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ūüĆěHoly Kitsch! is Back Online briefly will see how things go!

Mexican Passionate Tasseled Heart
$75.00 Mexican Passionate Tasseled Heart
Frida Relaxin' Copper Frame
Sold Out Frida Relaxin' Copper Frame
Blush Pink Mexican Heart
$80.00 Blush Pink Mexican Heart
Victorian Skull/Kids Linen Cushion With Pom Poms
$45.00 Victorian Skull/Kids Linen Cushion With Pom Poms
Original USA Letterpress Framed Print
$35.00 Original USA Letterpress Framed Print
Virgin statue
from $65.00 Mexican Virgin Statue
Heraldic Dije Heart
from $30.00 Heraldic Dije Heart
My Heart Of Guadalupe
$30.00 My Heart Of Guadalupe
Elvis Bisque Bust Hand Painted
$250.00 Elvis Bisque Bust Hand Painted
My Corazon HK Framed Graphic
$20.00 My Corazon HK Framed Graphic
Hand made Spanish Doll
$120.00 $85.00 Hand made Spanish Doll
Best Quality Skeleton BUnting
$20.00 Best Quality Skeleton BUnting
Holy Kitsch! gift Certificate
from $25.00 Holy Kitsch! gift Certificate
1969 Meowist Screen Graphic Rupe does Murdoch
$65.00 1969 Meowist Screen Graphic Rupe does Murdoch
Mexican El Coatiūü¶Ě on a Chair
$65.00 Mexican El Coatiūü¶Ě on a Chair
Mexican Handcrafted Virgin Shadow Box
$30.00 Mexican Handcrafted Virgin Shadow Box
Cat With a Pearl Earring
$50.00 Cat With a Pearl Earring
Day of Dead Mexican Tin Cross
$45.00 Day of Dead Mexican Tin Cross

ÔĽŅHoly Kitsch!¬†was paused. FaceBook is still on. For emergency kitsch just email or call I can meet in person too. I paused the site as it only assisted others selling rather than me. Still I shall give it another go we shall see.

Thank you to all loyal fans I can only manage so many things at once plus unable to visit Mexico meaning too reliant on what available wholesale making my store too lop sided for my taste.

Besides it will never match the being there of the galleries when stores disappear the net will start to die back too. Really the net is just mail order with a new label. if you do not know something exists you cannot search for it the net then becomes self limiting.

Bienvenidos a nuestro espectáculo Holy Kitsch! is hosting Mexican Folk Art, Mexican Handcrafts, Mexican and other realms

Viva La Vida


Holy Kitsch! does not sell slave labour wares nor very high end luxe nor fast fashion therefore we  DO NOT offer FREE SHIPPING


John Waters is Holy Kitsch! totem and Ray Pettibon's doigs are mascots here r zee names:

Praise for Vaguely Noble, Ohne Title Vilent One, and Tokyo zey are very vicious

Email text call for EMERGENCY HOLY KITSCH! can meet you in public inner city

+61 401692631.


Remember buying from Holy Kitsch! not only helps to support HK you also support numerous indigenous in Mexico who work in Mexican hand crafted traditional cultural wares and are paid fairly keeping Mexican folks art and culture alive.

 HK is palm oil free 

The very best in the random universes depthless and beyond featuring the stellar Frida Kahlo, Mexican Day of the Dead, Mexico,  Perruu, Madagascar, many more & spiritual needs, gum nut babies, Australiana, notions, bits and bobs, conceits, vintage and ephemera celebrating Joie de Vivre, Pura Vida. Holy Kitsch! aims Green.

Holy Kitsch! has her MSA with Honours, Sydney Uni (SCA) Bachelor Fine Arts Nat. Art School Unfinished Bach. Land Arch. UNSW, Cert. Library/Information Studies TAFE Sydney

  Holy Ki†sch! acknowledges the Gadigal and Dharug people being the traditional and rightful owners of the sacred land and waters Holy Kitsch! is on, acknowledges their clans past emergent and present and their elders aaarrgh!
Black Lives Matter
Thanking you for your kind patronage at Holy Kitsch!

all site text, name, placement and photography of wares and designs tongues at the discretion of Holy Kitsch! and copyright. HK 

The avante guarde and art outlaws are always welcome at Holy Kitsch!

Mooch us Grassy Ass

Kitsch!mobile now with a new owner in Sth Australia. Miss her. HK would ride in it people were dumbfounded and unable to believe! Mahné pedalled it to Newtown and back, once after a stop over with friends of his for brakes tightening she came back with stickers all over her the MCA and AGNSW both rejected her as being in poor taste, too commercial yet artists always advertise their names this was the start of current net boom so it was topical, our customers mostly looked online then visited us, often emulated since.

Refund Policy

at behest of Google though they still don’t show images top of page the policy was just not front page 

Holy Kitsch! does not exchange simply because you have changed your mind or made the wrong decision. We will refund or exchange where goods are faulty, have been wrongly described or do not do what they are supposed to do although we cannot guarantee miracles and good luck magic happens.

Rarely the Post Office does get it wrong eg the ware does not show up or one piece is missing from a set please take it up with the postal service I will tell you how 

Please note that the majority of our wares are hand-crafted or vintage and sold as is. Markings and signs of age are to be expected with a non mass manufactured product and are consistent with the item's age art individuality and mood of artist at the time they made it, all the same you will be wonderfully surprised how much better Holy Kitsch! is live as these are made for shoppers in real time rather than onscreen only

Lexie near emergency wall phone.
February 13, 2022

Lexie has graduated from Australian Film and Television School now! Her Latest outing is a crowd funded film called The Familiars blurb says: When a teenage girl inherits a dark power, she must decide whether to use it to protect herself and her...

Let Them Eat El Gato
April 13, 2021

Let Them Eat El Gato Author’s note: there is no racism intended in this item which rather I's investigates a tragic death of a Chinese man and political allegiances. Lui’s opponent is Chinese too except she is honest and not racist. In...

Holy Kitsch! Shaman Lurkz
February 07, 2021

Ijan is practising the most innocent "I am not a vampire" look here. Ijan is another model for zee HK School of Arts.  HK se dice: do not vorries my next move eez to a better place somevherz somehowz she vill find a new...

Ella Bella Escapes with XL Kewpie, tiny recent gallery King St
February 07, 2021

The hairy authentic vintage cow skirt with black patches on white this day was not worn by Ella even though she might catch cow girl blues instead Ella chose Playboy bunny earrings it’s a sign of Peace, Love and cruelty free make-up all...