As you all know Holy Kitsch! is run by two global citizens who support Mexican art, high kitsch and culture and we include other nations in Sth America, even the Pacific and random other nations/cultures. This is because Holy Kitsch! is run by professional artists and that is our commonality. We share with global artists a vigorous belief in a robust and broad art-scape sustaining cultures with ahem misfits such as us most often found in the trade scape of Arts and beyond.

Holy Kitsch! is a living and trading museum/gallery space run by two passionate and strange artists and designers who changed the approach throughout Australia to Mexican culture, Day of Dead and gift wares enlightening many about trade with Mexico and beyond with a generosity of spirit that we believe non-artists find difficult.

We do travel to Mexico when able and have met awesome artists and crafts people. Holy Kitsch! has sourced awesome wares that have been emulated since by many others, Holy Kitsch! were always trail blazers the others followed as we are before our time always. We have designed Mexican wares in collaboration with Mexican artists and created other wares ourselves like cushions (everybody copied) and curtains all our wares carry cultural dialogues.

Holy Kitsch! loves maintaining the cute, the high kitsch and diverse including the traditional excitement and interaction of shopping we will keep you updated new store. We try to make online shopping a non drudgery affair by adding in depth info knowing it is a poor replacement to live shopping we do our best!

At Holy Kitsch! we have transformed shopping into a social event as it has been forever. When you buy at Holy Kitsch! like a table at a café you buy the experience of shopping with us. Can include idle chatter depends on inclination both sides!