1969 Meowist Screen Graphic Rupe does Murdoch
1969 Meowist Screen Graphic Rupe does Murdoch 1969 Meowist Screen Graphic Rupe does Murdoch

1969 Meowist Screen Graphic Rupe does Murdoch


Authentic vintage Mao hand silk screen printed publicity image of Mao celebrating Spring or cherry blossom time screen printed in China oh no he is celebrating Trump they are the same.  74x59 cm on delicate tissue Highly collectible and the artist has done a nice job. You can see the ink through to the reverse of paper. The actual poster is far redder. The date 1969 is bottom right.

From a formalist perspective the pinks and red work well highly fashionable with the characters dripping as blood at the base or perhaps just a fringe on a silk rug. The artist has drawn the figure graphically and in a benevolent Sun Ray style pose.

The artist has also created the skin as being pasty in White Suprematist mode or he is wearing good sunscreen though in fact the model's is brownish which is not a bad thing in Oz. In China it is believed the paler the better.

Ahem, alternatively the model also might be a Goth  or just pale

The artist by thriftily utilising the pasty ground of the poster as a colour and red with black lineage as contrast can extoll the standers principles of one nation acting as one red with pastiness, black outlines plus blush blossoms common here and elsewhere as to purity of origins as mixing with other nations is not a good idea for nationalists pasty or with black outlines and red all over it was hastily realised and difficult to say whose side the artist is on hence the blossoms  

Nationalists may be concerned about being Neanderthal so are now extolling the virtues of Neanderthals I do not think about that much as they were cannibals as many of us have been throughout history it is a problem for all in the present. Nevertheless in an attempt to appear less Neanderthal we these days choose more contemporary haircuts than that shown. The comb over is not an answer  

The figure's jacket is what is known as a boxy fit (nothing to do with Boxer rebellion) or one size fits all. Does give room for movement though not good at showing off one's assets a drape is better if nothing else fits at all as designers everywhere use one model same size in the front as the back meaning nothing fits anybody except that one model.

The model utilised does not have a stomach or uterus and is flat front and back, sides are straight up and down too, this oblong has no genitals or reproductive organs at all so as you can see this poser has no testicles.

Having no testicles is a problem for a wealthy minority who think of themselves as "white rhinos", in order to get some testicles (it does not work) genuine white rhinoceros are now extinct bar one RIP

It is 1969 people of certain villages and different types just disappeared in prisons, this is a global problem. 

In 1969 Midnight Cowboy was released and Woodstock happened, many became turned on, tuned in and dropped out for peace and love. They Shoot Horses starring Jane Fonda also met enormous success looking at the future of some baby boomers and the many under Meowism and under Rupe does Trump.

In 1969 Easy Rider was made on a small budget about two hippies wanting to get together enough money to drop out. In the film they are shot by redneck Meowists and left to die as the killers shout at them "goddam hippies." The media did not like rebels nor the mainstream they were revolutionary times for some. 

In 1969 a Liberal Govt was in power in Australia. They supported the Right Wing in USA so 18 year olds were put in a lottery they had no vote if they won that lottery they were sent to fight and maybe die in Vietnam in an undeclared war. The USA and Australia eventually pulled out. The above was still in power as were the politicians who sent innocent boys to die. The politicians must have been Meowist.

This is an iteration of Meowism. A grand poster for your new apartment equally at home in a cabana or terrace best framed could go well above the mantle piece warm glow of fireplace below or TV. 

The issue being its difficult to put up some of the more common Warhol posters as unless an original or in a gallery if it is really popular it can appear like dept store decor, hmm HK knows someone with an Albers poster and it looks fine its situational.

This poster looks fabulous when the cops break in to harass you or maybe they are checking the fire alarm. This poster also is a good preventative against your home resembling a Real Estate ad it could even assist. 

Holy Kitsch! has other revolutionary posters ask. I’ll try putting them online usually barely worth it as a million copies will then come up on line for almost 0 dollars due to money laundering.

As you can see the poser retains the ordinary attitude for living under the above who is conformist and is ready to celebrate past and future wars as well as nationhood all as one together in ordinariness and flatness. Drips at the base of a work are amazingly popular Local go figure.

Currently in Oz decoration in art is allowed so long as it celebrates having children and/or nationhood. Here there are two extremes, a pretence of benevolence (and far from Ruth) or happy sappy. The above poster extols these principles well just like our leaders here. Even this poster is considered extreme in the art world of Oz that’s how bad it is here.  

Fathers as promoted by Rupert does Trumpism are distant figures as portrayed so you can place this in your home and meditate on macho distant ordinariness at think tanks about the cattle holdings, cotton farms, coal mines, shares as being good honest billionaire peasant farmers and moguls.

I think Basquiat started drips hmm Jasper Johns yet here we see an iteration before he was emulated. Basquiat would have had no hope in Oz unless he had already happened somewhere else first and therefore there was a precedent. Besides he would not have found anyone to sleep with here worthwhile except Holy Kitsch!ers he would have failed the Kool Aid tests.

The figure represents the values of us all being the same, nobody is allowed difference as this disturbs the structure though within that twisted ordinary there is an elite of the truly ordinary even if decorative. There is a huge push in the art world to have the ordinary reign supreme as it is becoming Meowist.

We are all expected to aim with the same purpose and if any refuse to do so then well it must be your fault for not wishing to put up with insults and acknowledging the existing nasty hierarchy based on #nothingatallmuch other than being boring and in USA the ability to Twitter if Trump a secret Meowist.

After all just don't get any fancy ideas about yourself or uppity we must act as one for the betterment of the nation one category you can feel at home is battler, "the little Ozzie battler". Be polite unless you are the landed gentry as depicted then you can live a lazy life of being non inquiring and the epitome of boring ordinariness as the new elite here a larger jaw is preferred and furrowed  brow with bad boring suits even if well tailored.  

Meowists have policy drives. eg choose any broad group, at the present women and Holy is female so not against women and start a campaign targeting group saying all Locals are responsible for violence against #broadgroup. When the reality is the Meowists raising the issue are exacerbating conflict in marginalised people where doggies who traditionally were raised to be rabid dogs are unable to compete anymore and take it out on the cats as the bears no longer feel macho as the depicted or ones on porn movies or might even be gay yet cannot come out or like any good Meowist just wants to bully.

Same with yabbies they use different  methodologies on Holy Kitsch! less frequently as yabbies are just usually yabbies doing their thing.

Women who buck the system are ordered to be identical to all other women and are no longer different rather placed under one banner and each banner has to be a group who are segregated from the other group there are no expressed differences between ourselves or you shall be marginalised and most likely stay poor especially Local and especially more so HK.

Globally Holy Kitsch! has usually conducted business with as many women as men, it is about even. If the artist has placed you at the outset on the margins then you can see from depicted hierarchy there is bear hope of rising up against the giant depicted Meowist as the small marginalised characters are worth little as to Gross Domestic Product and Budgetary Requirements and bean counting, figures all Meowists bang on about continually stated in such tiny characters as to be imperceptible as to visuals at all.

Everyone has a banner everyone a box it makes us very easy to control by the powerful as then we are all the same just one vast all consuming mass and the above cares little about alive or dead unless it improves his/her popularity polls.

We just have to remember how ordinary we are and what a plain life we all must learn to live, forget freedom and to not go getting any fancy ideas. If a person is a small character as seen at base of print or on screened background it is obviously their fault not the Great Big Meowist's fault who tells you that you must work harder still and sell your body ie labour, self and soul cheaply, sorry Shiz that is you as well who has totally rebelled and is staying silent, its because she is now studying and it is difficult to unkidnap yourself.

The area at the figure's back is also blossoming space the Meowist is protecting. For Boris Johnson that is billionaires who use tax free British havens.

You could place this poster outside a public bathroom and then let the person decide if they resemble the poser as to bathroom choice. What is wrong with just one big bathroom? Nobody has that issue in family homes, still pictures can work better ie a squatting figure one set of loos, a standing figure for the other which one?? Some countries utilise different kinds of loos it's awfully confusing.

It is not really of huge importance just there should be plenty and some men are intimidated by macho loos and kids should be able to go in either or have a separate kiddy block for cats with their charges. Female loos should have more than men though nobody does that in their plans. HK would.

Meowists prefer road building and massive scale public works, hydro electric schemes soo fifties to individual cultural expression so they can stand on what appears to be on high in the poster and look down at us and their public structures and strictures it totally impresses the blossoms even if the drinking water is fouled. It is called the "spectacle" in philosophy, certain leaders use the spectacle to maintain power and satisfy toadies. That does not mean the Opera House is bad nor unusual buildings it's more about a way of thinking and how leaders manipulate people often for reasons of vanity. If people are given enough big stuff they will not notice what they are losing. Heroic "nation building" can really irk people.

This figure would look excellent above a concrete hydro scheme larger poster Futurist, hmm or endless circling freeways, minimalist small nature strips on the verges freeways of NSW.

In this state a Meowist sold off all our accumulated assets of years of work so she can be re-elected for non free freeways that are owned privately now as she is afraid of the colour in the poster but roads and transport are utilities on Monopoly and difficult to make a profit from as they are for our freedom in a democracy, same public transport and we need to use way less oil as to roads. The above poster is environmentally sustainable on delicate paper unknown if a sustainable tree planting.

1969 Manson must have been influenced by this character though more likely he was a crazed hillbilly marginalised with war cults increased and psychopathic behaviour, he murdered Tate in 1969 marginalising Polanski who was a hippy if you look at him and made far out films who the above anywhere would disapprove as the films were extraordinary and intellectual.

As mentioned in 1969 Woodstock happened this guy does not look like Jimi Hendrix and Hendrix shirts fitted when on, take a look anyone with an HK Jimi Hendrix limited edition skel print out there are fortunate  

The Summer of Love was disparaged by media ruled globally by the above as their motto is hatred of difference so now we are all forced to be Meowists. Conformity is not good for anybody much except darn person above and why such an awesome poster as it’s amusing. 

Hitler built the autobahn and prison camps with the slogan "through work freedom" Meowists are always telling you that one as they know others and it worked for them yet they are totally lazy and pampered and drunk with power ill gotten. They would count and recount the prisoners endlessly everyday in the yards morning and evenings as this issue of budgetary requirements is very important to Meowists.

Meowists are frequently billionaires who would not know at all what marginalisation looks like in the sitters case I think he had to kill a lot of people, others starved, many suicided you can see them below the ledge RIP.

Like Bush Nixon Thatcher Murdoch Menzies Gaddafii  and Drug Barons to become a powerful man or woman of influence billionaire their thinking is disabled. HK's Mum and Dad were in same restaurant when Gaddafi entered once and apparently Mariah Carey accidentally gave a concert for him about which she feels awful she was for building bridges so was Dad, such interesting artistas as herself are ignored for the plainer sycophants than she though she does feel sorry for the bland and is attempting to help them out of their horrible lives. This figure has what appears to be a piercing in his left nostril, clear evidence of the domino affect in piercings.

mic you are the most awesome artist ever but omitted the prizes residencies and lacked Meowist connections Meowist will work to ensure you have no showings as Meowists are afraid of difference and the clever it scares them and why during the Meowist Revolution strangely people kept falling out of the windows of the Meowist official headquarters and the building was only a few stories high not a sky scraper at all.

As you can see there are margins in this poster though the poser does not care. That is why the characters at the base to represent the blood of the margins.

The ledge is a kind of schtick to hammer the tiny terrorised characters at the base margin and blossoms on background screen or carpet are the blossoms as the new vacuum cleaner does not work, Koons has a few that work on display he is keeping them looks like in case he thought they were aliens. The blossoms might be a fart.

US terrorised¬†Hollywood as¬†concerned this guy's fright handers and reds under the bed in general hunted by the¬†press and being 1969 the reds might have been ūüíä under the bed though the interesting preferred Timothy Leary. Also in his fright is hush money to keep the blossoms on the screen quiet, this guy whether Trump, Bush, Nixon or Murdoch, Boris Johnson, Bezos, Gadaffi, Hitler Thatcher drug Baron pays to remain with schtick and screen as power counts.

In 1969 John Waters released Mondo Trasho. It was 1970 when Kent State murdered protesting students under Nixon. Millions died of famine and war in part due to policies of above, paranoid wars USA and Oz killed countless too so it goes RIP

In 1966 Meowism was very strong when Askin said in the motorcade to "run the bastards over" referring to student protesters anti Vietnam war re: conscription, "Hey! Hey! LBJ! How many kids did you kill today?" Askin and LBJ were on the way to the Art Gallery of NSW all being plain vain and jocular like this person. To admire some live native animals no kidding. Askin was supported by Rupe does Trump, it pays to be born in Oz if you want to rule the world which is awfully scary if you did not vote for that person and Democracy is endangered.

The plain Askin was able to rid the Opera House and Australia of Utzon thereby pleasing local media giants and the ordinary, after all the Opera House was way too extraordinary we need more roads it is frivolous. Cambodia was being bombed in a secret war creating the horror of Pol Pot all whilst this poser was showing. War breeds horror and is great for profits.

Brett Whitely was anti war. The Nationalist sycophants and elite surrounding him wanted their harbour views, Bondi Beaches and value system exemplified again and again, he was split between painting how he saw and being told what to see whereas this artist here has decided he would leave the characters in the margins, perhaps someone will notice and notice the blossoms on the screen of the fallen and the schtick acting as one.  

You find it in judiciary who currently uphold laws that favour weeding Reds under the bed. They smile and frown with the plain upholding long out of date value systems to uphold those who resemble the above. The above likes to create a system of informants (not whistle blowers) to terrorise the disempowered through nasty lawmaking now in Oz you can invent a story about a person you dislike and ruin their life same as China and Russia.

This poster is not encouraging anybody to enjoy a good life except the poser, the poser is definitely enjoying the good life as is for example Donald Trump drug lords and Rupe does Trump. The above manages to get the poor following him above it is populism.

This poster could have been made very small so it was a soap wrapper as the poser has that bouquet in the background and some people think due to advertising if they wash their faces often enough it will turn stark white yet it will not which is sad as cleanliness and being white are different things entirely eg Trump Rupe does Murdoch and drug lords are filthy yet most are white, their politics encourage grimy underground dirt smearing tactics so you can see colour of skin has nothing to do with soap. 

We all come up bright and new after a shower whatever, the aristocracy in some nations in the past barely bathed at all so wore lots of perfumes to cover stench and white lead make up to cover small pox scars so being white or brown-ish or black is superficial and is just something like a tree it's the way we manifest as individuals.

Women are not allowed to fall in love instead it is thought it is best to be manipulative and mean and work for the greater good of nationhood, everybody applauds that one here as being clever if a woman is sneaky she can then only hang out with other women and there are times we all hang out in segregation, men's secret business and women's secret business thank you aboriginal people for that concept. Nobody here much falls in love its only to squash cats and use that moggie as their ladder due to dog eat dog and Meowism brought about by the above.

The blossoms in the background are most likely wallpaper, hard to say, could be the sweat of the minions rising and the smell of the fart. The subjects plain clothes are in line with current govt principles, a large woollen coat in winter is utilised by Meowists see Trump. Female Meowisim is trickier as to apparel can be above though more variety than male Meowists allowed see former despots wives.

This sitter has eschewed a heavily embroidered culturally significant Mandarin coat as culture is heavily policed and can only celebrate how grand, plain and omniscient the nation is these days everybody acting together as one making that nation "great again" Germany used a similar line about regaining a Germanic heroic past prior to WW2 and decimating the Jews and marginalised, nobody was allowed to disagree either and propaganda was backed by billionaires so you can see a single media source is highly dangerous as it is here and now USA largely run by somebody who is identical to a drug lord Trump he is now ousted Murdoch for his bending of facts.

Some billionaires are some of the most ordinary and uncultured on the globe at present, possibly inbred and definitely hillbillies often white Supremacists. They believe they are superior in their total¬†flatness which here is constantly celebrated by the media how damned depressingly ordinary and good mates we all are. As well everything here has to have a precedent particularly in art ‚Äúfun‚ÄĚ art is allowable Holy Kitsch! goes further and is awesome ¬†

Media celebrates the ordinary daily plus the weirdest photos and images of men and women in the history of humans on Earth, contorted faces think of the Laocoon, the Ancient Romans loved watching people and animals suffer at the coliseum. Hitler admired very structured art and most Meowists are not knowledgeable on art, visually fluent people scare them so they promote artists who will dance to their tunes and sing their songs. Visual literacy is a gift and unfortunately it is uncommon these days, must be the work of Meowists.

You can readily see this vermillion to crimson Meowist with thumbs down at a games in ancient Rome, another reason to have this character above the fireplace or just above the TV, bed or if homeless in your shelter. He is so similar to Oz Rightist Liberal Party HK can barely detect any difference at all same values in bed with Rupe does Trump they lack balls.

That is why fabo as a feature work and laugh before marching to work.

Oz govt sold off all utilities to people like this guy due to fear of the colour of this poster which is crazy even on Monopoly you do not try to make money out of Euston Station let alone Old Kent Rd as it's not a hotel duh!

Holy Kitsch! was a master at Monopoly, sometimes even made a little on utilities. I mean electricity once released from power station is same everywhere its how its cooked that is different and we need to stop using coal to cook it or we all cook too.

 This Brave New World is now on fire.

I know this is advertising brooms as leaf blowers are the noisiest most useless gad guzzling invention on Earth.

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