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Holy Kitsch! is a self funded artist's enterprise now seeking funding El Museo Holy Kitsch!

For large items a courier is utilised, otherwise Australia Post. The system is fallible.
If it sounds too high you can contact me. Certain items are zero if tiny or multiples. GST is already included on all wares before check out. Holy pays taxes and GST as Holy Kitsch! is a genuine retailer and Oz citizen, Holy Kitsch! company is registered here in Oz with ASIC though that might change since downturn the government does not like trruue artists also traders in general unless slave labour products as we are now a Banana Republic as Keating predicted. Corporate bosses prefer billions of dollars where people must work with machines as one to tight turnarounds sing the company song and dress identically, It is their religion. Holy Kitsch! is kult.
Holy Kitsch! endeavours to have your wares sent out within 2 working weeks can be 3 or 4 due to unforeseen hitches happen such as waiting for new stock or HK enfeebled. Holy will let you know, handmade and lengthy shipping times can mean all kinds of unforeseen hold ups for Holy Kitsch!
Still if your ware has not shown within around 3 weeks, usually it is far sooner, please contact Holy Kitsch! After two months Holy Kitsch! is unable to track the ware and therefore unable to verify you received the item or not and therefore refund you unless Holy has contacted you about shipping arrivals or announced them publicly.
Holy Kitsch! is generally unable to do Free Shipping as we pay proper rates for our wares so makers are paid fairly. If you buy a dress for $20 free shipping chances are the dress cost about $2 or maybe even 2 cents meaning the maker is half dead from work! As for the textile how? Exceptions to free shipping are upmarket and large quantities, it is tragic the government encourages us to shop Bargain. I think EU has rules in place as to imports also some states USA, eg California as to slave labour products thereby protecting makers both nations. Holy Kitsch! freights internationally

Holy Kitsch! ia constellation of Mexican artisan wares, Peru, Latino, French, Madagascar plus other star artists and nations, information, collectibles museum and hand strewn bright stars and bush babies keeping alive invention, artisan's work and diversity in your shopping.


In the pipeline a diverse museum, currently:

Holy Kitsch! starring online boutique shimmers with authentic handmade Mexican Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls candelabras of great beauty Mexican Dia de los Muertos and hand painted verso mirrors evoking the life of Frida Kahlo la histoire de tattoos reflected in awesome gifts and artist framed prints the celestial artists studio hand painted legit bamboo curtains ancient and central last century wares ephemera artist hand scissored cards y mucho mas. As many goodies are made by hand or sourced with extraordinary difficulty, expect variations between each ware depending on maker's mood or age of the ware or whence it arose. When an item is hand crafted each is different, often in spectacular fashion.

Works come signed or unsigned and usually with country of origin which can include some surprises. Holy Kitsch also stocks quality European wares and some wares made in Taiwan and China to Fair Trade standards. Holy Kitsch! galleria of prints is only available on request or when doing a pop-up sorry

Holy Kitsch! stands at the Vanguard of All Grassy Ass!