Emergency Holy Kitsch!  0401692631 can meet in person if the inner city and given some warning!


Holy Kitsch! is a self funded artist's enterprise.

BTW I did not use an inheritance to open shop we used the hard earned money and customers from the markets, it was only at the end my inheritance disappeared supporting the business plus I was ripped off blocally, not in Mexico.

For large items a courier is utilised, otherwise Australia Post. The bootie usually costs  $12 unless the bootie is heavy or bulky. Cats in West Australia and the Top End will find shipping a bit dearer Sth Australia somewhere in between. It will show before you pay.
If shipping sounds too high you can contact HK to see if correct. Certain items are zero if tiny or multiples. GST is already included on all bootie before check out. Holy Kitsch! is registered in Australia with an ABN. 
Holy Kitsch! aims to have your wares sent out within 2 working weeks, there are times when there is a wait for new stock I can inform you. Handmade items and lengthy shipping times as to arrival on Oz shores can mean all kinds of unforeseen hold ups for Holy Kitsch!
If the bootie has not shown within 3 weeks, usually it is far sooner, please contact Holy Kitsch! After two months Holy Kitsch! is unable to track the ware and therefore unable to verify you received the item or not and therefore refund you unless HK has contacted you about shipping arrivals or announced them publicly.
Holy Kitsch! is generally unable to do Free Shipping as we pay proper rates for the bootie and makers are paid fairly. 
Shipping globally is calculated on international oil prices distance then factoring in exchange rates. The labour accounts only for a tiny percentage though should be paid fairly.
Free shipping can only be done by companies on extremely light product and extremely cheap product hidden by the free shipping, if it is way too cheap somebody is losing as does our planet so Holy Kitsch! aims fair.
Holy Kitsch! freights internationally

Holy Kitsch! is a constellation of Mexican artisan wares, Peru, Latinx, France, Madagascar plus other star artistas and nations, information, collectibles museum and hand strewn bright stars with kewpies and vintage keeping alive invention, artisan's work and diversity in your shopping.


Works come signed or unsigned and usually with country of origin which can include some surprises. Holy Kitsch also stocks quality European wares and some wares made in Taiwan and China to Fair Trade standards. 

Holy Kitsch! stands at the Vanguard of All Grassy Ass!