Jewellery with Charm


Mexican miracle charms: can be used as a way to focus on an area of concern to say thanks or for beseeching serendipity or guidance and offered up in church along with prayers. Mexicans use these as well as the Spanish, Italians and Eastern Orthodox.

Beadwork: The bead work necklaces are a highly skilled art form from the artist shamans in Mexico.

Silver: Holy Kitsch! purchases small quantities of handcrafted silver jewellery through people we trust. Holy Kitsch! supports the art of handcrafting of silver and other metals as a hand crafted sustainable art form.

Flowers with Resin:The resin flower jewellery is a specialty art of Mexico. Holy Kitsch! purchases from a Mex-pat whose family lives in Mexico raising the tiny wildflowers in a glass house then finely making the jewellery.

Bone wares we purchase are carved only from domesticated buffalo bone and from people we trust and whose art we love.