We are ethical traders aiming sustainable we support diversity. Our goodies come FREE OF PACKAGING. We pay hordes fairly we pay hordes of taxes we pay hordes in our community GST included. We have raised the bar on diverse and Latino cultures beyond the demeaning box of ethnic art thank goodness and include high kitsch and a fantastic gallery of framed prints instore only.  Remember at Holy Kitsch! we are NON AUTOMATED AND NON-TICKETED meaning you always receive enthusiastic and attentive customer service with gift choosing assistance Noni is good on star signs and personality types as well we can multi task meaning you do not have to wait forever whilst the assistant rudely ignores you.New store location and date top secret still mucho obstacles including a bank and a council!

Hola from Holy Ki†sch! awesome gallery for the in†elligent by the in†elligent 
School of Ar†s Dealers of Authen†ici†y and fabo Ar† Gallery
Contact: info@holykitsch.com.au
Holy Kitsch! loves maintaining the cute and diverse and the traditional excitement and interaction of shopping we will keep you updated new store also read El Angel. Holy Kitsch! takes the drudgery out of on-line shopping with added information on some items
Our motto is: SAVE TIME USE MINE
 Holy Kitsch! run by professional artists trades with artists. The only gallery in town who treats all visitors as VIPs
As our fans are the most AWESOME in the universes depthless and beyond.
M: 0422 312 568 LL: 02 8065 4541
Holy Ki†sch! professional dealers in Mexican authen†icity limited editions and unique collec†ible
Holy Ki†sch! acknowledges the Gadigal and Dharug people being the traditional owners of the sacred land Holy Kitsch! is on, acknowledges their clans past and present and their elders aaarrgh!
Without supporting Holy Kitsch! crops will fail, women will cease to bear any children at all, the rains will become turbulent, support the trrrue artists all social structures will topple without us.

Thanx for shopping at Holy Kitsch! Grassy Ass

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