Day of the Dead Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity as inscribed by UNESCO


EL DIA DE LOS MUERTOS Mexico is Inscribed with UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. November 1 and 2 though really celebrations begin way sooner!

Deathly celebrations for the Dead hath been held in Mexico since a'fore the Spanish. At first Events lasted a month or so to Praise the Skulls and Souls of the Dead and Hail the arrival of the chill out dry Season. Feastin' on the spoils of Legendary Harvests was included as part of main event. Strict-ish rituals were adhered to in These Mythic Festivities been analogous to Halloween. Thus Holy Kitsch! Skeletons be Marching in. The Spanish decreed two days 'twere 'nough. Their Hallowed All Souls and All Saints Days becomin' the new Black. Hallowe'en be the Eve of All Saints Day for The Chil'n and Saints. All Souls Day be for the rest of thee poor Souls. Zombies hover. To raise the Dead on El Dia de los Muertos, Deities for the Dead as seen in Holy Kitsch! Mexico enclaves of Latin America Hollywood and the depthless universes make special appearances. Alongside these Forces Icons of Muerte Skulls harnessed and Zombies invited fer the ride. In the streets The Creatives Paintings in Competition thee Appearance o' tin Skulls 'n' Hearts with Miracle Satellites parade'n in mascara with Festive Spirit. Parades wit' participants masked wearin' their best or cross dressin' In Mexico El Dia De Los Muertos be a chill out session to ponder how life be sweet aarrgh exchangin' Holy Kitsch! gifts, offeren for Souls eatin' even more parad'n' in aforementioned alienated costumes dancin' in the streets and Necropolis whilst be listening to loco musicians to Wake the Dead. It is a time of contemplation. School kids and adults compete to lampoon the Vanities of Lives of elevated Public an' Political figures enormous paper mache skeletons are made an' paraded often dynamited. Sugar skull frenzy abounds as all busy cookin' with best shrines possible for pleasin' Thine ancestors. Aliens and Fans from the random Depthless and beyond universes visit Holy Kitsch! to support thee arte of thee thleatened cultures. 

Note: We choose all our skulls and Day of the Dead wares with great care and they have their own histories. They talk of where and from whom we purchased why they were made as a part of trade and a great deal about the Mexican experience cultural exchange the crossing of borders of lives lost in illegal trades and other lives gone. They are important to festivities celebrating the lives of ancestors and to the shrines in homes graveyards market places streets schools where they are left as offerings for spirits to experience the essence of Day of Dead bread and skulls. They please the spirits with solemnity and gaiety a memory and honour the dead in a different manner to people in other nations perfect for your Day of the Dead shrine or in your home to remind you of your ancestors and invite their presence. Your shrine may also contain marigolds other flowers incense photos and offerings of fave past times money and objects of the departed water is usually included and a candle and you can be as decorative as you please. Mexican Day of the Dead skulls represent a strong cultural history and tangible struggles ordinary Mexicans are having to deal with daily as well as they did so in ancient past also underlining the dreadful consequences of the illegal drug trade disappearing the poor marginalized those who happened to be in the wrong place at wrong time and the vulnerable. The skulls are called sugar or made of sugar as they are intended to placate and keep the souls happy have cool attitude and they are as deathly as sugar can be or the refined white powders of the illegal drugs trade and Mexicans continue to crank these delightful treasures out for us all to enjoy whoever we are. They also refer to the ancient Goddess of Death. They come with lower jaws so you know they have a voice un-silenced and a sweet smile. They are a message to the world. A strong message in the present with the the threat of Climate Change destroying all humanity animal and vegetable habitat and trace.

Motion picture begins slowly it is Russian mid section Day of the Dead put time aside.

Extra Information: Guatemala celebrates Day of the Dead with enormous amazing patterned circular kites. Indigenous Australians know that in Central Australia there are ghosts so thin they squeeze through the cracks in caves they are called Mimis thence came Local expression Screaming Mimis for going nuts about something thence a B Grade movie.

Halloween be usin' pumpkins a'fore that me ancestors carved ze turnips. Ghosts be hang.n round the miasma gloomed ghost lakes. Thee oldest pumpkin seeds ever be uncovered be Mexican. Candles fright ware cob-webs spirits be called up and guisin' that be dressin' up in our very best costum'n attire lookin' flash 'proud' cross dress'n' just so as in case of any fing bad a'loomin' so's as we all be brave and ready in the face of thy unbeknownst the darkness and the everlastin' mummim' be'ist aaarrgh! a popular past time knockin' on household doors in actors garb Pulcinella might be around to greet us on our merry weather way. A time to make scary a'fore All Saints Day so as Halloween be Eve of the Hallowed when the Souls be return'd to greet us. Folks be dressin' jester like to look smart usin' masks women look be liken themselves to the wild women in thee town 'n' fetch' Giftes of trick'n' an' treatn are exchanged what you wish your choice aaarrgh!

Obon Day of the Dead in Shinto Bhuddist Japan and Taoist Bhuddist China August
As in Day of the Dead Mexico shrines are built gateways are important Tori offerings are made to ancestors and this is a time to get together with others in celebration and memory as if one's ancestors still here now. Lanterns are popular Holy Kitsch! also has very kawaii Hawaiian lamps y mucho mas. Go to Day of the Dead collection for contemporary art works in commemoration for your shrine loads of skulls
Equivalent to the Japanese Day of the Dead. This day celebrates the ghosts of your ancestors who live under the sea they just come up to say hello to relatives and it is good to keep them happy with a sugar skull or other Day of the Dead Holy Kitsch! art ware so they leave contented contemporary version. If you prefer to be a conservative a lantern is fine. Taoists call it Zhongyuan Festival.
     No wedding
     Don't purchase new home
     Don't move to new house
     Don't hang clothes outside during the night
    Don't open an umbrella indoor
     Don't swim during the night
     Don't camp outdoor during the Night
    Don't use the mirror midnight
    Don't whistle on the quiet street at night
     Avoid traveling
     Don't pick up coins or money on the street and never bring it home
     Don't peel apple and light up white candle in the front of mirror
     Don't do the surgery
      Don't insert chopsticks into the rice in a bowl
Do not step on or kick the offerings by the roadside. If you step by accident, you should apologize aloud to make it alright.
Keep away from the walls as ghosts like sticking to walls
If you are born during the ghost month, avoid celebrating your birthday at night. It's better to celebrate during the daytime.
Do not wear red because ghosts are attracted to red
Don't swim. Drowned evil ghost might try to drown you in order to find victims for them to rebirth.



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