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Wednesday Midday - 7.00 pm-ish

Thursday Midday - 7.00pm ish sometimes later

Friday Midday - late...ish depending on customers

Saturday 11.00 am - 6.00 pm-ish once again depending on you out there

Sunday 11.00 am - 5.00 pm ish, it usually slows down earlier

Above hours subject to change depending on Holy Kitsch! work load balanced with customer demand.  

New address: Shop 6480 King St Newtown NSW, just past Alice St if coming up from St Peters station or past Greek Orthodox Church on left from Newtown Station. The hot end of town :) There is a topiary liquid amber/plane tree outside the store

Holy Kitsch! is a self funded artist's enterprise.

Holy Kitsch! ia constellation of Mexican artisan wares, Peru, Latino, French, Madagascar plus other star artists and nations, information, collectibles museum and hand strewn bright stars and bush babies keeping alive invention, artisan's work and diversity in your shopping.

Holy Kitsch! starring boutique, new store King St shimmers with authentic handmade Mexican Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls candelabras of great beauty Mexican Dia de los Muertos and hand painted verso mirrors evoking the life of Frida Kahlo la histoire de tattoos reflected in awesome gifts and artist framed prints the celestial artists studio hand painted legit bamboo curtains ancient and central last century wares ephemera artist hand scissored cards y mucho mas. As many of our goodies are made by hand or sourced with extraordinary difficulty, expect variations between each ware depending on maker's mood or age of the ware or whence it arose. When an item is hand made each is different, often in spectacular fashion. Works come signed or unsigned and usually with country of origin which can include some surprises. Holy Kitsch also stocks quality European wares and some wares made in Taiwan and China to Fair Trade standards including the last of the hand painted Chinese lanterns from a particular family whose lanterns starred in the film Australia, he is retiring.

Holy Kitsch! stands at the Vanguard of All Grassy Ass!