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Hola and Bienvenida to Holy Kitsch! I am the gerbil behind all of web zee ateliers on zee High Sts ze laboratories and all decisions Holy Kitsch! collaborations Mexican and local. All legal documents all social media if it’s existed under Holy Kitsch! HK had a huge and very hard working hand. All applause or complaints address to HK and please no hateful comments or you are deleted.

Zee szhort name HK, vas communicated by astro physics somehow by Mariah Carey an Episcopalian who Christens all close cohotz by initials only as she is used to musical notes zo ze initials truly eez one of the higher notes in HK's career. 

Ze Arte and zze architecture of arriving from depthless space and beyond plus inhabitant of Earth is HK living which Heaven and Earth have been moved by ze bad to deztroy. So far the HK various ateliers have been casualties and HK in parts with a big hand from the Incumbent Govt who destroyed numerous trade pre Covid as real estate went up and wages went down as well stacking the museum networks and academies with Libs now the country is broke and crispy and the alt Right billionaires are dancing on extended leave in their mines or the Bahamas. Surry Hills switched to woolly mammoths in beige, nothing against beige it’s probably zee invaderz or Mariah HK hears is experimenting with beige. Holy Kitsch! aims ethical and wrestles way above weight. 

Holy Kitsch! always showcased the best possible within the framework they constructed and the ateliers were installations most of Oz remember including our Wall of Art and our recycled timber built shrines. HK maintains the web store it cannot and refuse to show nearly what was in store.

Covid 9 look for a clean Green future. The kerchief is silk happens to be vintage.

HK exudes electricity disturbing nearby electronics and there is a humidity that surrounds her, it comes with Old Testament and theatrical Nietzsche name which entirely disturbs people meaning HK's visionary outpourings are strange. HK is paperwork, systems and bureaucracy phobic. HK can only just approach a printer can go to pieces near any paperwork at all so unable to defend herself in numerous situations she finds some technology unbearable. The web page is fine too addictive. HK is a Gemini.

HK is proudly not a hobby artist, cafe artist, designer having play time, artist with masses of time on hand or doctor's surgery artist. Everything Holy does is as a werewolf and Visionary first no matter how ugly or beautiful it comes with the job description. This is a recent pic 2019 of Holy Kitsch! totem John Waters. John is a determined Taurus the bull. He has romantic Venus as his planet, just knew that and he is Earth element meaning he stays grounded good for his career. HK has noticed most Taureans are quite fitness conscious unknown on John though he looks fit. Is that an Alexander McQueen?

Loving the tropicana Green linen suit with matching lemon/lime tie. Look how the leaf from the top jetted pocket overlaps onto the lapel and the designer has brought that diagonal right across his torso keeping a Chinese brush style spray of leaves on the sleeve and there appears to be a lot of greenery verso. The lapels are lush. A cute parrot that is dreaming of a hidden flamingo John Waters wears a gold seal ring he is the Pope of Trash is he in a relationship? Holy Kitsch! thinks he is a real pussy. He looks like a dollar bill!

Why so many unusual artistas are well liked here are from overseas is opportunities here for difference are thin on the ground. Stylishness is treated with suspicion and the reason Keating was eventually ousted.

Wonder if John was interested in the real banana pic recently? Fruit flies could be an issue and fermentation bubbles before it blackened and shrivelled🤔nature morte? except darn it a performance artista Datuna ate it and he sounds sweet, oh well the artista Cattelan made an edition, a lot of arguments on that banana you do need to be famous first before doing such an abject piece or it won’t work like telling a joke to an empty room.

Miami janitors went on strike with bananas taped to their shirts as their pay is very low and way way below the price of the banana work and janitors like art are important too, very dull entering a building with no janitor or banana works. We barely have janitors here at all so it is super dull.

The banana person would be broke in Australia and locked away as “mad” so he would be poor and have no money at all the landed gentry running the show currently would despise him as he addresses the market and is off hand unless the banana work happened and then someone did same here without Locals knowing of original hmm.

John Waters has gifted his art collection to Baltimore Museum so long as they name the loos after him that could be interesting is one John and the other Waters or are they combined? He now needs to start a new art collection.

HK does not do whatever "Affordable Art" is cannot figure that term if it is affordable or not and whether it is art in the first place. Can you imagine a musician saying "I do affordable music or opera singer stating I sing affordable songs” though much Holy Kitsch! is affordable. Do competition winners do “affordable music?” What is it?? Charity work is outside that singing a song on the net is still not "affordable" music it just happens to be on the net however! The question is not there.

Can you imagine a musician whose only fans were doctors, that is the true position of art in Oz and they think the person is talking about medical conditions. The other supporters just do it for the vanity.

Above is Morris Robinson opera singer LA Opera Co looking soo cute with me looking like I am coming out of my top and appearing a bit stupefied, it was a day off so laid back at a gallery. HK takes back the bit about his weight as she was concerned as he has a family though looking here he is fine and way fitter than HK he is an ex sports star! He is a Pisces, the fish swimming in different directions, can make Pisces quite sensitive to others and their remarks, a water sign makes them emotional. Their ruling planet is Neptune an unusual planet can make them psychic and maintains their honesty in an unusual manner they are unusual people. Gemini and Pisces can trip over each other somewhat unknown why they still like each other air can hold water (or it becomes awfully dry) and water needs air for life.

I have worked at the AGNSW library and archive section as a volunteer and madly completed Library studies on top of design, art and architectural studies.

You can thank Holy for the Codral campaign Soldier On, I was interviewed eons ago and replied wryly, everybody knows it does nothing for you it just helps you soldier on, that took off and they did the ditty. People truly thought they might be a cure "them days."

You can also thank Holy Kitsch! for no plastic bottles on the beach at Bondi Beach. E. Mossop her good lecturer Land Arch. knew powerful people through her business. She ordered we go and draw the landscape of Bondi Beach. HK returned with a drawing of embedded plastic bottles in the sand. She must have alerted Council as not too long after they took measures against that issue. That was 1998. I was not offered even a tithe.

Walks through Sydney took off after HK designed walks to reach the galleries. You followed them from one ware to the next on line via links. Next thing Sydney City Council promoted Sydney Walks, HK's were Holy pilgrimage walks. They could have acknowledged the inspiration no never in Oz just rip HK off as per usual, even rewarded HK in some way, no never not "fun" enoughi or mediocre enough it was so backward when HK designed these walks truly there were no guided intriguing walks through Sydney that she knew about for visitors. 

Another issue that HK at least put on the table is the homeless it was barely a discussion point and Holy Kitsch! Persisted in highlighting this major new issue it worked on the level of now it has become part of media discussion did that gratis as well. 

HK also did the original spiral idea for the nests for Bell Frogs at Olympic Park, my design was way larger and was possible if care taken and I directed construction techniques, they never bothered acknowledging that design either so I lost time and money and the plans went missing in a heist on the exhibition only HK’s. Might build a model with new additions.

Holy Kitsch! is pioneering a new museum for Sydney very different to anything Local. She aims to collaborate with Mexico and hmm some other nations including Indonesia if dibs not taken. It need not be entirely enormous though will cover ground the others do not and attract a Holy Kitsch! audience and broader again. It will not aim main stream/populist as that is fully covered as is the Far Right dominating all Arts in Oz mediocrity is a better description for local scene just ask around.

The museum will aim Green that is the future. It will be fair as to those employed and aims at being an employment engine as unlike current museums here many experts are needed with an ability to read a work beyond saying how much they like the person or feel sorry for who created the work and to actually read the inner and outer spaces with nuance, some curators appear challenged on all counts,

Culture does not always have a flag culture can look and be weird. 

Museums need money raisers, conservators, historians, architects, archivists, attendants, guides, first aid workers, curators, students, teachers, designers, sweepers, printers, graphic artists and way more again all qualified in their fields they work fabo when they are not voting for another war, are fair and taking risks is important. Everybody loves museums and they do evolve and are re-invented by some like HK.

HK proudly has zero connections to academies, museums or institutions in Australia nothing against museums love them just here it’s Cold War mentality

A Day At The Races (Thanx Marx Bros)

A Day At The Races (Thanx Marx Bros)

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