Cushions & Accessories


The word pom pom is a French adaptation from the Ancient Greek word for melon i.e. something biggish and round then the British changed the word into pumpion then American colonists to pumpkin. Pumpkins originated in North America, the oldest pumpkin harvest seeds found are in Mexico about 7000 BC. Holy Kitsch that's epic! Pumpkins make good jack'o'lanterns for Hallowen.

The term “workt” is an archaic spelling of “worked” indicating the distinctive and personal nature of an object carefully produced by a skilled crafts person with thought and is an appropriate term for Holy Kitsch! wares and Holy Kitsch! itself. Workt can refer to items individuals make anyhow outside of monetary gain as it is cultural. 

Holy Kitsch! artist limited edition cushions are the best quality available come with pom poms or piping and fair trade studio made with hand woven cotton American quality long fibre length cotton or low impact tactile linen. Holy Kitsch! being a local legiti trader means your money returns to your community giving all a sustainable living outside the hobbyists and dilettantes.

New in are Belgique tapestry cotton cushions all woven design ethical with quality cotton.