Mexican miracle charms: can be used as a way to focus on an area of concern to say thanks or for beseeching serendipity or guidance and offered up in church along with prayers. Mexicans use these as well as the Spanish, Italians and Eastern Orthodox.

Beadwork: The bead work necklaces are a highly skilled art form from the artist shamans in Mexico.

Flowers with Resin:The resin flower jewellery is a specialty art of Mexico Hk has seen awful mass produced copy of this art form. Holy Kitsch! purchases from a Mex-pat whose family lives in Mexico raising the tiny wildflowers in a glass house then finely making the jewellery.

Silver: Mexico has a long tradition of high quality silver work and many artists from the fifties gained fame for their jewellery designs. Prior we see more the kind of necklaces Frida chose to wear. In the present artists still work with silver by hand and work re-cycled silver. Many of the miracle charms are made from re-cycled silver and/or mixed with other metal.

Before the Spanish the people of Mexico were experts in the art of very fine gold work using the lost wax method. Copper is a big export item of Mexico and is popular in various designs. There are issues with mining companies and toxic waste, they export to EU which itself has its own rules controlling toxic waste