As everyone mostly knows Holy Kitsch! is an artist initiative begun by the meeting of the interplanetary fields of highly qualified artists, designers and architects. 

Holy Kitsch! Mexican crafts and various cultural wares go well beyond the interesting they carry with them cultural knowledge. The narratives Holy Kitsch! wares Mexican crafts, arisen wares and ephemeral gifts carry are voices sharing vital knowledge and cultural histories as we are the avante guarde. Beyond the corporate world of mass produced nastiness Holy Kitsch! shines. Holy Kitsch! is run by non rbots for non robots.

The joy the Mexican crafts and artisan wares , shabby chic and high kitsch brings to your home from Holy Kitsch! means you can return  to something more enlivening, warm and conversational than being in the waiting room of purgatory!

Holy Kitsch! is far from mediocre so expect to be overwhelmed. Oh and many of our artists in residence have gone onto bigger and greater careers and projects from their experience with us.