Violeta Ayala, International Film Director and Human Rights Activist Pops In Escapes with Bush Babies

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Easier using an existing bio on Violeta. We chatted about herself, her husband and young daughter. They were having issues renting whilst in Sydney and not only were astounded with the cost compared to, for example Paris it was the questionnaires. As if a second class citizen!!

Violete was interrogated about her bank accounts then told here we still use serfs. Violeta's husband was astounded, btw liked his faded Dr Seuss tee! Violeta is from Bolivia and is Quecha. I replied does she know someone who can provide her with papers for the estate agents?

Lucky she knew little about eviction laws. To need to move house often with one’s furniture is no mean feat and expensive. I forgot to warn her the usual policy is for the landlord to steal the enforced bond.

In a retail lease they place you under duress, you cough up the 3 months bond and over priced rent as The gallery is your bread and butter then they wait hoping you make no money so they can make off with the Booty then re-let anyhow though these days the economy is poor due to the Liberal govt bean counters and mining billionaires.

The landlord installs slaves ahem renters as House minders  You not only take care of their property you actually pay for this privilege as well all so you can look after their assets unlike a hotel where the guest is looked after a renter pays for taking good care of the landlord how did they sneak that law in?

Very clever to favour owners. Imagine you stayed at a hotel and before sightseeing and after you had to clean the room fully, ask yourself if you needed anything then returned to repaint the walls after the scuff marks  of course you need to bring your own Hoover. Retail landlords are sooo rich they prefer to leave the stores empty than lower the rent as they are scared the bank will then devalue the property then they can’t use it as collateral to buy more empty shops or build them and raise the rent.

Some businesses survive by paying huge rent then paying tiny tiny tiny wages to those who know no better this steals from the economy as when people are properly paid they spend their money here eg Holy Kitsch! The businesses who pay tiny believe in rich landlords so they vote for the Liberal Govt as they prefer the landlord gets all the loot go figure. Foreign students told HK it’s better to work for Locals as they tend to pay the right wages their nationals (not all) will try to rip them off this is a global issue  

Violeta also discovered landlords don’t install picture rails or hooks as they think serfs are visually ignorant. Good  customer care in the rental market is endangered many services eg solicitors, tradesmen and renting require poor people, the intelligent (as they are on another planet) and the disempowered to maintain their delusions of grandeur, exceptions exist. Even Dr Charlie Theo the brain surgeon who has shopped with Holy Kitsch! has corporate bullies charging him high rents as hospitals are considered a good investment by investors hoping for an unhealthy population. In the UK and even USA hospitals are largely government funded and in USA also by philanthropy as they can be quite generous USA  

I was lucky in growing up we had a holiday house in Qld. Dad believed all should have a good life not one of toil. We had 3 long holidays a year. When not in that architect designed house we paid a care taker. He did not have to prove how much he had in a bank account. Nobody has Rights in Australia and nobody notices we have no Bill of Rights and no Constitution so that just getting usual equality is very difficult  the law favours the wealthy there are scant funds for free legal services as the govt believes in “user pays” as its unfair if rich people pay and the poor unable to afford to pay the rich user pays equation is poor always pay lots of rich people anyhow. So the majority of mid income and poor have zero to little legal help as it’s soo difficult to pay the rich the fees they say they need  

Some political parties are bean counters and mistake a nation for a business rather than a community of people who in this century need Human Rights. We need an environment that is healthy. To rise above self interest yet all they do is give tax breaks for the rich. They call us tax payers or consumers but we are humans as for animals and forests they are not though still need caring laws and are not consumers  forests actually give!!

Some banks are bad here and cheat people as in Mexico or developing nations. The landlord forced me to increase a bank guarantee but ANZ were slippery and moved the money from another guarantee for the other store it was in the small print. I was in Mexico and the business account was healthy I did not notice they had not debited that money though I checked all debits as it was an omission and the guarantees were invisible. When I went to draw on the 2nd guarantee most of the funds were not there. It was the anti Holy Kitsch! brigade. The money had been shifted out like a robber to the other guarantee without my say so. At the time Gonski was in charge he now sits on Board AGNSW I wrote.

Brief Review: Cocaine the movie: It's a sad movie, oh cute in parts like when the guy fixes his hair for the court, well poignant I guess, us the audience so scared for him, the people achingly poor yet striving for an education plus the usual stuff of growing up eg wanting musical instruments, they do not appear to have cell phones either!

The drug lords use the poorest and most marginalised rural people to carry cocaine to Argentina with promises of safety though many are caught. The people who live in these outlying districts have no direct experience of the flashier world though it's on TV. They are easy prey and when arrested have almost no hope of getting out of prison, they have no influence nor money for bribes. 

The prisons are chaotic and like something out of a Kafka novel, no prisons anyhow are good as all they do is manufacture criminals! The prisoners endlessly circulating as in a Van Gogh painting. They have to buy their prison cells.

Coca leaves have been traditionally used by Bolivians to chew or in tea as a mild stimulant somewhat like coffee or betel nut though without the oral health issues. It is far stronger when processed. To the locals coca is an unsurprising stimulant, the rural people's role is quite minor in the scheme of the trade though necessary. The rural people are targets whose lives appear to mean little to anybody like many on this planet who are disempowered and innocent. Violeta has only filmed the action there is no script.

I read an article New York Times, (May 29, Nicholas Krisof), about a programme in Paraguay that goes beyond charity where the people are empowered to start small businesses making things, eg baskets, always a needed commodity! The programme is called The Graduation Approach and is assisted by UN. I know similar programmes in India have worked by small interest loans for gaining independence though baskets are not going to assist these guys wondering about their place in a macho culture.

Before escaping Holy Kitsch! Violeta said she was an international director filming in Australia focusing on the aboriginal experience, awesome. Her family background bears some similarities to my father's. Dad was a bohemian (though not Jewish) marched in a Communist march in Sydney late 1940's before becoming an engineer/industrialist/bespoke spring maker, actually those key rings you see with a kink - he designed those when copyright was not automatic and trademarks expensive etc and scientist, before all that an artist. He also attended uni with Archbishop Makarios who later became the leader in Cyprus. Times of various major leaders and political shifts, I have a photo! An intriguing background unlike other nations is discounted here as having any influence at all on your art making c.f Lucien Freud. It should not always count though in indigenous communities it can also be important.

Violeta was pleased to buy twin brown gum nut babies, Japanese silicone kewpies, different to Barbie as humorous although her daughter owns a brown Barbie, daughter is honey brown as is Mum we all resemble sweets.  Daughter deftly took kewpies out of the window unbeknownst to me!  Violeta agreed with me that Barbie can look a bit grown up for kids though with those super long weird legs and feet with an unusual body shape they are a fave with trannies etc aside from kids. I have noticed kids end up using Barbies as drum sticks they become awfully messy.  I wrapped the bootie and daughter was content on the rocking horse. Then Violeta told me she was a film director WOW! Nice arvo 🤗




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John Waters at Wex Museum video out take ©John Waters

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