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Hola and Bienvenida to Holy Kitsch! I am the person behind all of web all of retail when retail is possible and all decisions Holy Kitsch! and the ex museos Newtown, Surry Hills, Paddington and Darlinghurst. Collaborations Mexican and local. All legal documents all social media if it’s existed under Holy Kitsch! I’ve had a huge and very hard working hand. All applause or complaints address to me and please no hateful comments or you are deleted.

Art making in all it's forms is my living right down to the galleries which Heaven and Earth were moved by competitors to destroy and they won as far as shops go with a big hand from the Liberal Govt who destroyed numerous smaller businesses as real estate went up and wages went down now the country is broke and crispy and the alt Right billionaires are dancing on extended leave. At Surry locals switched to cheap and nasty mass produced product in beige, nothing against beige.

Holy Kitsch! aims ethical and boxes way above weight. Holy Kitsch! is but one part of my art making and is an extra visual and communication arm as Australia is corrupt as to art making, they excuse it with saying it is everywhere well yes in developing countries though nothing beats here for sheer nepotism and laughable elitism based on nothing at all.

Holy Kitsch! always showcased the best possible within the framework she constructed and the retail galleries were installations numerous remember including our Wall of Art and our re-cycled timber built shrines. I maintain the web store (it cannot and will not show nearly what was in store) and do pop ups when able I am broken hearted at all museos demise.

The fall out has affected numerous people beyond and the communities where HK was situated, numerous businesses now and when Holy was in situ benefited from Holy's presence. I collaborated with Mexican artists travelling all the way to small villages there only to be imitated here purposely diluting Holy Kitsch! business is predatory and it suited many to eliminate me from the field they have no care of course why would other businesses anywhere in the world care if a truly creative outfit was wiped off the globe though they are left with mainly what I have online to now copy which is not the same as the galleries it will never be so.

The govt prefers mass manufactured cheap imports and art that screams Australia to keep the poor from revolting. They pay artists to document their war efforts on a regular basis that is another path Local artists take to get into the alt Right gallery network here, it is a custom inherited from the Brits like the academies here they are a bit backward. People think the artists you see on TV are artists. Well I guess they are something or other but really quite populist.

The difference between Mariah Carey say and the latest winner of a Reality singing contest, the contrast is stark and it is what I am questioning within the academies except one thing you can never ever do in Oz is question the incumbents or status quo or Murdoch might get you.

Holy Kitsch! is a thinker, visionary and dreamer and I do care about the world around me and a few special people, a contemporary intellectual and Romantic at heart 💓. HK cannot follow the traditional corporate or academic model here and has nearly always worked for herself, conformity is hard work for me and returning to a doctorate is turning ugly.

The rudeness and elitism I have faced is unbelievable, am I in Russia? The alt Right loves getting stuck into intellectuals well these academics are playing right into their hands as they get their free ride in life for zero contribution to humanity. I am simply an artist I have obviously trodden on toes as soon as I mention I am investigating issues re: Australian art apart from proposed museum they clam up and go on leave.

Can you imagine going to enormous time and trouble to go for an executive job, speaking to somebody first, submitting your hard work then getting an automatic email in return saying the director has gone on leave plus research with no return date mentioned?

It made me feel stupid and ridiculed as he said he would guide me through the steps after a recommendation from a female academic who is now also on extended leave, I do not care if he or she just please God is it too much to ask for intelligence from these people?

Holy Kitsch! felt like Carrie Fisher in the Sex and the City movie where she is jilted as the guy felt overwhelmed and in her case the wedding was too much about herself, anyhow she went into recovery mode darkly depressed and hired an assistant. Devastating, HK is talking with a complaints officer who has the patience of a saint.

I am not imagining their unfounded elitism, I can publish. I sobbed very hard. My ex business partner thinks it is my fault for falling into their trap, he has zero time for most of them and after confronting the so called artist community here most of them as well. Like me he has more time for American scene as oddly they are more Democratic and way more subversive.

Their rudeness and ignorance here is almost beyond belief here, did they all attend private boarding schools? It is also assumed you spent a lifetime in research, odd. BTW if you are populist you get a Doctorate for free. I could get a free Doctorate if I was mainstream I guess or blonde might be better.

A populist artist here got a free Doctorate as he supported the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and painted Tony Abbott. In Oz it is considered mandatory to paint a Liberal politician or someone closely connected to them as in ye dayes of yore. 

They do not like me as my name is Old Testament, that is a huge issue here and was so all my life so now I am Holy Kitsch! Another trick would be to do a photographic or painted essay on a cattle station, I guess the US equivalent would be painting Reagan or a visual essay on a ranch in Texas.

This is an excerpt from an email UTS. Did not know those curses were so effective. As well they didz notz likez zee foreign accent for zee unknown reasoningz. It was a highly combative response considering my email was in part jest and soft. I mean we live in times where the president of USA is certifiable and backed by a news corp (Murdoch) with way too much power and most likely certifiable also due to his loony belief systems and our PM is a member of a very new mad off shoot of traditional religion that has taken it on itself to promise personally only its members will be saved if you pay them enough.

 The below letter sounds bad, though they are gas lighting, a Trump technique I actually did nothing 

The passive aggression is beyond belief, they took at least 6 weeks to reply to each tier of complaint, I had to do that and wait to enable me to place an official complaint so apparently it is OK for politicians to use violence against women as a rallying cry yet when I deal with an institution in Australia I am not considered as a worthwhile human, they are worthwhile so they think, you can see by their all consuming vanity.

Other artists will tell you the same story here the more talented or enquiring (severely discouraged unless high tech and says nothing) you are at art the less chance you have of being shown or critiqued as critique is almost dead too. Winning a rigged art competition does not count it is holding Oz back and why the new museum is desperately needed.

I think the below letter is called bastardisation, I live close by so dropped in to protest their alarming brush off. I even said in advance I do not wish to waste my time with a lengthy proposal if it has a high chance of rejection, I am not a billionaire company with sycophants running at my beck and call I do not even have my own office and biggest tragedy no studio so I would have been better off born stupid with zero talent like them. Dad would have said they are backward, country bumpkins, yokels and hillbillies and that is what they truly are a pack of vegetables and that is being unkind toward vegetables and people from the countryside.

The dot at end of signature is for ass hole OR he has signed with a flourish then feeling particularly happy with the flourish after a considered start he brought down the pen for a direct and strong dot with finality saying "you are banished my dear girl'. Well bye bye Human Rights no wonder Australia has drug and alcohol problems.

I merely protested their denial as their reply to my proposal was subjective with no evidence they had even read it or by whom, nothing was transparent leaving all wide open to bad practices. I was not aggressive I did not gesticulate or swear, hell they should try facing junkies as I used to coming in the store as the needle dispenser was 2 doors down, plus the alcoholics I was on my own in the shop! I had cameras.

To complain is difficult as Boards here are starved of funds. State and Fed governments are anti people so aside from near impossible to contact any govt dept they as well employ a skeleton staff. I think the only academics remaining at the academies know how to please the Liberal Party and they have installed party members to head most of the major ones so no way is a critical paper going to stand much of a chance at all, little difference to China! As for art it has to be at HSC level kind of pretty limiting, a life time of creative practice does not count so long as a small bunch of cronies stretching back to before my late older sister gives you the nod and they are stuck in mud, entirely static and frozen in time sooo depressing for all of us!

I am a really nice person but I am thought of as non marriage material as well due prob to Old Testament name and Mid Eastern looks, I should have left as soon as I turned 18 so I could see a good life in front of me wish I had no offence to all Holy Kitsch!ers HK does retain great affection for Oz.

I have attempted two other universities and their rudeness is beyond staggering as it is an institutional issue in the same way nursing homes go downhill.

They will only listen to you if you personally know them which I do not they can take up to 6 weeks to answer one email, you will spend ages writing a proposal then they say they are on holidays so cannot read it will I wait till they finish their Sabbatical they live in cottonwool no wonder art here fails always (It is artificially propped up on the auction market do not believe the hype) and fails in USA as it is not just a little corrupt here it is entirely corrupt as for the competitions can you imagine a Blues singer being famous as he won a TV comp? Of course not! The system here is broken by Murdochism it is entrenched what a waste of my life's work and talents it is beyond a tragedy.

The only students then favoured with a Doctorate are well networked in, of course Holy Kitsch! is NOT a professional academic nor doing art for the party line or aligned with the Liberal Party which is looking more Hitleresque daily, a term I coined to Murdoch's press on the phone they reversed it and used it against Labour and Abbott got in so poor HK started to slide of course it did they cannot have anybody standing up for themselves in their air tight worlds they want all the money and power to themselves and a few besties we must toil endlessly.

I am not on the Board of the Art Gallery, only in Australia do you get such extreme rudeness extreme bad manners and downright nasty corruption that is where Murdoch learnt his tricks. Everybody made certain Holy Kitsch! was closed its predatory here.

HK is an artist designer curator and landscape architect and that is why the galleries worked so well, not a hobby artist, cafe artist, designer having play time, artist with masses of time on hand with a wealthy partner, doctor's surgery artist though glad they collect art and show it or weekend artist. Everything Holy does is as an artist first no matter how weird it comes with the job description. This is a recent pic 2019 of Holy Kitsch! totem John Waters. Loving the tropicana Green linen suit with matching lemon/lime tie. Look how the leaf from the top jetted pocket overlaps onto the lapel and the designer has brought that diagonal right across his torso keeping a Chinese brush style spray of leaves on the sleeve and there appears to be a lot of greenery verso. The lapels are lush. A cute parrot that is dreaming of a hidden flamingo John Waters wears a gold seal ring he is the Pope of Trash is he in a relationship? Holy Kitsch! thinks he is as gentle as a lamb.

He would have had zero opportunities in Oz though we all love him here. I think that is why so many unusual artists are well liked from overseas in Australia as opportunities here for difference are zero the line for what is normal here is written in stone and will not budge so there is a very high suicide rate in Australia.

Wonder if he was interested in the real banana pic recently? Fruit flies could be an issue and fermentation bubbles before it blackened and shriveled🤔 nature morte? except darn a performance artist ate it I think it was better as it was oh well the artist made a few, a lot of arguments on that banana you do need to be famous first before doing such an abject piece or it won’t work like telling a joke to an empty room bad or good?

Meanwhile Miami janitors went on strike with bananas taped to their shirts as their pay is very low and way way below the price of the banana work and janitors like art are important too, very dull entering a building with no janitor or banana styled works.

The banana person would be broke in Australia and locked away as “mad” so he would be poor and have no money at all the landed gentry running the show currently would despise him as he addresses the market and is off hand not totally fighting for bananas I have way bigger faves still hmm.

Oz Arts chose to silence Holy's voice it is funny to hear them say two legs better like animal farm, I think Murdoch and PM do that one Animal Farm was broader than we all thought at first.

I do not do whatever "Affordable Art" is cannot figure that term if it is affordable or not and whether it is art in the first place. Can you imagine a musician saying I do affordable music?

Maybe they do at times and maybe for charity at times but the issue is not there. Can you imagine a musician whose only fans were doctors, that is the true position of art in Australia!

The current system here would drain the creativity from da Vinci and Einstein they would now be on unemployment benefits and derided. 

I have worked at the AGNSW library and archive section as a volunteer and madly completed Library studies on top of my design, art and architectural studies as I was desperate.

You can thank Holy for the Codral campaign Soldier On, I was interviewed eons ago and replied wryly, everybody knows it does nothing for you it just helps you soldier on, that took off and they did the ditty. People truly thought they might be a cure "them days."

You can also thank Holy Kitsch! for no plastic bottles on the beach at Bondi Beach. E. Mossop my good lecturer Landscape Arch. knew people in powerful offices through her business. She ordered we go and draw the landscape of Bondi Beach one way or another, well drawn and not so, I returned with a drawing of embedded plastic bottles in the sand and the pavilion, I did not think much about that, it is just me looking. Anyhow she must have alerted Council as not too long after they took measures against that issue, I could have ignored the bottles, that was 1998. I was not offered even a tithe.

Another issue that HK at least put on the table is the homeless  it was barely a discussion point and Holy Kitsch! Persisted in highlighting this major new issue  it worked on the level of now it has become part of media discussion I did that gratis as well. I am tired of being the only one to stand up.

One of my next outings Holy Kitsch! is pioneering is a new museum for Sydney very different to any in Australia. I aim to collaborate with Mexico and hmm some other nations (?)  It need not be entirely enormous though will cover ground the others do not and attract a Holy Kitsch! audience and broader again. It will not aim main stream/populist as that is fully covered.

Green is the future. It will be fair as to those employed and aims at being an employment engine as unlike current museums here many experts are needed with an ability to read a work beyond saying how much they like the person or feel sorry for who created the work and to actually read the inner and outer spaces with nuance, some curators appear challenged on all counts,

eg. HK saw an exhibition on "colour" in State govt approved gallery, it was ordinary and lacked spatial depth and colour challenges in all works, the curator was taking it to Art Basel I think Honkers oh me oh my cronyism is alive for the curator and for whom she selected the only good part was she highlighted the concept of colour as being a good thing, to be a good colourist is extremely difficult and why it is admired within the Arts globally.

If a person gets to the stage of curating a show in a State run gallery and all they can do is say colour is fun and it can be, also can be serious. We need a decent gallery with decent curators who might have tried art making themselves in the past so might have half an idea!

USA is top of its game in Arts despite its many flaws they have the money to support culture here the institutions support jingoism always.

Culture does not always have a flag culture can look and be weird, artists here are generally depressed nothing else different the only mentality allowed is depressed meaning you get a lot of installations with whirrining music, sort of like turning on the mix master if you visit a video inside a gallery here.

Colour talks, these 'colour' remained silent.

Galleries need money raisers, conservators, historians, architects, attendants, guides, curators, students, teachers, designers, graphic artists and way more again they work fabulously when they are not voting for another war, are fair and taking risks is important.

Holy's entire family was known to have a sharp buyer's eye for collectibles and art and art making so I think that is a great place to be coming from, Dad was an artist first before anything else. An alternative is retire in Mexico, Cyprus or Bali and become a dilettante.

HK is attempting to dispute NAS decision yet from past experience totally fiddly and no outcome, the departments are starved of finances as all money is going to billionaire miners and more roads. They sold off all assets even water resources to China in Qld go figure, that is to do with a new cult favoured by Liberals called neo Liberalism. It steals from the poor and gives to the rich the billionaires think its fantastic, there are exceptions to the nasty billionaire rule I have read about a Disney heiress addressing the plight of badly paid workers.

I wasted time with Sydney Uni they have a private agenda same UTS it will take forever to resolve with no legal backup. I do not like most people know how much of my life on Earth is left I did not intend it to be a paper chase whilst poverty stricken and being punished for being too good at what I do!

I can try Western Sydney, prob people from out West are travelling to city and me in reverse it’s senseless besides they gave a painter a Doctorate gratis for being the all Ozzie boy and appeasing the Right and he is the bloke running the show at AGNSW, that is corrupt and everybody knows it just like in China.

As for above missive he is no Medici nor Peggy Guggenheim an old school bully more likely, I said prove me wrong they proved me right! I honestly do not know how to cope with insults!

Newell says its hell doing a Doctorate and not worth the effort its tiresome having your time wasted, Holy Kitsch!ers know that this nation excels at wasting your short and brilliant time on Earth under the thumb of an authoritarian govt and system, its entrenched.

Stinginess beyond the SUV is encouraged Oz so now the entire nation is broke, the govt just keeps selling off stuff, giving away freebies to mega companies with great power and sacking people, they even got rid of the Arts Dept in a pen stroke as they do not believe art exists the leader is a total loony no kidding he is as certifiable as Trump it is a toss up.

Their personal greed for power is boundless and terrifying. Throw out the govt! We need intelligent leaders not a bunch of scrooges counting money and despoiling the landscape with roads and tunnels so we are forced to remember govt horrors till the globe finally is just a crispy piece of burnt toast.

Speaking of food I wonder what has happened to our Al? He does not appear interested in dropping in for my famed green chicken curry for which he has told taxi drivers on way to HK's "to Lady Penelope's and don't spare the horses" if anybody has watched Thunderbirds are Us you know they will save the world.

PS: On the Doctorate, NAS said I would be judged on how high (unreadable) end my text was word wise rather than readability cf: (compare with) this is a report New Yorker on submitted papers in USA academies and how women there find it harder, sexism is not a huge issue here I think it's 50/50 as educated women here usually come from middle class backgrounds maybe, they are largely Colonial or stuck back in their convent days so you can see why they take fright at Holy Kitsch!

Women’s “readability scores” (a measure rewarding short words and sentences) increased over subsequent drafts, and over subsequent papers across their careers, while men’s did not. In trying to please stubborn reviewers, women seem to be making their abstracts simpler and more straightforward. Perhaps they are cutting extra words—like “promising” hah apparently men in the US when writing a paper use "promising"and "novel" whereas women do not, I might try those words in future or in my email negotiations if there is anybody to negotiate with. Cripes I might have a crock of gold how would they know talk about blind without being awful to the blind! I have tried various attacks am becoming more creative!

Also why do all government departments, academies and legal professions assume the general public has a fully set up efficiently functioning office at home? That would be a minority yet when dealing with them about #anythingatall you darn well need a desk top computer and a huge printer with all ink and a full load of paper the printer to be good needs to be about 4 feet high and solid as a rock with high end scanning capabilities next to one of your numerous power outlets (the govt and others need to look in old houses to see how few and ancient power points can be).

I have not had a printer in ages last two broke down I am wondering how long this one will go just know the ink is going to be an issue later, bad for the environment and cost over $100 maybe more with such a fiddly replacement procedure you shall just run screaming around the block. They need to be built from heavy metal! Maybe we all should demand to go into any public office at all and say I want this document scanned and printed in triplicate then addressed to you all free as you made these docs for this system my system at home is not compatible grrrr.

Cabin Fever

A Day At The Races (Thanx Marx Bros)

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