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Posted on February 07, 2021 by Noni Daniels

This is Isabella, I am totally confused on all Izzies and Bellas all ages. This is a copy of the resumé Isabella brought, a bit dodgy or was that her Doctor's Certificate? She liked Holy Kitsch! and similar literary tastes to Holy Kitsch! we noted. She had issues on public transport tripping over cats on the stairs at Town Hall Station making her always late and then glandular fever struck her down meaning she had to cease her artist residency altogether so her friend Shiz joined Holy Kitsch! instead whilst Isabella made plans to run off to Japan so she could be Cinderella at Disneyland truly. Isabella was in fact a hard worker just that she strangely escaped with a terrified look screaming "I am not going to even look back." Holy Kitsch! always selected awesomeness.
She could not eat rocket as her saliva would go red and her hair went blue in reaction to something I forget. Her hobby is roller skating and like myself and Shiz she is around 5 feet tall she is thinner and fitter! 
Isabella wears glasses and according to doctors only people over 35 y.o.a wear glasses which makes everyone under 35 y.o.a feel weird who wear glasses and everybody over 35.y.o feel decrepit so who started that?
Ahem here is something else unusual. Designed by Christo RIP the London Mastaba, Holy Kitsch! went to his talk here he and his wife were so close he must miss her RIP. This is awesome it is not lashed so is it hollow? It has 7,506 barrels Mexican in appearance as to painted colours on the oil? barrels. It is floating based on Middle Eastern benches appears like a Mexican pyramid. The numerology works out at 9, hmm, Beatles I guess they met in the sixties or so. Thanks educ ational purposes Serpentine Gallery.
I would try to appear as a minor role throughout my working life so as not to overly intimidate people in my country as they were readily intimidated by that issue of who was helping run the show especially if it was me.
Below artists protested about a trustee member who owned a tear gas and other hostile weapons company used against protestors in various nations it is called Safariland f.y.i In USA generally trustees are expected to contribute finances to the museum and decide on direction.
But the Museum's continued failure to respond in any meaningful way to growing pressure from artists and activists has made our participation untenable. The Museum's inertia has turned the screw, and we refuse further complicity with Kanders and his technologies of violence - A letter from exhibiting artists to the Whitney.
The Whitney respects the opinions of all the artists it exhibits and stands by their right to express themselves freely. While the Whitney is saddened by this decision, we will of course comply with the artists request -  The director, Adam D. Weinberg of the Whitney issued this statement.
Most have friends same sex and opposite sex and in between depending how many people you know. Non-Holy Kitsch!ers may have had attitude about my being an owner and 
I think my being self employed was an issue even when HK studied as people were unused to someone taking charge who is small not like Holy Kitsch! is a bossy boots, sometimes a herding instinct in group projects as a student though that was worrying about time constraints and having a life. Being a boss in the past led HK to mind bending conflicts in the world of art Local. Holy Kitsch!s world was meandering, dreaming, pura vida and invention which is incredibly unpopular Local except Holy Kitsch!ers even though Holy Kitsch! is quite good at the work ethic anyhow artistas are disliked here conversely it appears even lawyers are artistas everybody tells Holy Kitsch! they are too and can do way better any day. 
References: Local: orig, from League of Gentleman - Tubs and Edward's, married though brother and sister, in shop saying "This is a local shop, for local people; there's nothing for you here" They live in an eery horrible small town UK cut off from anywhere, Holy Kitsch! uses the term more loosely.
Star Signs: Shiz is a Gemini same Noni, Hermes is the Greek symbol "messenger of the gods" Mercury is the Roman one there are good and bad in all star signs, unfortunately Trump is a Gemini (his must be Mercury as Ancient Rome’s govt was hideous) Thoth is the Egyptian ibis headed entity (the souls of the dead inhabit ibises in Bali) so I guess Trump is a twit, so is new leader of UK who resembles a coal baron in demeanour. Not all Geminis are racist nor from the Far Right nor talkative. Newell, artista, is a Gemini he took on board my suggestion of a specific way of exhibiting his photographs which was ahem HK thinking we were old studio amigos and I cannot help but add comment on the matter he totally talks, Shiz is insightful and Gemini has a sharp wit and is uncompromising and prefers to be paid.
As HK mentioned the Beatles Holy is sure this team saw Sponge Bob Square Pants  by Kaws and is an intriguing concept for the North Pole because it is melting awfully quickly. Team Faris Rajak Kotahatuhaha from Indonesia have gone nuclear with their ice making submarine using a  pharmaceutical style approach meets gamelan he suggests that turbines in the sub make hexagonal ice cubes whilst deep underwater it then spits them out at the top, the sub is madly covered with a blanket to protect it from the sun's rays whilst it is on the surface!! Indos have a 2 child policy except they do not enforce just say it is plenty leaving free choice long term they are worried about space. Indonesians can be wary of extremism so it is difficult to know their thoughts on the rise of certain fundamentalist ideologies that come and go as everybody loses interest. We have similar issues here new PM and in State due to populism all of us hoping they will just calm down thanks Taylor Swift for Earth’s sake as we want a Green future without having to worry if you interpret a religion or ideology whatever differently to others it is time wasting as we are Holy Kitsch!ers. 
From an individual another Earth choice worthy of going on the market place from Mexico as the ice machine is too preposterous. Are any Councils looking at this including #CloverMoore.
His name is  Israel Antonio Briseño Carmona from Mexico, Dyson awarded him an innovative design prize they encourage good design globally and the owner is a big patron of new ideas. Antonio was still a uni student.
The surface of the bitumen for roads self heals with a chemical reaction when it rains, I think a calcium salt there forget the science, for aggregate he uses rubber tyres, so much stuff out there you can use for aggregate. The issue now for me is there still bitumen? I bet anything there is a solution out there if there is just Council and  mega corporations are run on ancient steam engines. The Mexican Government is thinking of using it placing it ahead as to Green solutions and time mending road cracks.
#CloverMoore could look at it as to "Paddington Possum" the uneven pavement caused by tree root growth for starters. This really works look him up online if you like! There are tons of innovative concepts for a clean Green globe but govts are stuck in the Dark Ages globally appeasing giant multinational billionaires with too much money, too much time and zero care for Planet A.

Millie who is a Local as in she just lives up the road

Cab Calloway

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