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This is Shizuka trying to look casual though she always maintained good attitude actually she is difficult but kind of nice irritating difficult as she is an independent thinker, also a Gemini, hmm I think Thoth rather than Hermes is her ruler. Shiz often makes her own clothes as she is very clever at design, art and textiles a bright star and inventive, here being inventive can be considered unimportant as is being good at using skills other than high tech it's a bit Gee Wiz Local still when it comes to High Tech v. hand created, fine when it comes to graphic design et al just not the Final Solution to all creative pursuits. Shiz also plays Japanese drums as her Dad is Japanese besides they are a good work out. She has a boyfriend these days. She really related to the stores well an excellent Artist in Residence sticking by as the economy plummeted downwards (oddly began at same time as house prices went up and new govt in), sales did not translate to online, that has always been an add on, media will tell you differently. Her outstanding features were keeping our star ship clean and orderly, she had a keen artist's eye that is rare and a huge plus and sticking tiny hand stamped price tags onto each ware. Also bullies were never game to be awful to her as she is young enough to make them ashamed of themselves. Must say Holy Kitsch! never once evicted a bully using a third party all comers respected Holy Kitsch! and ultimately HK showed respect as well, not too many places can say that one Local it is really rare as most work environments are tough on all.

I can only hope Shiz has an easier time than Holy Kitsch! if she sets her mind on a creative career. Holy Kitsch! was reviled by the mainstream that ran most everything as Holy Kitsch! journeyed through art colleges and competitions. The old (and young) teachers struck by envy (one of the 7 Deadly Sins as all Holy Kitsch!ers know) only had to look at HK to decide Holy Kitsch! was already hell's child with zero hope of salvation.

Holy Kitsch! swore an oath that all who came to Holy Kitsch! for Artist in Residence received respect for how clever they were and always gave them encouragement to feel pride. Shiz is strongly independent and rarely listened to me at all, I had my revenge when I painted her though she liked just watching my process as Shiz had a healthy enquiring mind without detrimental biases that I could detect, actually incredibly tolerant though she did escape rapidly after a painting session finished. All who entered Holy Kitsch! became overcome and spent time in el museo soaking it in.



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