Mask making in Mexico has existed since before the Spanish (pre-Hispanic). An animal mask worn by a shaman whilst in a trance enables him to take on the spirit and strength of that animal. A warrior may use the spirit of a mask to help him defend himself or herself. Wooden leather and papier-mâché masks were traditionally made to strengthen the warrior in his her path through life. They continue to be made into the present for various rôles including popular figures to be lampooned and are utilized in parades festivities and protests. El Dia De Los Muertes is a great time to wear a mask.

The masks of antiquity displayed many moods and were used in much the same way as in other realms of Mythic worlds depicting amazing characters and important figures the worlds of life death warrior renewal and connections to nature such as animal masks.

Wrestling has a long history in Mexico. Masks are worn by the acrobatic wrestlers to take on another identity. Wrestling is highly ritualised similar to Japan. Japanese wrestlers visit Mexico for greater knowledge. The wrestlers in Mexico join troupes or have managers and continue long held traditions and codes Sometimes they travel to the USA though the moves are less acrobatic or traditional and in Mexico modern forms exist along with traditional. Wrestlers travel to practice their trade and art. It is considered a loss of honour for a wrestler to have his mask removed and face revealed unless the wrestler wrestles already bare faced.

Masks can represent the fight against evil.

In Mexico to unmask a person is used to refer to revealing a person's true nature eg a politician. Wrestling can be passed on as a tradition in a family.

Politicians can be referred to as masks when they stand in fact for big business and control the media and who knows what else.

Pussy Riot were inspired by Mexican wrestling masks in their fight for the good against major entities and a too powerful Orthodox leaders in Russia. Kanye West has worn fantastic bespoke masks on stage. Artist Yinka Shonibare includes a luchador mask in one of his paintings.

Wrestling is a long standing tradition in the random universes including traditional Aboriginal Australia. Lexie does a form of arm wrestling (in discussion)aaarrgh!