Day of the Dead


EL DIA DE LOS MUERTOS Mexico is Inscribed with UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. November 1 and 2 though really celebrations begin way sooner and are life affirming.

Deathly celebrations for the Dead hath been held in Mexico since a'fore the Spanish. At first Events lasted a month or so to Praise the Skulls and Souls of the Dead and Hail the arrival of the chill out dry Season. Feastin' on the spoils of Legendary Harvests was included as part of main event. Strict-ish rituals were adhered to in These Mythic Festivities been analogous to Halloween. Thus Holy Kitsch! Skeletons be Marching in. The Spanish decreed two days 'twere 'nough. Their Hallowed All Souls and All Saints Days becomin' the new Mournin'. Hallowe'en be the Eve of All Saints Day for The Chil'n and Saints. All Souls Day be for the rest of thee poor Souls. Zombies hover. To raise the Dead on El Dia de los Muertos, Deities for the Dead as seen in Holy Kitsch! Mexico enclaves of Latin America Hollywood and the depthless universes make special appearances. Alongside these Forces Icons of Muerte Skulls harnessed and Zombies invited ferr the ride. In the streets The Creatives Paintings in Competition thee Appearance o' tin Skulls 'n' Hearts with Miracle Satellites parade'n in mascara with Evil Spirit. Parades wit' participants wearin' their best fright wear or cross dressin.' In Mexico El Dia De Los Muertos be a chill out session to ponder how life be sweet exchangin' Holy Kitsch! eatin' even more parad'n' in aforementioned alienated costumes dancin' in the streets and Necropolis whilst be listening to loco musicians to Wake thee Dead. It be a time of contemplation. School kids and adults compete to lampoon thee Vanities of Lives of elevated Public an' Political figures enormous paper mache skeletons are made an' paraded often dynamited. Sugar skull frenzy abounds as all busy cookin' fer best shrines fer pleasin' Thine ancestors. Aliens and Fans from the random Depthless and beyond universes visit Holy Kitsch! to support thee arte of thee thleatened cultures. 

Another member of the Castillo family. Like here even more so really eyelashes are a big fashion statement in Mexico also saw some awesome hairstyles. She is working in a pleasant courtyard area, these skulls are valuable we had a few, the family are well off, looked amazing dressed in formal Mexican clothing ready for an outing, lunch HK thinks.

Halloween be usin' pumpkins a'fore that me ancestors carved turnips. Ghosts be hang.n round the miasma gloomed fluorescent lakes. Thee oldest pumpkin seeds ever be uncovered be Mexican. Candles fright ware cob-webs spirits be called up and guisin' that be dressin' up in our very best costum'n attire lookin' flash 'proud' cross dress'n' just so as in case of any fing bad a'loomin' so's as we all be brave and ready in the face of thy unbeknownst the darkness and the everlastin' mummim' be'ist aaarrgh! a popular past time knockin' on household doors in actors garb Pulcinella might be around to greet us on our merry weather way. A time to make scary a'fore All Saints Day so as Halloween be Eve of the Hallowed when the Souls be return'd to greet us. Folks be dressin' jester like to look smart usin' masks women look be liken themselves to the wild women in thee town 'n' fetch' Giftes of trick'n' an' treatn are exchanged what you wish your choice aaarrgh!

These antique dogs aprox. 3000 years old are the relatives of the hairless Xolo who is the escort of the Dead from the living in the same way Hermes ruler of Gemini is. Like Hermes Xolos are considered magical protectors and direction finders of the living. Dogs were much loved in Mexico though they did eat some for added protein the Spanish ate them to extinction. There are good and bad in all star signs

Strict directions were given on caring for them well and feeding them plenty of maize, one had to be kind toward them. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera took an enormous hand in saving Xoloitzcuintlis from extinction. It is unknown if they are the most ancient dog breed in the world. The hairlessness Holy has read is a recessive gene.

Holy Kitsch! has thought about sacrifices in ancient Mexico and wondered if had to do with over farming and overpopulation, the land looks parched therefore food shortages she does know they did have those issues as in Europe and Africa, scarring the landscape. Once desertification sets in micro climates change and it spreads. Their sacrifices read as less numerous than the Spanish Inquisition.

This cat is a member of the Castillo family is not toiling rather he paints carefully with utmost precision the family is famous throughout Mexico and USA Clinton purchased from them so too HK these skulls are expensive. The lips are an undercoat before the teeth are painted on. They are very delicately realised.

Festival of the Hungry Ghosts

This is celebrated throughout Asia, India probably started this one. It begins at the start of September or first full moon. The ghosts depart from hell so are hungry so we must appease them. We can burn hell money, incense and effigies of houses to appease them. Some nations such as Vietnam have awesome parades with enormous paper mache figures representing returned spirits. Special concerts and operas are held throughout Asia to celebrate and the front row is left clear so ghosts can be seated. The ghosts can stick to walls or grab you by the legs in the water so much care needs to be taken. Not calling out to each other by name at night is a good idea so the ghosts do not know who you are. Best not to shave your legs as ghosts prefer those without hair.

 Day of the Dead is a great time to remember your deceased pets as well as friends and relatives and think about the future of all Artes and threatened Artes and Artistas & Artisans of Planet Earth and extinction if we do not take care of our planet.