Prof. Scott Angus with Noni of Holy Kitsch!

Posted on March 11, 2019 by Noni Daniels

Prof. Scott Angus an artist USA came into the old Enmore Rd store and I am putting this up as he is an old friend now and missing him since last we spoke. He gifted me with his beautiful collaborative book with his moody and very quirky photos taken on an atypical road trip looking at the mark of humankind within the natural landscape. He signed the book for me. Back of store and desk crazy untidy.

Scott is an artist as well as a professor at Maryville University, St Louis, Missouri. His artwork is rich in history and memory. In his book Snake Medicine he presents the reader with subtle sites, they are lonely and quiet spaces, sad too. Scott includes burial mounds of Indians and a rudimentarily marked slave burial site. Scott himself is a fabulous Scorpio they just get bad press, I call him a feminist he knew Hillary Clinton when he studied somehow. Snake Dreaming takes us on a road trip with a differing view. The photography certainly not the clear black and white vistas of the seventies as Scott is looking at different meanings here and veins of thought, care and grief at the past and present he includes time. There are times when you do smile he is soo crazy i!

He has also created a riveting body of work on women who dressed as men during the Civil War USA so they could fight. One woman was put into an asylum after the war for refusing to dress as a woman. She eventually died and her fellow male soldiers gave her a proper burial dressed in men's clothes.

John Waters at Wex Museum video out take ©John Waters

Little Missy has a night light đź’ˇ

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