museum funded by the legal fraternity in this city, an art gallery for the visually intelligent at the Downing Centre.  She has since thought real estate agents might also want to help out as another museum in town is like a magnet to a really interesting bunch of visitors and residents raising the bar in Sydney as a world class city, this gallery is for the visually evolved rich or poor and definitely not populist in the least and at times difficult for the casual observer, elitism will not come into it as it will be outside categories.

Finally we approach Holy Kitsch! as most do with their life in their daily lives and that is with fairness and a natural organic kind of diversity. As for shopping Noni herself loves shopping and same as Holy Kitsch! customers enjoys that social interaction that has been a part of society for absolutely ever and forces here are attempting to eliminate.

Our organic approach to the store works well for us and our customers who rarely act like consumers, more like people just enjoying themselves as we do so when we shop! Btw Holy Kitsch! truly pays an army of necessary people we are of enormous benefit to the community.