A group of flamingos is a flamboyance Saint Francis of Assisi is the Saint of environmentalism and animals.  Flamingos live in mangroves and shallows which cannot be exactly regenerated given the enormous diversity of species that naturally evolved over millennia living in balanced harmony.

Eco-systems have been discovered to be more complex than certain simplistic approaches still prevalent. Eco-systems are complex and inter-dependant and a good way to think of all systems on Earth

Mangroves, swamps and shallows are vital breeding grounds and filters for the enormous diversity of marine life that are plankton crabs living corals star fish sea horses and larger ocean dwelling fish right up to whales. All parts of the ecosystem need to flourish in balance if we are to continue to have both beauty and plentiful fresh food and we must begin to tap Green Energy or we will expire from sludge.


When river deltas are polluted with oil spillage as in Nigeria by Shell Chevron and Koch Industries who lack care for the environment or care for people who inhabit it Nigeria once upon a time pristine mythic art and bountiful before oil and if there is nutrient rich run-off toxic and coal sludge as proposed in the Great Barrier Reef by Adani Mining Co toxic red algal blooms appears, blooms of jelly fish, overabundance of sea weed growth in chokes the ocean whilst diverse sea animals delicious mud crabs people bird life and plants expire and in Nigeria river deltas are becoming fully choked with oil spills and corruption. Earth will be bereft of seafood people beauty art or diversity and we all will expire. 

The Gashaka region in Nigeria is one of the last remaining wildernesses in West Africa where the rarest subspecies of chimpanzees survives sadly oil was found there is a group protecting the chimpanzees.

La DS Citroën made1993 by artist Gabriel Orozco different Orozco to the muralist war depiction very painterly revolutionary artist. Gabriel Orozco sliced the car a la El Doctores district Mexico City he half emptied it of inner works a la the Mechanic now a suitable size for city traffic and lone driver. Citroens were doctored originally by the French when the Germans occupied their nation WW2 so that they ran badly so this work like many cultural wares at Holy Kitsch! have a cultural conversation.

Holy Kitsch! supports a global future of diverse transport utilising way more electric cars, small cars, vintage cars (re-cycling) well made fuel efficient cars, bicycles, scooters, motor bikes, public transport and feet.

Many people do not realise that coal is simply used to boil water to make steam to drive the turbines in a power station. The environmentally friendly trick is to look for substitutes so we can still use plentiful energy and loose our carbon addiction which sounds like a good investment for all. Same with fuel in cars. it is just there to create a spark and drive the pistons.



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Flamenco in Spanish means flamingo.