Fiestas solemnity parties and the Art of Holy Kitsch! gifting forms a part of an exciting rich life leaving us with mucho contento. Frivolous and solemn rituals Make the World go Round. Buying a gift gives all round a lasting memory for the receiver from the giver something to be kept with care remembered and handed down or discarded a lasting reminder or a gift of ephemera your choice! Gift giving is a cultural exchange between friends family co-workers lovers and nations. 
Remember Holy Kitsch! has Gift Vouchers plain money does not cut it that's just a tip sorry you still have to add something culturally significant and make the effort at gift purchasing so the gift voucher is a way out if desperate.  You do have to make your contribution to society on Earth by purchasing deathly awesome and culturally significant.
Upcoming Fiesta:
Mothers Day MAY 14

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