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If you are an old school tattoo enthusiast a visit to Holy Kitsch! is vital for gifts for your day of the Dead paraphernalia. Holy Kitsch! holds art wares referenced in tattoo art including spectacular Dia de los Muertos sugar skulls and Our Lady the Virgin of Guadalupe considered the mother of modern Mexico and Central America her image was tattooed by the stain of unseasonal roses onto an indigenous man's cloak after he beheld her apparition. Roses have since become a popular tattoo in Mexican cult and underground culture.  Santa Muerte is a popular Day of the Dead Virgin with the underground the poor the dispossessed and outsiders in a world for numerous with forces way stronger than theirs.

Holy Kitsch! wall of art of starring artist's prints are a must purchase for any tattoo aficionado and beyond.

Tattoo art is practiced throughout Earth and is prominent in the Pacific Rim region. Spiral motifs are shared by Pacific nations including Japan although the Scots men and women have a solid history of tattoos floral later years with Celtic spirals ancient. Formerly Scottish warriors would appear naked in battle except for their tattoos the women also can be found in etchings of them naked covered in floral tattoos. Then there are wandering sailors from port to port around the world bringing home and spreading the art of tattoo. In the fifties well known American tattoo artists emerged due to sailors. During the Victorian era in Europe and the UK circus performers were featured covered in tattoos and even Queen Victoria had a tattoo. Ancient Mesopotamian statues were engraved with tattoos which is very old school indeed.

Ancient Mayan statues of nude women with indigo spiral motif breasts tattooed were seen in museums. Numerous ancient indigenous to Mexico statuettes are tattooed this kneeling woman has circular motifs you can see variations of this right across the Pacific region including the concept of blocking in areas and asymmetry as on the face and the blocked out area. Elongated heads were popular the Ancients utilized head binding for that from baby age.

Using Maori tattoos as a reference these tattoos would have given the woman a strong assertive warrior presence as well as being decorative in particular the strong streak emitted from nasal area. This is NOT a nose bleed caused by drug use but more like an assertive individual symbol and for the art.

The people did chew coca leaves for medicinal and ritual purposes social structures would have crumbled if rampant use besides it takes a packed cup full of coca leaves to chew to create same effect as one line of the refined stuff so quite different and controlled by cultural bars and knowledge. Thanks to the gallery LA who allowed the photograph.

On Maori tattoos different clans and families have inherited symbols that only that family can use.

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Holy Kitsch! bamboo curtains are individually hand painted bead by bead lending a tattoo design able to be viewed from all angles. This technique requires skill imagination and hard work making for a unique sustainable art ware that is attractive and warm to touch and soft shuffle sound they are neither screened printed or spray painted beware fakes!!.

Saint Paola, an elderly saint with associations with St Francis of Assisi is considered the saint of sailors young girls looking for husbands and vegans.



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