Fired earthenware has been made in Mexico since antiquity. Delicate wares filled with humanity the terrors and awe inspiring were created. Earthenware sculptures depicting people in fantastic costumes taking on the spirits of animals have been uncovered. Many were polychromatic.

With the advent of the Spanish earthenware was translated into new forms of candle holders. Candle holders can be used as part of a shrine for ambience and to mark emblematic events.

Fiesta CandlesCandlemas Day is on February 2 and on Planet Earth in the Northern half it is celebrated by lighting all the candles in the household and taking them to church also in Mexico. The festival marks the mid-way point between Winter and Spring in the North. This period falls close to Chinese New Year which uses the Lunar calendar.

Saint Lucy's day is celebrated in Italy and Scandinavia December 13. In Scandinavia a young woman wearing a crown of candles leads a procession of young women candle bearers. This be on Winter Solstice which the ancients hath already figured out. It's a good evening to stay indoors all night and stay awake to avoid witches and trolls so a party is generally in order.

Around Christmas on the Judean calendar is the Festival of Lights where candles are lit over a period of eight days so light and festivity is displayed through uncovered windows and all can share in a festive spirit.

15 candles are lit when a Mexican girl reaches her 15th birthday.