Above picture is of a Virgin shrine in a market place in Mexico. It is usual to have a shrine in a market place and at times in the street as well as at home bringing blessings for all. This one is more unusual as she is bearded she has all the usual signifiers of the Virgin of Guadalupe including crescent moon and reflects on Hermes see below god of trade travelers trickster moves between worlds underworld and above the messenger of the gods.

The Virgin appears as a hermaphrodite half male half female. Hermaphroditus was the son of Aphrodite and Hermes when Salmacis fell in love with him they joined and became a single person a romantic tale and allegory as well. The combined sexuality as an entity lends strength to the female and gentleness to the male so a good Virgin for all traders.

The Virgin of Guadalupe Mother of God is considered the mother of Mexico and South America.

A vision of the Virgin of Guadalupe appeared twice to indigenous Mexican Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin when he was in the mountains in winter. The first time her apparition manifested she beseeched him. The second time to Juan again on seeking proof for the local priest there remained roses blooming out of season whence had been cacti. Juan witnessed both events gathered the roses in his own mantle after having collected these miracles with his own hands into his cape he took them to the local priest as proof he presented the gifts spilling out of the cloth and there remained an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the man's rebozo the priest was exulted at witnessing this miracle and proof of a gift of such vision thus he ordered a cathedral be built to memorialize the spectacle the cloak with the eikon is on display inside a cathedral.

Being a manifestation of nurture and tenderness the Virgin of Guadalupe's starring appearance assisted the easing of tensions between the Spanish and indigenous Mexicans bringing about peace and reconciliation between belief systems. The Virgin of Guadalupe's rays resemble the spines of the cactus and the image in entirety makes for a strong feminine presence and resembles in form a Georgia O'Keefe motif. 

Worship of women has always existed in Mexico. Female deities in symbolic form are presented in various moods throughout Earth and beyond including Saints. They are vehicles to express ideals aspirations and greater understanding of the world. Their myriad representations reveal complexities people have forgotten and to remind worshipers of the feminine spirit.

Santa Muerte is the shining white skeleton female Virgin with the scythe the Day of the Dead Virgin. She is worshiped by outsiders prostitutes the poor single mothers the marginalized the dispossessed and hoods. When saying hoods we are speaking specifically the poor and the marginalized the very wealthy criminals go more mainstream. Here she is highly decorated in cloth and flowers with numerous in Mexico City beseeching her protection where wealth and power of the traditional church has failed them.

Below you see the Sierra Madre Mountain range or Mother mountains.