The beadwork wares are made by artist families from the Sierra Madre Occidental in Mexico. The people who inhabit the mountainous terrain follow both traditional and contemporary festivities with seriousness and gaiety as other communities in the random universes. The gestures you see on the fantastic bead worked art wares are symbolic as in the manner of Kahlo using symbolic gestures and contemporary artists in their practices utilizing their myths. Some of the artists are master shamans.

Proceeds of the sales of the beaded works of art go towards supporting the frivolous and serious artists and their families of the Sierra Madre Occidental. A close knit numerous and hardy community rich in heritage who rely on their art and farms as support. They liaise with indigenous people throughout Canada and North America to maintain their rights. 

One of the shaman artists from the Sierra Madre has art on display in the Paris Metro other artworks have toured cultural museums. The clothes you see the people of the Sierra Madre wear are traditional and look extraordinary as they reflect a rich cultural heritage. The people maintain their own language. Holy Kitsch! purchases in person.

Holy Kitsch! respects these people's culture by maintaining much of the mystery of the symbols.