A Day At The Races (Thanx Marx Bros)

Posted on October 12, 2020 by Noni Daniels


This is a lovely photo of Shiz before the aliens from Planet *X! kidnapped her in their flying saucer to save her from Vulcanisation. Her Mum and Dad keep this photo to remind them of their little tchotchke and before HK's paintings besmirched the Shiz family reputation. HK is currently negotiating with the aliens about day release even though Shiz says she is tired of being a sex slave she has had it with everybody. Shiz remains poker faced.

DISCLAIMER: HK's models do not have to undress they come as they are the rest is up to HK and model, secret model business. eg Prof Scott just happened to be lounging round in undies. Aboriginals have Zecret Womenz business and Zecret Menz business and just plain secret theez eez zimilarz.

This is unusual for current practices in that HK's models are more like conduits, other spirits descend. Some is past memory, some experiential some well nobody knows exactly just comes out that way some is predictive she noticed that way early and was unnerved now takes it for granted might be coincidence so unless creating a portrait it is an odd way of working HK had to develop due to circumstances as she had no strong guidance there were her early mentors Seaforth thanks Tony loved your work and John for literary and ways of thinking they could not stand each other after that things became more oppositional confusing the delicate HK though her Land Architecture course was excellent influence thanks Andrew and Elizabeth.

The aliens took Shiz hostage "oh no not again", se dice Shiz. HK is no match for the Jack of Hearts who wins against the aliens regularly though they hold more than one pack of marked cards. HK is aiming a new series Shiz holds the winning cards and more of the Bikini Files, needs negotiations she is utilising outer space to study.

This is what Shiz recounted:

They spoke in lingo so she filled their enormous flying saucer with "c'ardonay" she had been hoarding back of shop. 

"Take me to your leader" se dice the 3 huge green aliens jumping out of the liquid.

Shiz se dice "We don't have any. We have money counters oh and I have Holy who, when not in her cage, is bat shit crazy. She now sees a crazed Jewish Counsellor is anyone “normal” round here? The Counsellor is addicted to apps and is a secret Buddhist.

The main leader has direct conversations with horses, he is called Mr Ed. He rifles his money and plays with a lot of budgies. In Ancient Rome all were counting with tiny figures in tiny columns most everybody was a horse trader then though some replicants existed from the present into the past temple where they counted so they were ousted by a new prophet.

They don't care about us mares think you can run a nation like an ass. Never listen to crows, that is why maggies (magpies) never started anything creative. Holy K did listen to one and did not buy an apartment, now she has only a bunker.

Besides a nation of animals is not a trade it is a pride of lions who are hungry, then there is land, water, forests , pangolins, werewolves and bats who cannot vote and are NOT shareholders rather part of Planet Earth's living biosphere where all contribute to stay alive and not be eaten if fortunate.

"Planet Earth iz a zinking ark" Shiz switched to undercover "yet ve all love culture, Horse Whisperers support organised criminal activities that are legal on a massive scale and are zee ghostly undead lugging chunks of coal, they tweet and conduct forced labourz for "consumerz" a new term to explain ve are not horses, we are "uzers" instead but I am not a "uzer" and nor is HK we are horses and werewolves, oh cats, pangolins and meeceies too. Mum is crackers as she is on ice boo hoo.

Shiz wondered if we still stocked The Artist's Brain in la galeria, kult followers know along with Dog Faced Man and the Victorian Skull Twins and many more, she will try to bribe the aliens then has to arm wrestle Shiz its worse than Lexie.

The aliens saw that Shiz was toiling. She said she had been unemployed for so long she was employed on Holy Kitsch! stables under bondage and it was not enough still to pay for hay so she also lives on crackers. "The stables get a kickback and the slaughterhouse I am ready for the glue factory. I have no papers I am only 16 in my past life now 20 ish, papers are expensive. I have no dinero for art school and I would have to learn to paint for "Family Values"nothing against families. Holy already aced that lot way back though she now has lost her crown in the present not at this moment in the past. When I found where my corazon lay I galloped free ahem "born free, as free as the wind blows as free as the grass grows when you are born free."

Mum and Dad lost their jobs as handsome horses are unneeded if all you want are new expressways for homies: young (not always) people who slouch in trackies (track-suit pants, sweat pants) or something casual at home their top is preferably with a hood, watch something or other on the computer forever, just mooch around often half naked or more with attitude then hoon [drive] in souped up lowered flashy cars with pfat tyres with fancy hubcaps and music blasting out the wound down windows or jog in flash gym wear, pose slouchily around the house looking defiant whatever it starts at around age 14.

Some homies use skateboards then slouch around defiantly afterwards. Some just actually walk around looking generally sort of partially indifferent partially pissed off or like they are up to no good as well there is plenty to be pissed off about and the sunshine or rain still feels good just like angry or something

The new non-free freeways are actually way less fun as no street life and the other drivers are boring. Some "casual at homers" ride lowered bicycles with pfat tyres or scooters have wheels will travel.

Dad was totally desperate and marginalised he’s an expert at minting money for the Arts so he is unwanted here at all as the Arts is disinterested or disempowered in employing specialists at raising money, it is more usual abroad to money raise for the Arts as a career path and trade not here the movers and shakers are entirely clueless you should see how bad it is, HK is concerned it is contagious.

To impress Mum, Dad decided to become a drug mule so he could buy a WRX car to go hooning on the new tracks Gladys built with HK's parents and grannies hard earned dinero in the govt coffers she blew the lot for votes in wealthy suburbs, race track wagerers and marginal seats. "A Day at the Races" Dad was caught overseas after the police tipped them off for a kick back and now he has a life sentence, he's Banged Up, boo hoo." 

"As for Mum she could not get a job either as she prefers coal dust not to infect her lungs, museo work is in short supply in Oz as they are aiming populist rather than Deep Culture, besides they are all a bunch of depressing cronies Local they are scared of werewolves. Mum is entering the above portrait in the National Photo Portrait Prize as the warm golden glow with blurry foliage and elegant chair is exactly what they are seeking, she is on a winner there" se dice Shiz. HK se dice: "I find back lighting problematic, maybe they have more windows than I."

Mum does hysterical Mexican oil painting restoration work, a very low demand job in Oz. She visited #Centreofhopelessness they boiled over and said this will bring you down several notches you are the same as us, we are all the same here, nobody is different. She became super depressed so she had to go to the new govt initiative #DepartmentofGloomprevention for people who are marginalised and feel hopeless, she also said she wanted was to climb a tree as Dad was banged up for life. They could not find a spare tree so Mum went away then started taking crack.

The dole is not enough to survive on so she is taking crack to forget she is on the dole and feeling hopelessly behind in the protection racket, ahem rent. Then Mum started breaking into houses to support herself and her newly acquired crack habit and the stand over man ahem, landlord's extortion racket to forget about trees and the dole and Dad being arrested overseas for drug smuggling.

My grandmother couch surfs. She had no Super as she was a traditional housewife her hubby died young from a high pressure pixelated job. Granny cannot live well on the pension so now her horse life feels soo long rather than short odds.  She told this to #Centreofhopelessness in person as she cannot use a computer and they do not answer the phone even though they have a number. Granny does not smoke, she takes trips.

They told her to attend #DepartmentofGloomprevention and had she tried making balloon horses to see if that could help her. It did not as same as learning to use a computer or jump hurdles it is only for certain ponies and there are no trees for her to climb. Holy Kitsch! did make her at least neigh again but Holy has no spare couches so when she left she once again visited #DepartmentofGloomprevention to seek their advice on couches and trees.

Mum's brother became so anxious he shut himself in a dark cellar watching mad warrior computer games and weird shit he self mutilated he felt hopeless and afraid of the light, people started to disappear when they dropped by, the police were called due to this phenomena, they found minced guests in the freezer, the brother used the samurai knife then a blender, now he has to attend the #DepartmentofGloomprevention so he will not mutilate others ever again though self-mutilators do not usually molest others as he has done so I think HAL is to blame, he has been locked away to protect the public and gradually being re-introduced to the concept of human warmth and care, non robot and see if that works.

Mum no longer shops for beautiful pieces she just does crack and sometimes buys slave labour Deal of the Day from billionaire multi nationals whose expressed aim was to kill all retail street businesses and sell crap. I think she might be caught by the pigs soon" said Shiz "Holy Kitsch! is Kult with giant sparkle skulls with satellites" HK is soo weird "

Shiz exclaimed as she scrubbed the pisos on her hands and knees, after rubber stamping bags in prayer position. "I work like a horse, all is deadlines, the clocks melted from tight turnarounds. Holy makes me look stranger than fiction for her paintings, they were merely clickbait. I agree with the academy they are examples of a down trodden poorly liberated woman. I cannot take this rubberised torture any longer" tears rolled down her cheeks onto the floor, plip plop.

Holy nobbled in weeping inconsolably, said she had just fried and wanted her Bondage returned though there were no laws to protect her from shysters who kept inching in negotiations, it is not a level playing field. HK has now lost $$$ to gangland operators, cartel competitors and sharks.

Also lost money to Shiz, who is more sullen and stubborn than Gauguin’s Tahitian wife and $$$ to her niece, hi Chenoa.

There is a blackmail dept run by the State for meowing they employ toothless tigers it is called the Ombudscat for commercial tenancies. You pay for the service and they just meow. That is it, there are few laws to protect the meek it does not force the extortionist to fess up to gouging, coercion, usury and money siphoning. They are a pack of schunts too. All courts rely on dragging out proceedings endlessly to maximise profits for solicitors and mobsters and disempower and terrorise the meek. This ensures the meek and honest have no hope left as it easy to take advantage of the innocent such as HK and aboriginals the same occurred to Pussy Riot who were hounded in Russia at least their voice went Global but no way is any Local voice going to escape the terror of living amongst the dull and clueless who are not Holy Kitsch!ers. 

This awesome porcelain teapot, huge skill involved and great inventiveness is a gift from Chinese Government to State Govt, (btw Shiz is part Japanese), as a matter of diplomacy describing current situation well as to how offices work in Oz. They are joining for a herbal tea as that is all the dept does is have tea, it does not enforce anything at all even when you pay them $700, all they do is talk as they have no legal teeth with any matters at all they were removed by the govt in secret even though HK was unfairly inched and under duress with most recent lease. This is from one set of mandarins to another (officials appt by govt) Better than the aboriginal anatomical x-ray style kangaroo to India gifted by NSW State Govt as Indians are Hindu and find it offensive to eat meat, some research on choice would assist. Not all their anatomical drawings are about food though think the kangaroo ones are mostly along with their spirits. A woman having a baby is universal, spose everybody likes kangaroos. Oz exports them as meat they are hunted in the wild.

Wonder why China white, a slang term in USA for drugs do not know as to China it's also a water colour, are they white Supremacists? I could drink a cup of chrysanthemum from that pot. White Supremacism is popular in Minimalist decors currently though I have heard pastels are making a come back as to conventional designers.

The horse traders told Holy K they do not give a fig for her even though they had collected a massive amount of turf from HK and Noni contributed well beyond money to the lawn of Newtown Darlinghurst and Surry Hills, they said go jump in the lake, if there is a clean one with any water left after the global warming, money counts, they rifled their dinero. 

Anyhow you now have the new Tiki, go peddle your Holy Kitsch! on Heart Attack and Vine and fractured her shingle. Holy wants her crown returned and emailed Council about a fountain but they said they would rather a mandarin who is readily validated and the right class of people instead of suss Holy Kitsch! and they will instead do a a bad copy as everybody steals concepts from Holy Kitsch! some left the flamingos alone due to John Waters and did not wish to neigh about the ecology. Holy is now eating wagon wheels (a type of Local confection) are they good for health?

The aliens pointed out the horse meat had been laundered and not noticing the chopped mince of their cronies and lack of wild brumbies, Here the laws protect fixing the hurdles are higher than ever.

The enormous aliens with huge schlongs felt things had really gone to the pack since last they visited and said well you are on the way to extinction,

Holy K. is tired of the kickbacks and buck passing she is already a stray cat. She already tried bribing Charles.

El muséo is fresh she no longer knows who is left to bribe it is on Go Fund Me take a look.

Life can be very good. Everybody does not really need an SUV, (there goes the museum backers) Noni is a nervous Nelly driver so no longer drives and thinking of starting the Nervous Nelly and Norm Erratic Non Drivers Club for Non Driving humans so we feel less weird it truly is various for all of us but please stop forcing us to live a life of drear isolation and stinginess. She can drive if she turns the music way up, appears to help.

You do not need to pollute rivers and oceans on a global scale to improve happiness we can still trade and have a good planet we are fed up with the money counters, nepotism, planet poisoning and racists and 10 year plans what about now?

Shiz happens to be able to construct flat pack furniture at an amazingly fast and efficient rate she has no problems reading the miniature illustrations. Watching Shiz build flat pack is like listening to Beethoven's 9th it is something else. The only other lay-person HK has read about who is this accomplished is a close relative of the British Royal family, he started doing it at a young age, a highly saleable skill.

Though HK watches little TV she happened to watch ABC news the other night and lo and behold behind one reporter was a complex bookshelf with books. HK knew then Shiz must have visited there, the bookshelf just sat there glowing in its flat pack constructed glory.

Zeese are tzee X! Files

PS: Can someone send to Hell all leaf blowers for the awful noise and waste of energy and the person who planted plane trees instead of eucalypts in inner city Sydney the hay fever is driving us bunya bunyas  


HK: Lone Gerbil Holy Kitsch!

HK: Lone Gerbil Holy Kitsch!

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