As you all know although Holy Kitsch! is run by Australians we do support a great deal of Mexican art and culture we include many other nations in Sth America and even the Pacific. This is because Holy Kitsch! is run by professional artists so that is our commonality and we are rmisfits. We are a living and trading museum/gallery space run by two passionate and strange artists.

We do travel to Mexico when able and have met some wonderful artists. We not only have created Mexican wares with Mexican artists which is totally awesome we also have created other wares ourselves like cushions and curtains all carrying cultural knowledge and capital, Noni uses the term cultural capital in a more humorous way we just like our goodies. It is the store in it's entirety that gives Holy Kitsch! a voice and makes for a very unconventional gallery indeed. Holy Kitsch! is the absolute best we can manage given money constraints, time and place a truly remarkable achievement and event space. We have been much emulated, even Noni's sculpture projects have even been copied in part, she no longer put these projects on these pages even though we are copyright they will be coming to her own artist web page soon.

You know anyone can shop at the very cheapest but that is like living in a communist regime, communities lose their cute businesses and the awesome people owning and surrounding them how dull to only dine at the cheapest coffee lounge or purchase the cheapest ware in the plainest place, we do aim reasonable.
Holy Kitsch! loves maintaining the cute and diverse and the traditional excitement and interaction of shopping we will keep you updated new store. We try to make online shopping a non drudgery affair by adding in depth info knowing it is a poor replacement to live shopping we do our best!

At Holy Kitsch! we have once again made shopping into a social event as it has been so throughout history. When you buy at Holy Kitsch! like a table at a café you buy the experience of shopping with us. Can include chatting depends on inclination both sides!